Sisley Choi Boldly Pursues Him Law

Although it has only been one year since Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) won first runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 2013, she had been heavily promoted and romantically linked with her co-stars. Currently filming her third drama, Cross the Finish Line <衝線>, Sisley is reportedly actively pursuing Him Law (羅仲謙).

Disregards Tavia Yeung Altogether

Although Him is currently dating Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Sisley did not hold back her interest in Him. Sisley deliberately initiated conversations with Him on the set, and would wait for Him after work ended, often inviting the actor to late night snacks. Initially, Him rejected Sisley’s offers, but eventually he began caving due to Sisley’s continual persistence.

Not afraid of garnering negative gossip, Sisley openly praised Him, “He is very nice and talkative. We got along very quickly!”

Many cast and crew members noticed Sisley behaved differently towards Him versus other male actors. When Him was not on set, Sisley would be aloof and nonchalant. However, when Him arrived, Sisley immediately exhibited a much friendlier attitude. When Him was filming a bike-riding scene, Sisley would be on the side, constantly cheering him on.

Some members of Cross the Finish Line spoke to Sisley about her inappropriate behavior towards Him since he is attached. Growing up in Germany, Sisley is known for her blunt personality. Sisley refuted, “I know that [Him and Tavia are dating]! But so what? They’re not married, and even if they are, so what?”

Him Praises Sisley

Sisley and Him are going to Taipei to film on location for the drama. But Him shared that there are no intimate scenes between them, “We only hug and hold hands. Even kissing is lacking. This is a youthful drama without passionate kissing and bed scenes.”

Him complimented Sisley, “She is very smart. Although she has only filmed three dramas, her thoughts and attitude resemble an artiste who has been in the industry for five to six years. I have a very high opinion of her.”


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  1. So TVB is setting Grace on the ‘Innocent, Good Girl’ route and pointing Sisley in the ‘Scandalous, Bad Girl’ direction. Wonder which will come out most successful in this industry…

    1. wow, maybe this if false or true, but they are all home wreckers, plus working in this industry who knows how many boss/directors/men they have to sleep with to get to the top, and be no 1 or tv queen.

      1. the scarifies of an actor or actress

        young actors serving ur old cougars or aunty
        young actress serving those horny old men with power

      2. It’s total BS when they claim they’re virgins because of Christianity. Who really believes Linda Chung, Grace Wong, Leanne Li and Christine Kuo are all virgins.

    2. I don’t believe this story. Sisley is a devout Christian. Christian don’t do such thing.

      1. You got to be kidding me stating that Christians would not do such things. Religion has nothing to do with it. Ethnicities have nothing to do with it. Intellect or social status has nothing to do with whether someone will actually and actively pursue another or not. The “love” factor or feeling generally trumps or transcends all common logic in humans to think rationally.

      2. Sheila,
        I’ve friends who is also devouted christians, they’re doing it. You believe just because you’re very devoted to certain religion you are 100% holy? Not necessarily. If the above reports is true then she’s only focusing on wanting to pursue Him Law and dont care whether he is dating someone of married.

      3. This is called SIN.
        Everyone of us do. Knowingly or unknowingly for some reasons.

      4. most of my friends are Cristian and they are lot their virginity since around 16….

      5. wow really? does that mean christians don’t cheat on their spouses and do everything the bible preaches? wow, if that’s the case, they are all saints.

    3. Sounds fake to me! The journalists are just accumulating hearsays and accuse her to seduce Him. It’s either she’s stupid or blind to do such thing. There are much better guys out there for her to go after. Definitely not Him Law…the ultimate cougar.

  2. Wow, someone out there must really hate this Sisley girl to be making up such idiotic rumours. Sadly, the HK public eats it up like last week’s leftovers.

    1. How do you know is made up? I’m not assuming anything but I’m just curious to know why you think it is made up.

      1. Not quite true prettysup, although celebrities and people say the hk tabloids are made up. Majority of the time it comes out to be true, you’ll just have to wait it out and see.

  3. Whether it’s real or not, the tone of the article is very strange
    I don’t believe Sisley will opening ‘pursue’ Him Law. She’s not dumb. The backlash from Tavia & HimLaw’s fans will be hard to pacify after.

    1. If it’s true, she’s a disappointment to mom and dad. Looking at the photo above, she’s not the hao type. She seems like the girl next door and she’s too good for him. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. i don’t think so!!!! but if it is really true that they both are together !!!! 😉 then…don’t know what to talk about…if Tavia finds out…how would she react to Him Law???…. 😉

      1. if age did matter, him law wouldn’t have gone after Tavia in the first place. Though, this is probably the best chance for them to test out if their relationship is long lasting or not.

      2. To Yummysukiyaki,
        All of us will be become aunty or uncle, it’s a matter of time. You think it’s funny, you wont age?

  4. never liked her or had a good feeling about her. whether or not this is true, she’s definitely made some enemies in the entertainment industry for these reports to exist. she better start building better relationships with people and have better networking skills like Grace in order to survive

  5. wow!! that is a bit usual!!!!! i hope that Sisley and Him law would get along good enough and just be good friends!!!!!! (that is all i’m going to say)!!! 😉

  6. If this is true…Sisley is better than Horse face, pinnochio nose old Tavia…LOL

  7. Sounds like BS. I like him and tavia so I’m hoping this is not true. I personally don’t find Sisley all that attractive….tavia is much prettier IMO

  8. this sounds like another stupid stupid rumor to grab people’s attention to the show

  9. If true, I congratulate Tavia because she can find someone better.

    If not true, I congratulate Him because he has better taste in women than I imagine.

    1. And what makes you think that Him is bad?
      or just because he’s dating Tavia, that means he has horrible taste? And who are we to judge who they are dating?

  10. She looks like a dude. Tavia looks a lot prettier, even though she’s older

  11. I love Tavia, but in terms of looks, Sisley is a pretty good match for Him.

    Also, I’m still wrapping my head around Tavia & Him’s relationship. They just don’t click. But doesn’t matter what I think.

  12. i thought she pursues fred chen not so long time ago and now she pursues him law who has a girlfriend? is she really such a type of girl or is this all made up by someone who really hates her?

  13. This woman have no respect. Tavia is way more better and prettier that Sisley. Sisley needs to learn how to be a mature woman! Leave those two alone !!! You’re not going to win! U such loser, Sisley!

    1. Most likely him law is flirty around and try to get married so lets say bye bye him law good bye to this sisley

  14. I didn’t pay much attention to Miss Hong Kong 2013 but I do notice they promote Grace a lot more. This is a rare occassion I’ve seen Sisley mentioned and looking at the photo above I like her look so much better than Grace. Grace smile always look so put on. This Grace seems quite natural. Guess that’s why they try to discredit her.

    1. ops… correction…. should be ‘This Sisley seems quite natural…’

  15. Firstly it’s not a surprise to hear of such rumors. During On Call 2, Him was rumored with Eliza. Him has really gotten popular bcos of Tavia. Anything concerning them becomes hot topic. If this news is at all true, it’s great timing…Tavia has bought a new condo, rumoured to be getting married soon with Him. This news will test Him’s faithfulness & Tavia’s faith in Him. If they can hold on to each other, well & good for them despite their age gap. If they split, I’m happy that Tavia didnt commit to a player. She doesnt deserve the heartache. I hope Tavia finds someone who truly deserves her. She’s a great person, judging from her recent birthday wishes from various costars. It would be Him’s loss & Tavia’s gain, to be set free from an unfaithful guy, if it’s true.

  16. And that’s funny. This article opted out of an important section. There was a section where Sisley mentions that she greets Tavia and elaborated on what’s going on.

    1. Yes, another good example of things either lost in translation or articles that are only summarized and not truly translated or is poorly translated.

  17. Him, you better grasp this one. Your Tavia nose will deform in a few years time. You wont dare to go home by then.

  18. Funn, from what you have said Tavia is too good for Him. Right. Maybe Kevin is more suitable? It’s because I have a sneaky feeling that Tavia does like him. I hope he realizes it, but I may be wrong and I may also be wrong to want to see these two break up!

    1. That’s how I see it. I think Tavia is close to her male costars but Kevin with Tavia is not a good match for me. Won’t happen of course.

    2. How would an outsider like funn know if Tavia is too good for Him?

      What can we say as an outsider? It’s not us who is in the relationship and know what they are going through. as outsider, we should keep these comments to ourselves and just let them run their own course.

  19. Hope this is for publicity only because Him looks so much better with Tavia. tavia is a beautiful mature women whereas Sissey looks like a high school girl.

  20. I am a him law fan but I don’t like TaviA as his gf cuz I think he’s too good for him and I don’t believe this cuz I talked to Sisley before she doesn’t seem to be that kind of girl

  21. If she were to put her head on HIM’s lap – it’s a done deal…

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