Sisley Choi Spent Night in Adrian Chau’s Hotel Room?

A gossip magazine reported that TVB’s rising new star Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and first generation The Voice <超級巨聲> member Adrian Chau (周志文) may be seeing each other. Filming TVB idol drama Charioteers <衝綫> in Taiwan, Sisley reportedly spent the night inside Adrian’s hotel room.

Sisley debuted in the industry last year through the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2013, winning first runner-up. As Sisley’s stardom is rising fast, love rumors are also coming her way. In July, Sisley was spotted going home with dance director Mak Chau Sing (麥秋成), who worked on the popular dance film The Way We Dance <狂舞派>. She was seen spending the night at Mak’s house. The pair did not deny they were an item, but also never confirmed their relationship. Perhaps due to Sisley’s outgoing personality, she also had rumors with Him Law (羅仲謙) and Sammy Sum (沈震軒), both who are her costars in Charioteers.

Recently, gossip magazines found that Sisley is actually very close to her other Charioteers costar, Adrian Chau. An insider revealed that Sisley had spent the night in Adrian’s hotel room and did not return to her own room until the next morning. The insider said, “It was obvious to all of us. They definitely got together.”

According to another source, Adrian had broken up with his model girlfriend, CoCo, right before he left for Taiwan. It was said that their relationship turned sour and CoCo fell for Jacky Heung (向佐), the son of film producer Charles Heung (向華強). Sisley had healed Adrian from his broken heart.

After returning to Hong Kong from Taiwan, Adrian and Sisley met up with a few friends to visit Jinny Ng (吳若希) at her recording studio. After Jinny finished recording, the friends went to Kowloon to grab some midnight snacks. At 1 a.m., the friends left for home, while Sisley and Adrian stayed on the streets and chatted for a while. Sisley also held Adrian’s hand. They went to a dessert shop and were seen feeding each other. A few moments later, Sisley, looking rather grim, called a taxi and left. Adrian went to a nearby grocery store to buy some fruit. He made a few phone calls before leaving for home.

An insider claimed that CoCo wanted to reconcile with Adrian after she discovered Jacky had cheated on her. Sisley was reportedly upset because Adrian did not know who to choose.

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  1. Wow!!!! Seriously!!!!! Well….I don’t think Sisley would do these things with Adrian Chau!!!! I think they are just friends i don’t think they would do these things!!!! 😉

  2. she is just a magnet for rumors, i never liked her to start with and now i dislike her even more

    1. Same here! Never find her pretty -.- and she seems like she can’t stop flirting with everyone.

  3. Is she a MHK? She’s quite ugly even for an average person on the streets.

  4. Not leading actress material.

    She’ll be promoted for now but TVB will eventually find no use for her and cast her as supporting.

    1. Mate, she’s a newbie, how is she even meant to be leading actress material at this stage? And also, we haven’t even seen any of her series out yet to even make judgements. But even so, why would anyone expect her to have leading actress potential when she only just started

  5. Who cares about these Kei Lei Fei? Neither of them can act. Pass!

    1. Exactly- like who does she think she is? She’s not famous- she’s only some shoe shining kei lei fei who managed to “rise” in tvb due to her shoe shining, not her talents!

  6. She looks awful, considering that she got placed in Miss. HK. Oh nd she definitely needs braces. Does she even realize that she has trouble closing her mouth?! Gosh, I don’t see anything good in her at all!

    1. Eliza Sam kills her in the looks department. Like I’m talking double take on the streets cute and crazy ass body.

  7. She’s plagued with negative press while Grace has all the good ones, lol

  8. Idk….how the hell she got 1st runner up in MSHK???!!! She is… do I put this not attractive at all!!! Well then agian maybe she comes from a wealthy background once again TVB only look at the $$$ from ppl background

  9. MHK standards are getting lower and lower every year. Grace Chan looks gorgeous. Sisley Choi not so much, she kind of looks like a witch. ehhh how is she a boy magnet?=/

  10. Many years ago (think 1993 天倫), people said similar things about Ada Choi, that she’s not pretty or not pretty enough, not a good actress, etc etc etc, and then she got popular and people changed their tunes. Sisley Choi may not be strikingly pretty or extremely gorgeous, but she looks decent enough, with big eyes and straight teeth, and she appears outgoing and smart. If you people cannot look past her physical appearance, then it’s your problem, not hers.

    1. Really? Back in the day, I thought Ada Choi was super hot.

      1. agreed. Ada choi looks pretty. Sisley looks below average. There are so many kelefes that are better looking than her

  11. Sisley Choi has every right to look as ugly as she does while others having the same right to call her out on it.

    Got to love tabloid logics. LOL!

  12. dislike her too, in HK once stars get bad publicity it sticks.
    don’t like the fact that she has no morals trying to hang with guys who already have long term relationships like Him Law.

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