Sisley Choi’s Heart Pounded When Filming “Line Walker 3” with Raymond Lam

Line Walker: Bull Fight <使徒行者3> sees the return of original cast Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Raymond Lam (林峯), and Benz Hui (許紹雄), as well as new cast members Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Owen Cheung (張振朗). Though frequently starring in police dramas, Sisley worked with Raymond for the first time and admitted that her heart pounded excitedly in their scenes together.

Sisley recalled feeling awestruck on set, “When I filmed my scenes with Raymond, I felt nervous and excited! Raymond really is too handsome and cool. It took me some time in the beginning to get over my shyness around him. It was very easy and quick though, because he is a very nice person. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to film with Raymond. Perhaps when I re-watch this drama in 10 years, I would still be in awe that I got to film with him.”

In the first 10 episodes of Line Walker: Bull Fight, Sisley has several physical scenes with Raymond. When both were locked in a freezer, Raymond hugged her to give her body warmth and eventually carried her outside after making their escape. In another scene where Sisley gets a gunshot wound, Raymond rushes to her side to aid her.

Though Sisley shares numerous scenes with Raymond, her character has a romantic arc with Owen Cheung. It was easy for Sisley and Owen to create sparks on the set of Line Walker: Bull Fight  since they became good friends after Legal Mavericks <踩過界>. Asked whether it was awkward for the two friends to portray lovers, Sisley responded, “Although we are compatible, we have only collaborated in dramas as good friends. This time, we portray lovers. The filming experience was definitely memorable. When I faced Owen on screen, I did feel shy! During filming, we made sure to stay distanced from each other, whether it was during makeup or preparations. Since we are so familiar with each other, we were worried we would be unable to portray feelings of romantic love. I wanted to grasp the feeling of being shy or beautiful in his eyes.”

After an early release on myTV Super,  Line Walker: Bull Fight will be airing on TVB on November 9, 2020.

Sources: HK01, Ming Pao

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  1. Her acting has improved, I don’t mind her role in the drama so far. She’s cute and energetic, and has good chemistry with Owen.

      1. @conan2209 I don’t think she will get BA at least for this show but she’s giving Mandy a good run for her money. I mean, if Mandy is still the frontrunner lol

      2. @bubbles23 I believe they’ll give it to her…. no one else to give to LOL she just so CMI in LW3, totally cannot portray the complicated personality

      3. @conan2209 I feel like Mandy has no depth in her acting or it’s not genuine at all. You can totally tell it is over the top and that she truly is acting. Good acting should not come off that way and make you believe the character is genuine.

        I do not get that from Mandy. I say it all the time but threesome is why she is not a good actress.

      4. @tt23 so very right! If I can feel you’re acting, you just don’t have the knack for it. Doesn’t matter how good it may be nor how many years of experience you may have. Then again, I’m bias ;p

      5. @tt23 I think she’s acting fine in this series. It’s the character that she’s playing, supposed to have some type of OCD high EQ type of thing which they are stiff of emotion.

      6. @bubbles23 Sisley has improved but not to the point of getting BA award. Mandy is better as Mdm G.

        Sisley and Owen share good chemistry though.

      7. @conan2209 Agree with the improvement and BA standard however most of the leading actresses in the station these days do not meet the standard either. Would rather have that category removed if it goes to some sub-quality acting.

      8. @bearbear they gave to Natalie and I’m sure it shocked the very soul of every TVB fans….

        Ali gives me hope there’s still acting skills among lead actresses!

      9. @conan2209 Although not a fan of hers (don’t dislike her), Ali is one of the rare ones left who hasn’t disappointed in her given roles. After Natalie, I will not be shocked if they give to Priscilla, Samantha and Kelly.

  2. Really enjoy Sisley in this series and I love love Owen’s acting here. Something about these two characters are really great and the both did a great job… Let’s see how they both do in LW3

    Shiga’s acting is horrendous here and I could do without her and ben’s storyline. Makes no sense and adds no value.

    1. @tt23 Shiga is handed a bad role but you’re right the whole S/T/B fiasco is such a stretch to connect from LW2 and write the arc to the current SIA director. Anyways I’m at ep 24 but honestly skipped some scenes since ep 21 cause a lot of it was slow and god I don’t wanna see KM anymore. He’s worst than Moses and what is up with his white eyebrow.

      1. @bubbles23 it’s such a stretch like that scene of Ben crying in the rain like you expect me to believe you guys were THAT in love -_- the connection to LW2 is revenge for Moses. It’s getting complicated so I hope they reveal why all this works in the next few episodes. Also what about Owen’s storyline is that it???

        *****possible spoilers***** I’m so sad joseph zeng/madman died like he was a nice addition and I expected him to have a bigger role with all those promos. The whole time they were taking about deng I feel like she’s going to make a surprise cameo??? they went through all that to explain her story I hope she makes a cameo.

        Lastly, yes Kenneth….. ugh. Disappointing. The eyebrow is terrible and throws me off I can’t believe they even did it to Dickson who played the young version of him. Makes no sense. Although I didn’t expect that twist with his two identities that was somewhat interesting.

      2. @tt23 *** possible spoilers don’t read if you haven’t watched LW3 *** Ugh this is why I’m not keen on continuing watching cause it’s too many characters but too little from each of their stories. The tie in to the Ngai family is fine and logical, but geez the story to connect Ben back to Shiga and Tony is horrible. I’m so sad the flirty Tin Tong is gone and he’s just a serious agent now. Ben is like near the bottom of my actor list lol.
        I just want to see Mui Jeh and Foon Hei. Owen’s storyline is so anticlimatic. Also how is he not charged for possession of a weapon ie. his gun did I miss something? I doubt Charmaine will make an appearance, if they do then hats off to them lol. TVB is so bad at keeping things under wrap. Who on earth thought the eyebrow idea was a good one??? Who?? A strand of grey hair would have been way better. I wish they used anyone other than KM for the end in LW2, now we’re stuck with him…
        I’m still ranking LW2 as the best out of the three (for now) even without LF and CS. 1 was just too comical and 3 is too slow.

      3. @bubbles23 when foon hei went to get revenge for deng by trying to kill madmen I thought they were going to kill him off, I was so mad for a second lol. But nice twist with madmen being a UC.

        Ben’s character is so disappointing, it isn’t even the same character. I agree with you that LW3 is slow, I think it has to do with them trying to make all these characters form two different series fit together.

        Did you see Ron’s cameo yet? Lolol it was funny but so random.

      4. @tt23 nope not there yet….
        I hated how they made Madman such a villain in the trailer and he turns out to be the nicest guy… Lol. Also I’m impressed his canto. Ben is such a disappointment, both his role and his career tbh. I think the script writers just made it harder on themselves by going back back in time writing 2 and then now having to write LF again, not to mention having to fit a hundred cameos in it

      5. @tt23 So fun to see Ron and all of Raymond’s training classmates at TVB in their cameo! It was reported earlier that the class got together a while back (which Raymond posted), but now I realized it was for this cameo! Well done and great surprise!!LOL

      6. @ace818 @tt23 finally saw the scene!! So so random and all the references to Ron LooooooL. That photo with LF and Ron is too good. Ah Ron, always with his baggy pants.

      7. @tt23 Joseph is good looking and why was he killed off just like that?

        Kenneth’s eye brow is weird.

        I hope there will be a happy ending between Owen and Sisley. I really love their chemistry

    2. @tt23 I find LW3 rather confusing. Shiga’s character is supposed to be killed off earlier, but why is her character featured so prominently?

      1. @janet72 She’s appearing as flashbacks to tell the back story of Ben’s character.

        There’s a lot of storylines so i find that if I don’t watch with 100% attention it can be confusing. But if you do, they do a good job with carefully telling each story and how it connects tot he bigger picture.

        And yea, Joseph was a nice addition not sure why he was killed so early but it was sad. I hope Owen and Sisley have a happy ending too! Owen is still my favourite character in the series so far.

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