Song Joong Ki Confirms Dating British Actress, Katy Louise Saunders

After photos of Song Joong Ki and a mysterious woman at the airport surfaced, the actor’s agency released an official statement acknowledgin that he is dating 38-year-old British actress Katy Louise Saunders. It is said that they have already been dating for a year and that she may even be pregnant.

Known for portraying sexy characters, Katy’s filmography includes Los Borgia, Third Person, and Virgin Territory.  After retiring from acting, Kate is now a private language tutor. It is said that she was Song Joong Ki’s Italian teacher while he was filming Vincenzo. At the time he had joked, “Every time I finish filming, my Italian teacher would come over and tell me to go practice; they were even scarier than the director!”

She was born in London, England but often travelled between England and Italy due to her father’s work. Her family relocated to Milan when she was 14yearsold, leading to her strong proficiency in languages. She graduated from Bocconi University, which also happens to be the same university that Song Joong Ki’s character Vincenzo graduated from.

Netizens dug up old clips and found that Song Joong Ki had never kept their relationship a secret. In September, during his acceptance speech at the APAN Star Awards, he thanked his family and added, “Also dear Katy, our Nalla, Maya, and Antes. Also my precious friends, I really love everyone.” Nalla is Song Joong Ki’s beloved dog, and Maya and Antes are Katy’s dogs. At that time no one knew about his relationship with Katy, so his speech flew under the radar.

After he publicly admitted to the relationship, many were curious what his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo’s reaction would be. She posted a photo of herself holding her dog at an art gallery and captioned it with “Thank you sister.” It seems that her mood is not affected by the news, and the ex-couple is finally moving to a new era.

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  1. Interesting. Apparently she’s older, has 1 or 2 children and yes rumoured as pregnant with big diamond ring, hence the rumours of marriage perhaps? I wonder about logistics tho. Can she and her child live in South Korea since I assume she doesn’t know Korean language? But westerners are often very gung ho when in love. They will adapt and immerse themselves in the culture and even language. Koreans are very much into the idea of love as well, moving elsewhere to be with that person. But of course she will move to his country since he’s the one with a bigger career. Questions have been raised about her child, for me international school is the answer. I suspect wedding may be in England or Italy to escape the press attention, if there’s any wedding at all.

  2. Good for him…I bet he really wants kids and have a family… His first marriage didd not work out… but I am happy after afew years of break…he is ready to commit in another.
    I hope this relationship will stay strong…

  3. This has been discussed to death in some forums.

    While kudos to him for not denying and admitting outright to his new relationship – there’s also speculation that he conveniently mentioned so much about her, including her dogs to generate publicity and interest? (though really it’s just a matter of time before zealous netiziens dig up everything about her anyway).

    Even if for publicity – it’s now also sharing attention with the latest dating confirmation of IU + Lee Jung-suk.

    Also plenty of judgement about her past etc – stemming from the whole ‘in the box’ Asian traditional mindset in general. Nevemind the very traditional-judgemental gossipy Korean one yet.

    To me, it’s just wonderful that a male, celeb at that can defy Korean convention:
    – not just by dating a foreigner (already a biggie)
    – but a single foreigner mom with a child (or two) at that.

    It’s a progressive step forward (especially if a celeb does it, because it sets the trend to being accepted gradually and eventually). It’s his life and his choice. It may be normal in other cultures, but in conservative Korean culture – it’s good to see a progressive 21st century Korean male, hurray!

    1. Gosh, why are there so many discussions on his love life? Who he chooses to date is his choice. Why should race matter? Love is beyond race… there will be cultural differences they will deal with in this relationship but that can happens in any relationships. I am just glad to see him dating again and not just working… I believe he feels ready for a family and having his own kids.
      I am more interested how they meet and fell in love… must be so romantic.. Digging her past, Goodness, some of those medias are just Trash themselves. She is a single mum, no big deal!, she was previously engaged, so what? I am sure he knows her past and fell in love with who she is… He too had a failed marriage, I like to think he is wiser in finding a suitable partner for himself.

      1. I totally get you @Hohliu It is no one’s business who he dates. Neither is currently married, and so what if she is a single mother and older than him. She is not like 25, 30 years older, old enough to be his mother. So what if she is a foreigner.
        Should he deny himself a chance at love because of the above things that she brings to the relationship.. hell no. The Korean people need to wake up. This is now 2023, time to evolve. Fans, if they call themselves that, need to butt out of these celebrities’ lives. The papaRats and the rest of the meddle gang need to cease and leave these people alone at times. A relationship needs time and privacy to grow and flourish.
        @Hohliu said love is love, and both being happy is all that matters. I’m sure he knows about her past. If they want to dig up people’s past and disgusting present, then Taipei Taiwan has a juicy young man, serving his manager who is okder than his mother and whose husband is his friend. The young stud himself is married. Dig up that and get mad at that, as stud muffin likes to tell the world he is single, ( he learnwd well from Andy Lau), and has a halo on his head, compliments of the fans, who think the baby can’t do, or say wrong.

  4. Why so many discussions on her and their relationship? So sge is of a different race, older and a single mother. Is she older than his mother, Of course not. Is she married, no. Yes she is a single mother , so what. The netizens and the media need to leave them alone. Give them space to enjoy and build their relationship. Go look into and dig up married 50 something year old managers sleeping with their married 31 year old client who is friends with the managers’s hubby. Said client spewing how single he is and who has fans wrecking havoc on people who don’t sing his praises. He us an angel who can do or say no wrong for them. We all appreciate Song Joong Ki for being honest and respectful of his fans to introduce them to his girlfriend, and she to them . Now they need to be left alone.

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