Song Joong Ki’s “Reborn Rich” Climbs Towards 20 Percent Ratings

Revenge is sweet for Song Joong Ki in Reborn Rich, which is expecting to surpass 20 percent in ratings. An employee who is murdered by a chaebol family, he is reborn as the youngest grandson who returns to face off powerful patriarch Lee Sung Min.

Although the premiere episode only garnered 6.06 percent in nationwide ratings, the growing popularity is making huge turnarounds as the drama is overtaking Extraordinary Attorney Woo to become the most-watched miniseries in 2022!

According to Nielsen Korea, Reborn Rich is making huge ratings jumps lately, as the eighth episode recorded 19.45 percent. Not only breaking its own weekly record, the drama is just 0.551 percent away from the 20 percent mark. With real-time ratings producing a three times higher result, which showed to reach 36.06 percent, there is huge potential that ratings will continue its rising streak.

This year, Extraordinary Attorney Woo was originally the top in ratings with its finale achieving 17.534 percent. It dominated cultural trends for a period of time particularly when its greeting became viral on Tiktok.

For Reborn Rich to overtake Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the drama demonstrated its power as it cements its top position in the miniseries category. Attracting significant interest with well-executed themes such as rebirth, time travel, and revenge driving the plot, the drama has understandably captured the attention of viewers since its release. Only half-way in its run, many are hoping the plot will continue its thrilling pace and not lose its momentum.

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  1. the main character is reminiscent of a modern era Korean counterpart to Mei Chang Su from Nirvana in Fire.

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