Song Kang and Han So Hee Caught on a Date?

Nevertheless co-stars Song Kang and Han So Hee may have taken their hot onscreen relationship offscreen. Fans are reminiscing about the series again one year after its release, and suspect the pair are secretly dating.

On June 18, a netizen posted photos of a man and a woman dressed in all-black outfits with caps and face masks on. Despite the low photo resolution, it was difficult to discern whether they are Song Kang and So Hee, but hashtags claimed the celebrities to be enjoying a date. Not long after, a video uploaded by gossip YouTube Channel Sojang used the photos as potential evidence of them dating, which sparked more circulations across various platforms. As speculations grew, another netizen claimed they saw Song Kang and So Hee often going out on dates in the same neighborhood.

Fans rooting for The Nevertheless stars immediately praised their compatibility and wished for them to confirm the news soon. Currently, neither of their agencies have addressed the romantic rumors, but before they even need to, actor Moon Sang Min indirectly shut them down by simply commenting on the questioned photo with “My Name get-together.” 

While hinting that he was the man standing next to her, Sang Min also tagged So Hee and the photographer who actually took the photo to clarify that other cast and production members were also present.

Source: HK01

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