Steven Ma’s Contract Dispute With TVB Approaching October 28th Deadline

Due to the recruitment efforts of Hong Kong’s new television stations, City Telecom and Now TV, the number of TVB fadans and siu sangs were decreasing dramatically. Currently seeking an early contract termination with TVB, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was singled out by TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong (方逸華), to remain at the company.

Discussing his contract terms with a TVB executive yesterday, Steven Ma’s position remained firm. He indicated that he will not fight for any awards and was only interested in resolving his contract dispute. Asked what he would do if TVB were to hand him the TV King award to demonstrate their sincerity, Steven stated firmly, “There’s no need to do so!” Steven’s response indicated that his negotiations with TVB were still in a deadlock.

On November 1, 2011, Steven will need to head to mainland China to film, The Founding of the Yuan Empire <建元風雲>. Prior to his trip, there were still many unresolved issues with TVB. Aside from filming new TVB series, Lucky Father <當旺爸爸>, the most pressing matter was to terminate his contract early with TVB. Steven hoped that prior to the end of next week, a resolution will be reached where TVB will allow him to tread upon a new path.

October 28th Deadline

Originally, Steven’s TVB management contract had a June 2012 expiration date. Due to issues in how his contract was managed, Steven requested an early termination with TVB; the dispute has been ongoing since over a month ago. In an earlier report, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) pondered why Steven was “throwing a tantrum” prior to the TVB Anniversary Awards, thus leading people to feel that Steven was strategizing in this manner to fight for an award.

Yesterday, Steven Ma was filming an outdoor scene for Lucky Father with costar, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).  Regarding the recent news that claimed Steven sought to terminate his contract early as a tactic to fight for awards, he stood firm and stated that even if TVB were to give him the TV King award, he did not wish to receive it. “This morning, I met with a TVB executive over the progress of terminating my contract early.” (What did Steven wish TVB would give him? ) “Whatever they wish to give me is fine, as long as it is not an award. I will not take any kind of award.” (What if TVB were to give you the TV King award to demonstrate their sincerity?) “There’s no need to do so!” Although both parties were currently in a deadlock, Steven admitted that he hoped TVB would allow him to pursue new career path prior to October 28th. Steven smiled, “Although I do not want the TV King award this year, it does not mean that I have no opportunities to win it afterwards!”

Linda Chung Happy Over TVB and the Big Four Recording Companies Reached Turning Point

In the scene filmed for Lucky Father yesterday, taxi driver, Steven Ma, was kidnapped by robbers and rescued by police officer, Linda Chung. Since the filming took place at the time when students were released from school, numerous students and pedestrians asked for autographs.

Linda indicated that she was happy that TVB and the Big Four Recording Companies had reached a turning point in their contract dispute. Next year, Linda hoped to be able perform with more singers onstage. “Of course, it is a happy incident. With more singers performing at TVB, there will be increased opportunities to cooperate together and learn from them.” (Who did Linda wish to collaborate with?) “Hins Cheung (張敬軒) and Eason Chan (陳奕迅)!”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: How rude of Virginia Lok to imply that Steven Ma was “throwing a tantrum” as a tactic to fight for an award. It seems pretty clear that Steven just wants TVB to allow him to end his contract early, so that he can pursue other career opportunities.

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  1. As usual, 620 fails at the PR thing. And Steven, oh dear he looks like he is melting!! Not a good picture.

  2. okay how the hell does steven ma look so god damn different? In a bad way…

    1. he seems losing. Wat happen to artist nowadays. Most of them lose a lot of weight.Many of them look older with bamboo stick body structure,

  3. good that steven don’t care about that stupid award anymore, cash and respect is more important

  4. Well. When TVB was its golden age of drama in Asia, award was kind of very good thing. I remebered the time like 1980s-1990s, Asians loved to watch TVB series. TVB was like no match. Now, a lot people watch Korean series rather than TVB. Even China (Mainland) moves forward and produces very good series while TVB steps backward. TVB awards like chain of commitment being TVB’s bit*ches*. Not 100% awards given to wrong person but a few unfairly given ones make the whole idea a joke.

    I do not know if I miss something but I do not see anywhere in the world makes a big deal of TV award

      1. ^_^ but people, as specially aged and young ones love Korean drama. I live in the States, see lot of people from different Asian countries, from them, they do watch lot of Korean Dramaz.

      2. ugh i cant stand korean drama, ew its all about romantic and crying. i literally melt when watching those boring korean drama. i watched one a long time ago and i felt like i was *ugh*.

      3. Some Korean dramas are ok but some are soo depressing and draggy. It just depends on the series. Oh goodness, some of their ancient series are soooo long and sooo boring that it puts me to sleep. But some are ok too. It just varies just like series from any country or company.

      4. Don’t speak against my Korean dramas or I will come and chase you with a knife!

        Heh heh…. just joking… 🙂

  5. Do not know how but TVB artists are the people whom I see as the most slowly aged artists. Lot of female artists I watched them when I was a kid and now they are kind of the same.

  6. im going to miss steven at tvb but i guess i will watch his mainland dramas then. he is such a good actor.

  7. Linda, you shouldn’t sing a duet with Hins or Eason.

    In an earlier report, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) pondered why Steven was “throwing a tantrum” prior to the TVB Anniversary Awards, thus leading people to feel that Steven was strategizing in this manner to fight for an award.

    I wanna see wat 620 said first before commenting that she is really that rude or not.

    1. @Fox:..
      I wanna see wat 620 said first before commenting that she is really that rude or not.

      Recall the original news article: “Citing Weak Affinity with Virginia Lok, Steven Ma Reveals Reason for Resignation”

      620 quote
      “I feel that maybe it’s almost year end, and close to the anniversary awards ceremony so he threw some tantrums! Usually prior to and after the anniversary ceremony we seldom negotiate contracts with the artists, too sensitive. Steven’s contract will end next year. We had intended to discuss his contract after the anniversary ceremony.”

      Imo,calling 620’s comment rude is an understatement. Let Tsui Yong Yong’s words speak for me.

      The most ruthless sentence in the said article is this: “Why did Steven terminate his contract? Maybe it’s year end and close to the anniversary awards ceremony, so he threw a tantrum la!”

      What is the meaning of this statement? Are you saying that Steven was just “acting up”?

      The six years of tribulation first disheartened me and made me resign my job, and soon after also made Steven downhearted and wish to leave the nest. Today he merely requests to terminate his contract, not renew; furthermore, he has never mentioned about getting awards, so why slashed him with yet another cut?

      Having worked with Steven all these years, I can verify that he has never ever used the approach of trading contract for an award. This statement is truly an assassination of the spirit (dispiriting the soul – 心靈殺戮) In the off chance that some people are misled by your words, and if Steven receives an award today through real effort, audience will conclude that he got it through a ploy. That one statement from you totally erased Steven’s eighteen years of laborious efforts. This move from you is truly vicious, at the same time illustrated your absolute prejudice and ignorance. As a human being, one must possess a conscience; Ms. Virginia Lok, all these years you ignored the wellbeing of Steven’s career, and this time, you even struck first to gain the upper-hand by wronging him. I criticized you because I know the truth.

      1. @claimine: Get it. Do you have the clip of 620 to say so? If not, ok.

        BTW, look like it’s a very difficult relationship of 620 and SM. They must hate each other a lot.

      2. @Fox: It was a print interview for both SM and 620, so no video.

        They must hate each other a lot.

        Sorry to be such a pedantic but on hate: Can’t say for 620’s feeling, but from what I know of Steven, he is not easily moved to hatred. I think in this case, Steven is more disillusioned by TVB than harboring hatred for 620.

        Steven Ma quotes from his book – 圖文並謬:
        ..So, since no deep-seated hatred prevailed, how long can one hate?…. To love and care for those close to you is no easy task, so why add on hate?

        Although to forget may be seen as evasion, but I also believe between ‘forget’ and ‘hate’, ‘forget’ is better than ‘hate’. 我也相信﹐忘和恨, 忘比恨好!

        學習中庸 Steven Ma – 圖文並謬
        Practicing The Golden Mean of Confucianism

        Recently, a friend said to me: “You’re doing very well these days!” Dim lah! Don’t get too proud wo!” When I heard this, I smiled inwardly. For sure, this friend didn’t know me all that well. (2006 after Safeguards aired)

        I have been in the industry for more than a decade; the period neither long nor short; the experience itself is very personal, impossible to articulate in a few words. Every artiste’s success or failure has its own reasons. Furthermore, how many (of those reasons) were within their control? Artistes are basically passive. Indeed, how many artistes can claim their success was solely due to their own efforts? Opportunities are given to them by others. To succeed or fail is another matter. But for sure, one should always be prepared and ready when opportunity knocks.

        I have always believed that success happens not only due to a person’s effort but also due to every associated factor, no matter how minor; including all the people, tasks, things and time, all co-operating together; when heaven, earth, time and fortune are aligned, only then success will take place.

        Both feet on the ground; this being one of my principles. The vicissitudes of success or failure notwithstanding, the knees will not fold, and the feet will not leave the ground. Come stormy weather or bright sunshine, the feet still remain firmly planted on the ground. This sense of being genuinely grounded is what I need.

        Happiness and sadness to me will never be too excessive. I will not be extremely happy nor be extremely sad, only wish to keep my equanimity.

        Perhaps you will say I am being too discipline. I find contentment in it. If things are felt too extremely then it will provoke an equally if not more extreme opposite repercussion.

        My friends, don’t worry about me. The vagaries of human affairs are unpredictable. Today, heart wrenching grief; tomorrow, teary happiness. Since there is no foretelling of things to come, might as well be down-to-earth, look to the future, live for the present, and be ready to receive tomorrow.

        Translator’s note: The Golden Mean of Confucianism advocates moderation, and avoidance of excessiveness and deficiencies so as to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

        Reputation is seeming; I like what I ‘see’ of Steven as a person.

      3. I’m not a SM fan so I don’t understand him clearly, but from wat I saw recently about him vs 620, I think he hates her, or watever the word is to describer this feeling.

      4. Claimine,
        “Happiness and sadness to me will never be too excessive. I will not be extremely happy nor be extremely sad, only wish to keep my equanimity.”

        Moderation of our emotions may give us a higher state of peace. Easy to preach, but difficult to practice. If we decrease our level of emotional attachment and involvement, then when unpleasant events occur, we may feel less angry and dejected.

        Steven Ma doesn’t come across as possessing a particularly angry or hateful streak, even in his relations with Ms. Lok. He stated that he doesn’t get along with her and his media responses appear level-headed.

        On the other hand, Wong Hei seems to lash out at Ms. Lok whenever reporters mention her name. Wong Hei’s attitude towards Ms. Lok appears to be more extreme than Steven Ma’s.

  8. I am an ardent supporter of Steven and I want to wish him the best , whether he remains in TVB or not. Personally speaking, I would prefer Steven to seek greener pastures somewhere else – as TVB does not seem to be a good employer who only promotes their favorite. Steven can definitely perform well in mainland dramas , being eloquent in Mandarin and being well versed in Chinese historical classics !

    I will support Steven wherever ho goes and would not mind giving TVB dramas a miss (anyway, it is Steven who “introduce” me to TVB dramas in the first place).

    1. @darrenll: I will support Steven wherever ho goes and would not mind giving TVB dramas a miss (anyway, it is Steven who “introduce” me to TVB dramas in the first place).

      Same here. Without Steven in TVB, I’ll lose interest in TVB.

      Mind sharing how you become SM fan?

      1. Hi claiming,

        Actually I recall seeing and liking Steven when he first appeared as a doctor in the much acclaimed TVB drama ” Healing Hands ” years back but then my attention was diverted elsewhere after that. Then just this April, I somehow, was “brought” back after I stumbled onto Steven’s collaboration with Charmaine Sheh in “Perish in the name of Love”. I was enamored with Steven’s acting and singing skills and started ‘researching’ his past and current dramas, albums , news , ‘Steven’s sayings’ , books, and decided that this artiste really deserves my full support. I have even sought inspiration from his sayings and love jotting them down in a notebook.

        From then on, it was a buying and collecting spree for me as I got hold of anything Steven – his old
        albums, his DVD drama sets , his books etc. I am close to owning about 90% of his stuff.

        I really love the fact that despite his basic education, Steven has managed to do self study and shown a scholarly side. Of course, this is only a small part of why I admire him ! The list can go on and on ……

      2. as for me i’ve been crushing him since duke of mount deer with jordan 😀
        i was wat…9?
        happy times

      3. @darrenll:A new SM fan. yay!

        Coincidentally, it was also HH1 that introduced Steven to me too. It is truly inexplicable that within such a stellar cast Dr. Joe with his sunny and carefree character was the one that caught my attention and made me want to watch more of his series, and later to find out about him. I was even more impressed with Steven’s performance when I later discovered that he was actually going through an extremely rough patch in his life with his mother’s cancer at the time.

        Of course, this is only a small part of why I admire him ! The list can go on and on ……

        We can do our gushing on Steven Ma asianfanatics thread or to

        darrenll, jen: if you haven’t visited the above websites, please do.

    2. I support Steven regardless of what he does. It seems like most people are just with TVB for a number of years and then leave anyways, so it is not a surprise that Steve is leaving. I guess it the way that he is leaving is what the big deal is. I guess we all know that TVB is known for overworking and underpay so that is not something new.

  9. In an earlier report, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) pondered why Steven was “throwing a tantrum” prior to the TVB Anniversary Awards, thus leading people to feel that Steven was strategizing in this manner to fight for an award.

    Haha, she really should be allowed in front of the cameras anymore.

    1. Sorry, meant to say shouldn’t . Hit the enter button too quickly 😛

      1. I still wondered how did the tabloids get to know about such confidential management-employee closed door dialogues?

        Who leaked the info? — that omnipresent insider(s)?

        And what kind of manager is 620 to blab about yet another confidential discussion between management and employees during an ice-breaker dinner. I thought the dinner was especially arranged to promote better relationship between the 2 groups. The purpose is defeated when employees can’t even trust their management to keep their mouths zipped about what went on behind closed doors? With 620 throwing tasty morsels to the doggies as tabloids fodders.

        Once in a dinner, after consuming some wine he griped to Executive Deputy Chairman, Norman Leung, and became quite teary as he spoke. Everybody hurriedly comforted him.”

  10. Poor Steven looks so worn and skinny in the picture. 🙁 Looks like working for TVB has finally taken its physical toll on him. Seems most of the artistes at TVB always look very tired and aged by the time they reach their 40s because of how overworked they are by then. Hate how Virginia is making him out to be. I will miss watching him at TVB, but wish him luck on his future endeavors.

  11. He already made up his mimd that he would have to break the link between him and TVB. Their relationship comes to and end and no turning back.

    I never see Steven Ma as a very good actor but the game of TVB favoritism makes me think TVB suck.

  12. Offtopic : probably overwork and constant pressures, SM looks haggard and old up in the pic.

    ONtopic : it’s good that he sticks to his own principle and the message from 620 certainly doesn’t sound nice if she really meant it that way to describe SM’s early termination request.

    1. I like Steven but sad that Steven doesn’t seem to be one of those who age well, e.g. George Clooney.

      1. “I like Steven but sad that Steven doesn’t seem to be one of those who age well, e.g. George Clooney.”

        I think it depends – Steven can look very good when seen from some angles and in my personal opinion, this is more often the case than not. The picture above, does not do justice to Steven.

      2. I swear tabloids like to print bad pix of artists. There are many candid photos of Steven in the same Lucky Father scene uploaded on weibo and none was as bad as this one. In fact, weiboan uploaders commented on how good looking Steven was in person.

  13. sigh… yet another TVB *STAR* to bite the dust… I suppose Virginia Lok’s preferences and dislike still holds strong in TVB to a certain extent. If I recall, towards the end of Wong Hei’s contract termination, she came out with some sugar coated barbed remarks as well towards Wong Hei. She should know her remarks about Steven and the awards will do nothing but make Steven more upset. Maybe this is her not so subtle way of ensuring that the stars in her blacklist leave TVB?

  14. seriously… 620 is the one who should be leaving…. she is definitely not worthy of her position…

  15. TVB is sinking down lower and lower with time. Many artists will eventually leave TVB after a number of years so it is expected. I don’t mind him leaving as long as he is happy. Hope to see him in China productions and other productions.

  16. I dont think TVB has ever really treasure him, just look at all the shows that were given to him in the past. They probably waiting for him to go on his own , so that they can promote some newer & younger actors.

    1. I don’t TVB really treasures any of their artists until they leave…

  17. I think Virginia will force all of the artists that she dislikes out of TVB sooner or later…

    1. It is not gonna happen. Many left and going to leave but there are still people whom she favorites.

      I just have the feeling that we (the audiences) might have to see the artists’ face more often and supporting artists playing leading roles.

      1. Many will leave sooner or later since I don’t think that many popular artists want to stay with TVB for the rest of their career unless they have no other choice. TVB is a good place to start your career, but to remain there?? Not too sure about that…

  18. He’s kinda like have black eyes from not enough sleep. TVB should be sad they lost Steven. GO STEVEN!!!!!!!!!!

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