Steven Ma to Expand His Learning Center to Mainland China

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) has always emphasized the importance of education for children, expressing that one of his goals in life is to become an educationist.

Two years ago, Steven and his sisters opened a learning center, I-Study, in the Tai Wai district of New Territories to phenomenal success. Since then, the tutoring school has expanded to over 400 students and 20 teachers. To accommodate the growing numbers, Steven recently opened another branch of I-Study in the Fo Tan district in Hong Kong.

As the school’s chancellor, Steven was in charge of hosting the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Fo Tan branch’s grand opening. Steven and his family are very involved in the school’s development, explaining, “My elder sister, younger sister, and niece are in charge of managing the school. They are doing very well and have hired many experienced teachers from overseas. I am the school’s chancellor, so I am in charge of marketing.”

Steven announced his wish to have I-Study break in the Mainland Chinese market. He and his sisters have plans to open more branches in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


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  1. Hong Kong has many tuition centres. Selling point of I-study is Steven Ma?

    1. Lol, why can’t you see it positively ? He is doing a good thing by promoting education, I think what he’s doing is great. If the selling point is Steven ma, then so be it. He’s using his fame for a good reason.

      1. He’s using his fame to promote education…and to make money. It’s neither good nor bad, just a smart businessmen. Just hope he’s paying his teachers a proper salary.

  2. I am very surprised with Steven Ma. He just does things I never expected him to do. He certainly moves towards education more. Good for him!

  3. Good on him for valuing and promoting education, although I have reservations about how you define ‘success’ in such places. As someone who also tutors students, it is very apparent that lots of students are forced to go by parents, which causes resentment and is detrimental to their long term learning.

    So long as the kids genuinely struggle and need help, then its great, but for many, it is just another ‘thing’ they do to stay ahead and regurgitate what has been spoon fed to them. And in places such as HK and China, I’m inclined to think that it is the latter that occurs more often.

  4. All I know the guy is a good actor, lot better than all these new guys, bosco, rucco, raymond r the best

    1. I miss him too D; I really miss the strong male leads that TVB use to have, then they left one by one…

      But to be honest, no matter how good their artists are, their scripts are getting worse, it’s hard for an actor to try and work on their character when it doesn’t have depth, nor does the storyline. As Roger said in his acceptance speech at Astro awards last year, coming across a good script and great character is really, really hard. So I don’t blame those who are leaving because they no longer see chances of improvement as an actor if they stay :/

  5. good on him, education market is good, specially he is famous actor so it’s make easier to promote the school

  6. I miss Stephen on the screen too… I hope he comes back and film for tvb again kinda of getting boring watching edwin on screen all the time

    1. Nothing wrong with Edwin…give him a chance to develop…Steven in ‘storm in a cocoon’ was good.

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