Steven Ma Working On First Self-Produced Drama

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) spoke about his career prospects and shared his upcoming work schedule of the year in a recent interview with Hong Kong’s DBC radio. He will be going to Canada in February and hoped to visit Niagara Falls if time allows. Though the weather in North America is turning colder, Steven is not afraid of the cold, as he has experienced extreme cold weathers while shooting in mainland China.

Releasing a new song in March 2014, Steven is currently preparing for the filming of the song’s music video. For a more pleasing image, Steven has been consistently training and lifting weights at the gym. Asked if he is aiming for a target, Steven immediately said, “Wow, definitely not like Nick Cheung (張家輝)! He’s too good! I’ve never seen myself with abs before, but it is possible to have them as long as you put in effort.”

Would Steven be willing to show off some of his muscles for a drama? Steven said, “Maybe the top but I’m not ready to show the bottom yet. Actually, I have filmed topless scenes before, but I try to avoid them if I can! I have very pale skin, and with lighting I’ll end up looking like a piece of meat.”

At the mention of his upcoming music video, Steven laughed. “My staff is pretty ‘perverted’. They wanted me to strip off my clothes, and wanted me to wear a white shirt with a shower. But it is a kind of art.”

Stepping into 2014, Steven revealed that he is also working on his new production studio, which he hopes to open soon. He plans to focus on the mainland Chinese and overseas markets in the next two years.


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    1. HTS: This is for you since you often complaint about how people tend to neglect fathers vis-a-vis mothers. 2014-01-13

      “Releasing a new song in March 2014″

      Steven: [..]”The title song is not about romance but about my dad. (Last year you wrote about your mom.) Yes, wrote for my mom now will write for my dad, else he’ll be unhappy. Because my mom has passed away but my dad, he is still very healthy. He was a public bus driver for many years and has sacrificed much for our family. Also, have you noticed this, every year people make a big deal over Mother’s Day but for Father’s Day, there’s not much going on. Also, the display of affection for parents differ too. We can say mom I love you but not that easy to say dad I love you. Maybe it’s the problem between men, like how can I hug my dad and say: Dad, I love you. But in truth I love him just as much.”

  1. Anyone knows if I can send in a resume to apply for a job at Steven’s production company? 😉

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