Struggling Restaurant Sales Prompt Bosco Wong to Consider Government Subsidies

Insisting on keeping his oyster bar up despite deep financial losses in the pandemic, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is considering applying for government subsidies issued to the restaurant industry.

Despite careful procedures in place, one of Oystermine’s employees tested positive earlier. Bosco’s restaurant had to shut down and undergo disinfection before reopening for business. After closing for business for two weeks, Bosco’s restaurant Oystermine finally reopened in early March with new COVID-19 safety measurements in place. With the widespread omicron variant in Hong Kong, Oystermine was the only restaurant open for business in the entire building but there were very few lunchtime customers.

Aside from keeping the business open, Bosco ensures that his employees are abiding by all rules and standards – every morning when employees come in, they must perform a rapid antigen test and disinfect the premises before opening up. Each table at the restaurant is equipped with sanitizer bottles as well.

With eight employees at the restaurant and limited business, many people are wondering what Bosco intends to do in order to keep the business going. “We’re definitely suffering a loss, but I don’t want my staff to be unemployed. We just have to keep going for now, and hope that the pandemic will end soon. We did start including other food and takeout items on our menu, and we’re actively having discussions on what other items we can add in order to boost sales.”

When asked if he considered applying for government subsidies, Bosco is trying to keep his spirits high and admitted that he would consider it.

Source: Sing Tao

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  1. Probably doesn’t want to ask for it since he himself isn’t in dire straits of it, and has some virtue, unlike some of the US star businesses like Kanye West clothing company as an example, when that business didn’t even really need it.

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