Artists Comment on the Pressure of Drug Use and Express Support for Max Mok

Since the breakout of Max Mok’s arrest, the news shocked the Hong Kong entertainment business. Fellow actor friends and acquaintances offer support and share thoughts of illicit drug abuse.

Simon Yam Tat-Wah: Max and I know each other quite well and we both enjoy sports. He has a very healthy image. This is a mistake but he has already apologized and is regretful about it. I hope this case will soon be resolved so that he will be given a chance. The entertainment business needs people who can act and I hope he can return to his work. On the aside, Simon  noted that he does not go to night clubs and knows how to say ‘no’.

Nancy Sit Ga Yeen: It was heart breaking to see the video of Max’s arrest. Why does he and Suen Hing have to take drugs? These things need to be refused. To be honest, despite the number of years I’ve been in the entertainment industry, I do not socialize after work. I know of people how smoke and even those who veteran actors who take drugs, but I am  not influenced by their decisions. Every field has pressure and I have chosen to deal with this by eating and singing to distress. To my own children, I try to pass on positive ways to live life since they were young.

Michael Tse Tin Wah: I don’ t know Suen Hing well but am more acquainted with Max Mok. I only learned about the arrests from reading the newspaper. My recollection of Max Mok is positive. When he released his first album and performance his songs, I was one of the dancers for the show. My initial impression was that he is handsome and healthy.

Since the event happened in Beijing, it’s hard to help him because he is so far away. The lay person often say that strange things happen in the entertainment business but I disagree. If people live by their principals and strong sense of virtue, they cannot be affected by the external environment.

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing: Even though I socialize at parties, I do not take drugs. I am not even enticed by it. I’m an adult and I have control over myself and know how to differentiate right from wrong. If I chose to walk the road of drugs then I need to take on the responsibility.


Translated by Ms Nosin, a contributing writer.

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    1. Not supports. There is no plural for this. SUPPORT FOR MAX MOK or CELEBRITY FRIEND SUPPORTS MAX MOX

  1. And how is Kevin’s statement a support for Max?? Sounds more like a reprimand.

    1. agree with Funn,,, Kevin’s statement have nothing to do with support for Max,, sound so himself

    2. Totally agree.. He did not sound like he was supporting Max. I wonder why he had to say that??

      1. I guess it doesn’t matter why Kevin said that but it’s totally true. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions and denying it doesn’t mean that he didn’t do it as long as you can learn from your mistakes that’s what matters.

  2. Uh…none of it really sounds like support for Max. Apart from Simon Yam’s comment.

    The others just seem like they’re opinions of those in the entertainment circle about their own thoughts on drugs.

    1. I agree since it seems like the rest of them are not friends with Max, but only Simon is. Max has other close friends so I wonder why they have not spoken up instead??

      1. I think the title is mistitled. Should be comments about Max Mok scandal rather than support for Max mok.

      2. Ia. Most of them except Simon Yam are reprimanding him instead of supporting. The title is not right.

  3. It’s just weed… The only reason he is even condemn for this is because he is a star.

    1. The only reason he is condemned is because drugs, even weed is illegal in China.

    2. And if he ever gets away, it is because he is a celebrity.

      1. He’s also getting more bashings because of his celebrity status. It’s a two way weapon

  4. hahaha @ Kevin’s comment. It’s like he was not invited to the party so he got mad and totally rubbed it in on Max. Random much!

  5. I guess the veterans who take drugs as mentioned by Nancy are Wu Fung and Do Do Cheng

    1. Really? I would have never thought of it. I always thought Carol Cheng has someone who is very healthy conscious and living a healthy lifestyle. Wu Fung also. I see him as a happy-go-lucky man.

      How did you know they took drugs?

    2. @Luisa – Wu Fung and Dodo Cheng? You can’t be serious I don’t see them as people who will take drugs.

      1. seems like just a guess by Luisa.

        If I had to guess by Nancy’s comment, I would pick Adam Cheng and Patrick Tse. Lol.

  6. My problem is this. I’m almost certain that many celebrities and “artists” do drugs. The fact that all these “supporters” have to come out and act like they’re so surprised just gets on my nerve.

  7. I voted this to be one the worst article for the year. Who care who support him? More news about Raymond’s girl.

    1. Sky, there has been many articles on Mavis at this site.

      It takes time to translate each piece of news on this site. When you enjoy the artiicle or not is a matter of each person’s taste. Ms. Nosin is a contributing write who writes for JayneStars and her effort is appreciated by many fans and help them stay connected with the latest happenings.

    2. @Sky,
      Well if you don’t care, then you don’t need to read this article. I am actually more interested in reading this than about that Mavis girl. She has gotten way too much attention already that it has gone way overboard. I am sick and tired of hearing about her and hope that no more attention is given to her. She has already milked way too much milk out of the cow.

      1. @HeTieShou: i didn’t read the article, saw the title, and got no interested in it.

      2. Sky, good for you to be so decisive. Me personally, I wanna know what they say. So thanks to not just Nosin but MISS NOSIN for her contribution even if I did made a few comments about the title.

  8. Hello all. I’m Ms. Nosin, the author of this article. Thanks to your comments and suggestions, the title has been changed due to your constructive feedback!

    My selection of pieces to translate are based on my personal value and ethics. I am interested in translating articles that celebrate the positive side of actors’/actresses’ image, even if it is a tragic event like this.

    There are a diversity of articles written to suit each reader’s preference on JayneStar. We are lucky to have such dedicated writers who share on this site and for Ms. Jayne to host this!

    My wish as a writer is that readers are respectful in their feedback and to respect the diversity of news available on this site.

    Best wishes.

    Ms. Nosin

    1. Well – for all its worth … this news prompted me to read more about Max Mok. 🙂

      Thanks for the translations.

    2. I enjoyed this piece of article. It gave me a good laugh. thanks

  9. The title is like a chameleon! Every day different title!

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