Synopsis of Detective Comedy “Inspector Gourmet”

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Synopsis of Detective Comedy “Inspector Gourmet”

Succeeding the time slot of A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> will be Inspector Gourmet <為食神探>, premiering on August 29. The detective comedy stars Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) as four strange private investigators who use their own unique skills to help solve a series of unusual cases across the city.

The 20-episode comedy, produced by Leung Choi-yuen (梁材遠), will air its final episode on September 18.


The unlucky seafood restaurant chef Yeung Tak-kei (Kenneth Ma) accidentally discovers  and spreads an embarrassing secret about his boss, forcing him to resign from his position. After losing his job, he decides to become a private investigator for his older half-sister Chu Sau-na (Elvina Kong), who owns a private detective agency. Sau-na is difficult to please, with harsh demands. In order to be accepted into her agency, he must convince the “golden tongue” Mak Sai (Louis Yuen) to join her agency as well.

Mak Sai is a food critic and loves to eat. To get Mak Sai to join the agency, Tak-kei has to entice him with his own special dishes. During their time together, Tak-kei discovers that Mak Sai used to be the legendary “Inspector Gourmet”, and the two become close friends. Mak Sai eventually gives in and joins their agency.

Meanwhile, the agency recruits the clumsy reporter Tong Ka-ka, who suffers from amnesia; as well as the tomboy Sam Oi-kiu (Priscilla Wong), a master truck driver, into its investigation team. Together, the four quirky detectives manage to solve many strange cases throughout the city. However, their strange encounters with the dessert chef Chau Ching (Jacqueline Wong) and her cowardly boyfriend Cheung Kwok-wah (Oscar Leung) lead to a series of even more unusual cases, seemingly impossible to solve.

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Synopsis of Detective Comedy “Inspector Gourmet”

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    1. funnlim says:

      Not sure what to think of this series. I thought its a detective series about food but it IS a detective series. Its obviously slapstick comedy. The trailer is awful. But since haven’t seen Kenneth for so long will give it a try. I will be avoiding Brother’s Keeper 2 though. THat is pure rubbish.

      I think I’d rather watch Kcomedy Jealousy Incarnate or even continue with Uncontrollably Fond and hear the lead actor open his mouth wide and shout till his voice is shrilly sounding than watch BK2.

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