Tabloid Milks Frankie Lam’s Old Affair with Vicki Dong

Frankie Lam Man Lung and Kenix Kwok Ho Ying have been married for years. Although both Kenix and Frankie had rumors with the opposite sex respectively, they have a strong marriage and a daughter together. Yesterday, a tabloid published photos of Frankie with mainland actress, Vicki Dong, reviving the extra-marital affair rumors that surfaced in 2009. Text messages shared between Frankie and Vicki were also published. Within the text messages included phrases such as, “love you,” “baby,” and “my love.”

When contacted by reporters, Frankie addressed the rumors calmly. “Recently, a tabloid magazine revived my old news from last year. I already came forward to explain the matter previously. The person involved in the extortion case, T.C. Wang (Kenix’s former mainland manager) has been sentenced to four and half years in prison in China .”

Did the rumors affect Frankie’s marriage with Kenix? Frankie indicated that they shared mutual trust. The rumors did not affect his relationship with Kenix in the past. Now, the emphasis was placed on their daughter. They will not let these unfounded tabloid claims bother them. Frankie will not personally pursue litigation against the tabloid. He will allow his management company to follow-up on the matter.

Since claims of Frankie’s affair with Vicki Dong surfaced last year, he was prepared that the rumors did not end there. The submission of Frankie and Vicki’s photos indicated that there was an accomplice to T.C. Wang’s extortion efforts. As to who the accomplice was, Frankie said, “We can find out by asking the tabloid who sent the photos.”

Jayne: There will always be an aftermath to cheating. Frankie Lam seems prepared to deal with the recent photos of Vicki Dong and himself. He’s very fortunate that these are not nude pictures, otherwise they will circulate on the internet like a virus!

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  1. It’s hard to find a faithful spouse nowadays, much harder in the entertainment circle.

  2. So he did cheat on Kenix? I am sort of surprised since I always thought of him as docile and Kenix the one who wears the pants. I suppose the more docile, the more that one will cheat?

  3. Of course it is hard to not cheat in the circle since you are surrounded by all really attractive, rich, popular and famous people. Regular citizens cheat as well so of course how can that be avoided in the circle? The problem is if the other person is willing to forgive and work things out.

    I always thought that it was Frankie that was more faithful and all, but hey we don’t know them personally so who really knows? Whether he cheated or not I think is still just speculations. Of course, even if he did, he would not admit it to the public. Unless there was proof of it…

  4. Not sure whether Frankie cheated on Kenix or not, but he had his fair share of unfaithful ‘rumors’ pre-marriage to Kenix.

    One which I remember most was him pictured with another girl at dinner, and photographs of Kenix and him in very heated argument after the former news was exposed.

    Another one was rumors of him going after Ada, which made Kenix very angry at Ada. I think Ada mentioned abt this in old interview, kind of sorry for her since I believe she’s innocent.

  5. I never knew a person as quiet and docile as Frankie has so much rumours!

  6. You have not seen 15/16 where Frankie was funny and witty and quite the joker.

    The really quiet one was Kevin Cheng. He just let Carol Cheng did most of the talking (they were partners in 15/16).

  7. Frankie does not look like one who cheat. Guess can’t judge the appearance.

    I also just knew recently that he had many rumours of affairs with his co-stars. Used to like him. My opinion of him has changed drastically.

  8. Kevin is very quiet isn’t he? A bit too mellow. Can’t be shy.

  9. IMO, I think Frankie did cheat with Vicki Dong. The tabloids received numerous recordings of cell phone conversations between Frankie and T.C. Wang, Kenix’s former manager. These recordings were recorded over several months and chronicled Frankie’s affair.

    Why would TC Wang be able to extort money if Frankie did not have an affair? Why would she be in prison for 4.5 years now? If it is a simple defamation or libel situation where the tabloid published false info, Frankie would sue the tabloid instead.

    After tabloids revealed the affair in 2009, Frankie

  10. After tabloids revealed the affair, Frankie and Kenix held a press conference in which they did not truly deny the affair. They stated that their marriage was still steady and also that Kenix was expecting.

    Funn, the tabloids claimed that Frankie did not make enough money, which was a cause for conflict in the marriage. Kenix came from a well off background and she probably expects to live a certain way. Also the tabloids claim that she has an strong temperament that is hard to deal with. In one of the alleged tape recordings, Frankie was at his unhappiest when he cheated on Kenix.

    There were also rumors that Kenix cheated with a very popular male singer. The taped conversations also reference to her cheating. But most people seem to dismiss Kenix’s rumors and focus on Frankie instead.

  11. Kenix cheating with a popular singer, I’d have to say Hacken Lee.

    Jayne – what are your thoughts on who it may be?

    1. They did deny the affair – many times. So did the other girl.

  12. Pandamao, I agree with the speculation that it would be Hacken Lee if there was any cheating involved. Appledaily pointed arrows at Hacken as well, but due to litigation reasons, muted out his name in the recorded cell phone conversation.

    Voice Clip resembling Kenix admitting cheating (copy and paste link in browser to hear it)

    Although the clip is in Mandarin, the voice really sounds like Kenix’s.

    Frankie’s Affair with Vicki Dong

    Kenix’s Alleged Cheating

  13. Irene, Kenix’s rumors with Hacken started during “Legal Entanglement,” which was before her marriage with Frankie.

  14. Well, I don’t doubt that they both cheated on each other. After being with someone for so many years, you either proceed toward the next step in life, which is marriage, and that is what they took, then after marriage, either you have a really good mutual love and understanding toward each other or problem will arise. Now, the question that comes to mind, are they still in love? Are they together because of the baby? Some people will make sacrifice for their children. I don’t support cheating but you sometime have to wonder why a person cheat. In this case, could Kenix’s bad temperament cause him to cheat? Was she not a loving wife? Too demanding? etc… Based on what I know, I think it was Kenix who went after Frankie, so in another word, she was first attracted to him, not the other way around. Would that make his love less strong? And the fact that she made more money than him, is that pressure for him? He seems like an old-fashion kind of guy, so having a wife that makes more is not necessarily his ideal situation. I personally see him more comfortable with a ‘sui loy yan”, just like how Lau sok Yi is with Hacken. What do you guys think?

  15. If he’s more comfortable with ‘Siu Nui Yan’,and he still stays with Kenix for such a long time, that shows that he does love her a lot. Also, Kenix has said once before that there was a time when her heart was wavering between Frankie and another guy and Frankie knew but kept quiet and still stayed with her. Kenix seem to be very confident that he will be faithful. They patch up before marriage and child. So, I don’t think they stay together because of child. I think they have sort their problem out.

    From news report, Frankie does seem to be an old fashioned guy in the sense that he feels that the man should be the one providing for the family. Well, too bad, he loves a ‘nui keung yan’. Joking. 😛
    I think if they were able to stay together so long, they must be complementing each other well.

  16. In a traditional society like Hong Kong, I think many men still feel in their heart that they should provide financially for the family after kids are born. I see that happening with even very successful women such as Esther Kwan and Anita Yuen.

    One of my friends dated a guy from Hong Kong, who came to the USA for a university education. While they were dating, he always spoke about not wanting his future wife to work after having kids. His mother did not work and he did not want his wife to work either.

    Many women with kids work in Hong Kong now simply because they can not pay the bills without a second income.

  17. Kenix is more successful than Frankie in her acting works and her personality is of a stronger woman too. Since Frankie is a traditional man he may feel chalenged to be the man of the family.

  18. Kenix is control freak, Franking is way to good for her, she’s look like a walking skeleton with overbite teeth

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