Tavia Yeung Improves Kenneth Ma’s Fashion Sense

Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) popularity increased significantly since portraying a handsome doctor in Hong Kong TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. Kenneth even climbed into Next Magazine’s Top 10 Television Actors list. With more invitations from advertisers to appear at promotional events, Kenneth also felt the pressure to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Known for wearing T-shirts and jeans on his days off, Kenneth knew that his casual preferences may not be suitable for more prominent public appearances. He turned to The Hippocratic Crush costar, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), for tips on how to improve his fashion sense.

At a cast and crew dinner celebrating the success of The Hippocratic Crush, Tavia revealed, “He (Kenneth) said that he has everything, including good acting skills. He only lacked taste!” Asked why she felt that Kenneth lacked taste, Tavia replied, “It’s his fashion sense. He has to change his image. As his friend, I am only pointing it out to him and not putting him down!”

Kenneth and Tavia will have the ability to collaborate again in an upcoming sequel for The Hippocratic Crush, which may shoot at the end of this year or early 2013. Kenneth had joked earlier that he hoped to continue to film numerous chapters of The Hippocratic Crush, similar to how Healing Hands <妙手仁心> had spawned three installments.

Happy with the new money-making opportunities that his recent popularity brought, Kenneth stated that he was interested in buying a large home to live with his family. “I hope there are cash rewards. The housing prices are very expensive right now; I do not have enough money yet!” Asked whether he will be hiding a woman at his new house, Kenneth said, “If I were to have a lot of money, I do not mind!”

Sources: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Finally, Kenneth is interested in changing his image a bit. It is about time he dressed more like the heart throb that he is! He needs a good haircut too. He should ask his good brother, Kevin Cheng, for advice. Among TVB actors, Kevin and Moses have sensible fashion sense and look good in almost everything they wear.

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  1. yup agreed with Jayne that kevin and moses got better taste than the rest, kenneth ma shd get some tips frm them. He is handsome and tall but just his image need to change. He look the best when he was in The mysteries of Love, with good hair cut and nice attire.. thats hw I notice him

    1. If Kenneth Ma wants to maintain his young and good-looking image, he has to dress appropriately. He has the face, built, height to look good. Also his baby face will keep him young for a longer period of time.

      Kenneth turned 38 last month, but he looks almost the same age as Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Raymond Lam. He looks younger than Chan Chin Pang who is only 35 years old.

      1. Correct. Ruco Chan looks like he is in his late 30s or early 40s.

        His acting is good, but he is not as good looking as some handsome actors, such as Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, or even Bosco Wong. Ruco looks better with eyeglasses.

      2. OMG Kenneth is already 38?? Thought he was like 33 or something! He looks so young for his age!

      3. Ruco’s bony face made him like this. Even during his young time, he still looks not young. But when he is 40-50, he’ll look the same and ppl won’t think he is that old. It’s an advantage.

      4. Sandcherry,
        I actually find Ruco Chan to be very handsome, the highly masculine type of actor that I prefer in looks. But I do agree that his fashion sense can be improved. He also looks a lot younger without his glasses.

        If he improved his fashion sense, he would look years younger. But he seems to have the mentality of a much older person, playing golf and enjoying mixing with veterans more than his own contemporaries.

      5. wow he’s 38!!! that’s almost 40. i thought he’s in his early 30s like tavia’s age.

      6. Are you saying TY looks older than her real age, munkimui?

      7. @Fox :I think you mistaken munkimui word. She mean Kenneth Ma is much younger than his real age which is his look like early thirty 30-33 ,but did not any implicit hinted Tavia look old.

      8. Oic, but I guess if compare the look and the age, it will be slightly different :P.

    2. Agnes i agree with you. I started noticing Kenneth Ma in Mysteries of Love too! Well, he looks young, he’s tall and with the right attire, he will make ppl notice him more =)

  2. Now I can understand why MM looks unattractive to me in the recent time

    1. Hontuo ni? Considering that KM’s fashion sense was nonexistent so it can only get better. Actually I think he is becoming more fashionable recently.

      Know you don’t like TY, however her fashion sense is not that bad. She can look gorgeous sometimes.

      He was smart enough not to ask Medusa for fashion tips, haha…

      1. She used to dress decently, but not now and her fashion sense is becoming very weird, like the never-change short hair + umbrella dress or the short skirt enough to see underwear.

      2. In fact, I prefer MM in the past than his image now. He is pouting too much and always tries to look “puppy”. In the past, he seems to have more characteristic with his style – Tee + jeans. Look at him now? He seems uncomfortable in the new clothes.

      3. Well you can’re really write her off bc of one mistake with the ugly umbrella dress, even the most fashionable Hollywood actress can miss once a while. Hope she can grow her hair long though, so I won’t focus too much on her nose, LOL.

        KM was dressing worst than a klf, so I don’t know what you are complaning about. I think most people like the new KM better.

      4. If it is the only time, I’m biased. If I’ve seen more than one time and there are ppl agreed with me (check below), I’m off from being the only one.

        I think MM dressed better in the past. You can agree, or not, up to you. Ppl like MM’s new roles, not really the new clothes.

  3. Uhh…I wouldn’t ask TY. Her fashion sense has gone downhill. She’s right there with the Medusa.

  4. Agree with Jayne that Moses n Kevin have really good fashion sense and they always look real HOT.

    1. Moses was a model before he entered entertainment industry, so he should have a better fashion sense.

      Not sure though if Kevin Cheng has a good fashion sense

      Bosco Wong is trying very hard to be fashionable, but I personally don’t like his outfits.

  5. Though I like Ruco Chan Chin Pang’s acting, I hate his fashion sense. It is horrible to me (colours always not co-ordinated). Wearing appropriate and fashionable clothes will bring out the strength and good look of an artiste, and inappropriate outfits will show off the weaknesses of his/her body.

  6. Among the female artistes listed as top 10 for 2012 Next Magazine Awards, I think Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen have fashion senses, not the others. They always looked good in their outfits (or they always picked the right clothes for their bodies).

  7. Kenneth Ma looks like a very simple person. I don’t think he should dress up like a model. He will look awkward to me. He will look better if he wears simple, casual, or dressy clothes, but not those dramatic and funny outfits (like Bosco’s). He looks funny in them.

    1. I agree with you. I like his simple and casual style.

    2. Agreed. Kenneth look cute and better in his casual attire but look funny in those model clothes. Stick to your casual style man!

    3. Yup. He looks uncomfortable recently. Ppl wear clothes, not that clothes wear ppl.

    4. Be your own man, have some1 tell you how to dress is wrong unless he/she pays you to do it.

    5. Well, he’s an engineer at heart and with a family of engineers, I don’t expect that him getting much help since T-shirt and jeans are a main staple for science people. He can stay stylish without giving up the comfortable T-shirt & jeans concept, but he will have to switch clothing brands. He has a tall build, so he should look into American designers like John Varvatos.

      1. Well, he’s an engineer at heart and with a family of engineers, I don’t expect that him getting much help since T-shirt and jeans are a main staple for science people ………. Agree, most of the engineers are “squares” and doing everything on tracks. I have one at home.

  8. Yeh Kenneth looks better dressed on screen than off-screen. its also his hair… cut that fringe! Even when he was dating Nancy Wu, his dress sense didn’t change… still crap. I wonder why she didn’t ‘help him and gave him a makeup’ coz gfs usually do that lol

    1. Haha! That’s true and Nancy seems to know how to dress too.

      1. Nancy has good fashion sense. I remember Nancy bought a pretty dress and wear at TVB event but TVB fashion advisor also get the same dress to top fadan Charmaine and TVB hid Nancy from press cameras.

    2. Maybe Nancy helped him in tge padt so he dressed decently. It’s the past.

  9. Aw. In his defense, I like the everyday appeal of his casual attire. Makes him seem approachable and down to earth, which is a good image for him to portray.

    1. His casual down to earth style was cute. Tavia is making him look worse! Find another advisor Kenneth!

  10. TY doesn’t even have taste in fashion..dun think I can expect much from her advise on kenneth’s fashion..

    1. Agree. Tavia doesn’t have any fashion sense. I don’t like most of her choices. How can we expect her to help Kenneth Ma to upgrade his fashion sense?

      I think Nancy Wu can do a better job vs. Tavia Yeung.

      1. Agreed! Tavia is wrong person to get fashion advice! She has no fashion sense! LOL what are you thinking Keneth!

      2. I also agree since i don’t Tavia dresses that nice herself so why would she advise Kenneth on what to wear??

  11. Why make the filming sequal late of end year or early next year? I hope they can produce sequel as soon as possible as they still hot .

    1. because Kenneth has to film Prominent Family and Triumph in the Skies 2.

  12. Hahaha yeah she is not known for her fashion sense so peculiar choice. I don’t mind seeing different images from Kenneth as long as it suits him.

  13. Kenneth has very good height & can carry clothes very well!
    Cant wait for his new image!….lol….

  14. Tavia Yeung looks very old in this photo. Is that taken in “Prominent Family”? She looks like Kenneth’s big sister, or “little” mother.

      1. actually come to think of it, it would be extremely interesting to see if Tavia is married to Kenneth’s dad (Damian Lau) then has an affair with Kenneth later on. THAT would be scandalous.

      2. lol… it sure great scandalous and interesting but too bad it will not happen. Tavia mention before in interview her character is very loyal to Damain and will not having affair with other guys. Damn the Producer.

      3. fez,

        I love that idea, step mom having affair with stepson.. very intrigueing.

      4. Veejay I am watching Qing Shi Huang Fei and in it an older sister sleeps with her younger brother but it turns out they’re not related but still he grew up with her calling her big sis. That sort of scandalous love story?

      5. noooo funn, I dont like the idea of sis-bro love, i prefer something kinky maybe like fez’s idea, TY is used to be Kenneth’s lover then was forced to marry Damien by her parents..but still hold feelings for Kenneth. And kenneth has been arranged to marry that ms hk rebecca by his dad’s instruction.. I’d like to see how kenneth and ty will reacted to each other when they were alone lol.

      6. @Veejay lol.. the story look not shocking.Let me modified something Why dun make Tavia actually Illegitimate child of Damian Lau that Darmain having one night stand with unknown prostitute “x” 30++ ago and the “x” borne Tavia and dead no longer after givING birth. No one knew Tavia identity even herself. She raised by jerk family that slaved her and having bad life until she rescue by Darmain. In order to repay his kindness, she willing to married him . However she fall in love with puppy eyes Kenneth and Kenneth also start develop feeling toward her .

        A shock insane taboo that shaking whole series!!! (no need take the story seriously)

      7. a-pop
        You are even worse though your storyline seems to be interesting and complicated. TVB would need more of you people to do scriptwriting for them.

      8. a-pop,

        HAHA, that’s a bit sick lol.. imagine either Damien or Kenneth sleep with TY and only to find out that they have blood related…omg..that’s incest!! lol..

        The reason why I want kenneth to be pairing with TY is because I dont like Rebecca to be pairing kenneth..strongly detest her!.

      9. aiya.. spelling error again. *incest taboo. My brain work badly and something wrong with it.Producing dirty story.><

      10. “it would be extremely interesting to see if Tavia is married to Kenneth’s dad (Damian Lau) then has an affair with Kenneth later on”

        That’s the plot of the play ‘Thunder Rain’. 😀

      11. Haha, interesting but I doubt TVB would risk drowning in complaint letters and losing the market share of HK housewives as the TV war is starting now…

  15. fez
    You are terrible. This kind of affairs (mother and step son) was not acceptable for “that period of time”.

  16. Errrrr does Tavia have good taste in fashion to begin with?

    Kenneth need only look at that crappy Mysteries Of Love for inspiration. I thought he looked pretty smashing in there, meaning wear 2 sizes smaller jeans, some very colourful bright but not tacky shirts/t-shirts, unbotton the the first 3 buttons.

    For suits, invest in a very good suit which will burn a hole in your pocket BUT will make you look so darn good.

    1. I still think guys would look the best in nicely-tailored suits or tuxedos for formal occasions, rather than those fancy and ridiculously over-sized or under-sized clothes or skirts (like grasshopers). They would also look good in casual clothes, but not in those funny and highly trendy ones. Chinese artistes with smaller built do not look good in some trendy clothes.

    2. I think Kenneth will look good if he’s wearing a tight fitting pant which show off his long legs..what do you say? lolll

  17. Tavia looks pretty with this era image. She can carry this image compare to some fadens..Actually hope she can pair up with Kenneth Ma in this drama but it will be a new pair up with Damien Lau. Hope to see 鱼仔 and 一件头 soon. But some story plots by you guys are interesting…It will be more interesting when the father and son are fighting for her…I don’t want Kenneth Ma with Rebecca too 🙁

    1. I think TY will play villain in this series, let’s see if she has improve since Beyond.. her last villain role was pretty dissappointing..let’s hope this time, she will be able to deliver the evil role well thru heart.

      1. I dun really think her character is really evil in heart. From information that I have read , her role is something like women revolutionist. She always want to be Darmain last woman and will do any tricks in order prevent him take 5 mistress .

      2. @ veejay : Is her role in beyond so bad. I thought she acted quite well..I hope to see her play split personality. It will be a good breakout…

        @a-pop : Where do you get the information from? So she will just stick to only one man. Does she consider the lead actress in this drama…

      3. and yup, she just stick with Darmain. She consider important leading actress in this series.

      4. @momo,

        Yeah her role in beyond was just so-so close to bad because she couldn’t give audiences the evil aura from her, all she did was role her eyes big and smirk.. Some ppl can just smirk and u can tell they’re evil but not TY though..she just give me an impression that she was a jealous woman who want the king’s attention. her evil was so forced out..not natural enough.

  18. @ veejay and a-pop : thank for the link and information. I thought she might be the supporting actress…I watched a short clip from youtube before. I really waiting for this drama to come out. But well…I actually hope she can be with ron ng or kenneth ma instead of damien 🙁

    1. Poor Damien. Ppl always choose younger guys over him. But I like Damien’s look and acting much more than either of Ron or MM.

      1. It pathetic but have to accept reality. People always love to watch younger pair with ” 郎才女貌 “

      2. @DC: Hi 5! But I’ll choose Damien even if I’m the only one :P.

  19. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND SO REAL IN MY EYES. Kenneth, I really do think you have a slight crush on Tavia but Tavia is the oblivious one here.
    And I seriously felt giddy when Kenneth was like ‘we’re gonna have a baby right” (referring to yat kin and yu jai) and Tavia was like “ok lah have a baby la” LIKE OMG

    Yeah, in terms of interpreting body language – I’m pretty sure with that much intrusion into Tavia’s personal space – something is not ordinary friendship here.

      1. Him Him such a cutey!!! Yeh I noticed that Him and Tavia’s interaction ain’t as cute as with Kenneth…. Kenneth and Tavia are more funny and touchy together. I was watching old Kenneth clips, and its actually been like that with Tavia for a while now….that very close relationship. Not just around On Call time.. but back in The Fistful of Stances filming.

      2. Him Him is preparing for the punch. If tomorrow we wake up with a news about TY’s new nose or even thw whole face, she will pull the blame on you all for saying MM and her is match in heaven without mentioning of her Him Him lol.

      3. Btw whoever among her male colleges she dun do touchy actions like this? In tge past I saw she often do this action to many male co-workers. Finding bf? Or “friendly”? Lol.

    1. I totally agree! They would make a cute couple.

      1. Yea, they would make a cute couple. I guess they only consider each other as friends…

      2. I don’t think Kenneth and Tavia will match each other. Kenneth is not materialistic, down-to-earth, and Tavia cares too much about money. She talks about money all the time.

      3. Kenneth talks about money all the time too. He rather money than awards… and he said it many times.

        Even better! Match made in heaven! both are money-hungry muahha

      4. He talks about money because he wants to make it clear that he is a poor guy with no money and no property (in case some girls care about money, so he is not the right guy for them).

      5. I have noticed that Kenneth has been talking about money quite a bit lately too, but not as much as Tavia.

      6. Poor Kenneth. It took him 13 years to get his 1st lead role with his good-looking face and educational background. I guess he has realized that he is still poor at the age of 38 (no money and no property), so he is more careful in selecting girlfriends.

      7. Heavenly match money hungers. One day one thinks money is more important than the partner and a quarrel appears. They argue, fight, bite, hit and opps, scandals here to go. Cross fingers and waiting for the funs. Happy foop April to everyone.

      8. They do look compatible physically, however it won’t work in the long run. TY loves money and if KM start to love money as much as she does we can all figure out what’s going to happen, hehe.

        Albert Yeung is a better match for TY i.e. a perfect supply-demand relationship where everything is about money and both are fully aware of it as well, LOL.

      9. Albert Yeung: Compare my EEG girls to her? You are kidding!

      10. TY: Why Albert? Why! Although we are from two different worlds, love is not about calculation you can’t calculate love!

      11. Albert: Sorry, you are still under my standard. Maybe you should call Ricky Wong, you’ve had his number. Although he is poorer than me, I guess it’s still better than your standard. Goodbye.

      12. TY: I will show you my love for you and that im low-maintenance unlike your other gfs. To let you understand me better im going to write you daily letters with regards to my daily happenings.

        You can choose not to read it, but I will keep writing la!

      13. Albert: It’s kind of spamming :P. You and Ricky match in heaven as he also likes to spam.

    2. Ahhh …. Kenneth seems to have a crush on someone all the time, …. Sharon Chan, Selena Li, now Tavia Yeung. Don’t get me wrong: I think Kenneth is a great guy but his crushes seem to match his puppy eyes really great. And, he seems to have chemistry with almost every female actress playing opposite him. Maybe, the crushes help build the chemistry.

      1. I believe that he wanted to do it so as to improve his love chemistry with his female partner in the drama series.

      2. Kenneth is such a flirt hehe…..what he says sometimes can easily make a girl go red.

      3. MM: you don’t know tat I like to go to porn sites, do you?

      4. MM:that’s because I want to learn more about the Japanese culture lar, hehe

      5. MM: Nope, I go to US porn site, means I want to know more about US culture ah~. :P.

      6. Nancy: We broke up not bc of my princess disease, but bc of his porn addiction. He would watch non-stop for 36 hours! LOL

      7. Selina: Sorry MM but I can’t buy your love habit with porn. We are ppl in two world.

      8. I am rather surprised at Kenneth’s honesty “I like to go to porn sites”. Not good for his image and to let his female fans know that he is that kind of a guy.

    3. @clikclickl : hey!! where did you see the dinner clips…can give me the links…I really like Kenneth Ma with Tavia Yeung…

    1. @nooooooooon : thank you for the link…I will go and watch it 🙂

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