Tavia Yeung on Lai Lok Yi: “We Are Very, Very Good Friends!”

At a promotional event yesterday, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) was teased by reporters that she did not appear as sexy as Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦). Tavia said with a smile, “Normally, I am not sexy.” (Was Tavia’s promotional appearance fee very good?) “Inviting TVB artists, it is necessary to pay money. However, TVB does not ask for a very high price. It is a reasonable price. Since today is celebrating Tack Fat International Ltd.’s resumption of their license, we must respect the occasion.”  Tavia noted that it was unnecessary to appear sexily at every occasion, as long as she was elegantly dressed.

On Rumored Boyfriend, Lai Lok Yi

Declaring that she learned how to prepare Chinese dishes, Tavia was asked whether she cooked meals for rumored boyfriend, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿). Tavia replied, “He prefers to eat my mother’s dishes instead.” (Was Lai Lok Li following the “mother-in-law” policy?) “No, we are just eating together as friends.” (He is allowed inside the house?) “We are very, very good friends.” Asked about her mother’s impression of Lai Lok Yi, Tavia said, “She thinks that he is a very good boy!”

Other TVB artists that appeared at the Tack Fat International Ltd’s celebratory event were Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chen, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Selena Li (李詩韻), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌). Perhaps the vendor paid high fees for the appearance of the artists; many of the female artists dressed up for the event. Shirley stole the limelight in a tube dress that revealed her curvaceous figure, while Sharon dressed sexily as well.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Nice to see everyone gathered for this event. I wonder whether the paparazzi will be able to get additional photos of Tavia and Lai Lok Yi dating?

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  1. At least Lai Lok Yi is at good terms with Tavia’s mother, unlike Gregory’s situation with Shirley’s mother. Because I kind of see a little of Shirley and Gregory’s situation in Tavia and Lai Lok Yi where the female makes more money than the boyfriend. Where the boyfriend is also facing pressure from the girlfriend’s parents and the media.

    If Tavia and Lai Lok Yi are dating, I hope the best for them. At least I think Lai Lok Yi is better off than Gregory since he has a better chance of getting promoted by TVB than Gregory.

  2. Although everyone dressed plainly, Sharon stands out the most in her mini low-cut dress, thus, showing off her long slender legs.

    Short hair doesn’t suit Shirley and her new haircut is horrendous. Don’t like the colors for her dress either.

    Selena looks more mature with short hair, but she still looks best in long wavy curls. Pink is a color that matches her sweet personality.

    I can’t recall or see Tavia being sexy or going the sexy route, but I must admit she has nice fashion choices during the awards ceremony each year. Definitely one of my favorites. She is looking very plain in this photo with a short black dress. Doesn’t quite match her short hair with makes her look mature.

    Kate still looks best in low-cut dresses. 🙂

  3. Shirley Yeung cut her hair short?
    And that is a terrible photo of Sharon Chan cutting food.

    1. According to a source I read, it said she cut her hair short to have a new start anew from the break up with Gregory. 🙂

    2. hahhaha cutting hair is like the new “chapter of my life” kinda thing. CHOP CHOP CHOP!

  4. why would the girls dress low-cut when they have to bend down to cook food? poor shirley and sharon… they look so uncomfortable!

    1. Lara,
      “why would the girls dress low-cut when they have to bend down to cook food? poor shirley and sharon… they look so uncomfortable!”

      Dressing in this way would ensure extra media attention. I’m sure the artists were informed that there would be game segment at the event.

      Kenny Wong seems to be staring right at Shirley’s cleavage in one of the photos….

      1. Vivien,
        Right now, I think Koni Lui is top cleavage queen at TVB. 🙂

      2. I don’t blame kenny for staring b/c I can’t stop looking at Shirley’s chest either! Yowza!
        I bet Kate is so mad she didn’t wear low cut style too. “Beauty of the game” anyone?

        When tavia says “inviting TVB artists, it is necessary to pay money…”, it makes me think of Stephen Chan’s case. Is she implying something?

        and I think the sponsor paid more than “a reasonable price” for the event. Everyone is so dressed up to do a food cooking demonstration.

  5. sharon’s head is too big for her body. she’s tall but too skinny

  6. I don’t remember Shirley having chess like that. Did she have a boob job?

    1. Nina,
      Shirley was always curvaeous; you can check out her low-cut attire from previous TVB Anniversary Award celebrations and you will see that she always possessed good shape.

      Perhaps the angle of the photo and the superior boosting power of her bra helped make her appear even bustier. A good push-up bra can do miracles.

    2. Wow, I also didn’t know Shirley has a nice figure. Other than her latest break up news, I haven’t seen pics of her for a long time.

  7. is it just me or sharon chan face look a bit plum now?. I watch taiwan variety show, apparently it is not secret for the star to admit that they inject botox or something call “Bo niao Shuan” not sure what is that, but make face look plum and fresh. They are not even late 30’s, they were on their twenties.

    1. I heard that after shirley won the pageant, she took breast enhancement pills

  8. I don’t think she did implants because I’ve always noticed her big boobs since she first won the pageant.

    1. Agree with you, Shirley always has good boobs even before she was crowned ms hk.

      Sharon is pretty but too skinny, Tavia’s fashion sense sucks bad and is that Kate? why so less pic of her?? Kate is another sexy actress with good body shape.

    1. That’s why Gregory shouldnt had complained too much since he already enjoyed “them” for years? LOL

      1. I don’t remember him complaining…
        “They” must have been worth it.

  9. When a man & woman can be good friends it mean there’s hope that their relationship can be escalated to couple.
    Good luck to them.

  10. holy Shirley. I always thought she was flat because she skinny. But damn, she pretty busy!!!!

  11. Shirley looks really good with that new look.

    Selina looks really good.

    Tavia looks good, need to wear other colors besides black.

    Sharon has a big head.

    Kate is distracting.

    1. TVB current fadans sucks. Maybe only Fala is pretty but her acting is still so so. Linda is cute too but I hope she don’t depend only on crying skills and so so in other areas.

  12. good friend? really hope that she and chris lai is no a couple, chris look weird. tavia deserve better.

    1. They suit each other. Chris is a boring actor who has only one expression and zero charisma. Tavia currently is also getting more boring in her acting and her appearance i mean pinnochio nose is distracting.

      1. Just because you think they’re both boring doesn’t mean they suit each other.

  13. tavia is cheerful person…chris arrgg damn boring.. even his acting also no good at all. still think them are meant to be brother n sister.

    1. It’s not like Tavia’s acting is that much better now. If 3 years ago I agree she’s better but now her acting is also getting boring and lerdown.

  14. is bcoz tvb giving such an boring character to her . whatever..if it is true she have affair with chris lai, they are really a boring couple. tavia should be be more smart to choose a right man for for self! and chris lai…not worth..pls..

    1. Tavia’s acting is boring herself and not just the characters. Now she’s all about the nose. She’s just like Steven Ma who use same acting for many different series.

    2. TVB should give Tavia better roles, instead of all those professional ones (Ex. police, lawyer, doctor, teacher)

  15. What I’m certain about Tavia is she’s not a smart lady. Her interview answers always make her look like an airhead.

    I also don’t find her smart in Truth although her hair and dressings help her to look like a professional worker.

    1. It’s also apparent that Tavia now likes to dress sexily to attract attention at events when she wasn’t like this at all before. When she had better acting she appears more decent and prettier with a more natural nose.

      I’ve heard that Tavia also picks on which fans and reporters that she want to entertain.

  16. i guess tavia now is a boring person coz she have a very, very good friend so call chris lai is damn boring person too. or tavia relations with him is nothing romantic and intresting at all…that might influence her life too !! tavia..pls wake up!

    1. Many are saying that Tavia’s boring in her acting. She used to act with her carefree heart when she was younger but now she’s just a glamorous woman with a giant nose.

  17. now seems like not only the nose matter, even her fans is getting less coz the rumours between her and chris lai. ppl were talking bout how she choose a boyfriend, the boy really dont suits her..maybe at time she will realize. fung sui mak ling ling even mention that they actually meant to be only brother n sister relation, if as couple there will be alot of problem came across them.

    1. Her fans are getting less because her acting and looks are getting worse. Myolie, Linda are improving their acting but Tavia’s acting is stagnant or dwindling.

    2. really? I’ve seen members in Tavia’s international fanclub and various forums saying they don’t mind Tavia and Chris dating. And I never heard of anyone ‘leaving her fan club because of her rumors with Chris Lai’. She’s just friendly with guys…. and who really cares who she dates?

      It’s just rumors. There’s plenty of FungYi, PangYi, TaRo fans out there you know. The ‘PangYi’ groups are actually increasing after their colloboration in TOT and their interaction on Weibo and Interviews.

      1. Lol, didn’t most of FungYi and TaRo fans “died” after PSS and Viann Zhang appeared :P? Very obvious that TY isn’t both of 2R’s type. Hehe.

      2. @lara

        Totally agree with what you said! Tavia’s fans are not decreasing. @lol – Where have you even heard about that?

        And really, who cares about who artistes actually date? They are just like regular people, so why should they need the approval of people they don’t even know to give them opinions?

  18. dun care! tavia suck if she really choose chris as a couple..when u read her forum the fan seldom mention her case with chris..they always mention pangyi, taro also fungyi…that already show they doesnt not like the couple chris and tavia..its shows!

    1. Saying that someone sucks because of who they date isn’t exactly a reason. I don’t think you even know Chris in person, so you really shouldn’t be so judging like that.

  19. its suck if really need to support a boyfriend, is just like shirley case. i dont like chris too, but see how things works..maybe they r really an item..but really hope their are not.

    1. @ethan,

      I think Chris is slightly different compare to Gregory, chris has more dialogues than Gregory always in the series LOL

      1. agree but chris always “small potato” and most important is his acting skill were not there…even in the other truth forum ppl were complaining that chris acting in series is boring & wasting time and even though tvb try to promote him but seems like he lacking alot.

  20. well…i dont like chris either. but as far as a concern they r both like brother n sister..but i was notice something..when there is true rumour happen ppl also deny it, when its false..they also say they did not mind. actually look at tavia recent interview, she looks like airhead.. maybe too stress or…

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