Tax Evasion Scandal Interrupted Fan Bingbing’s September Wedding Plans

Chinese actor Li Chen (李晨) professed earlier this year that he would complete his life’s biggest mission at the end of the year, which was to marry his fiancé Fan Bingbing (范冰冰). Unfortunately, wedding plans are now postponed indefinitely due to Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal.

According to Chinese reports, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing had planned on tying the knot on September 15th in a romantic castle located in England. Li Chen was expecting to spend more than 45 million yuan on the wedding, and had booked venues and caterers a year in advance. Flower bouquets from the Netherlands and England were already ordered, including wine from France and chocolate from Italy. The wedding was meant to coincide with Fan Bingbing’s 37th birthday on September 16t, 2018.

According to a source close to Fan Bingbing, the actress had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. She was looking forward to spend the rest of her days with Li Chen, and was excited to start a new page in her life. It was also said that Fan Bingbing was planning to slowly phase out of acting so she could focus more on her family.


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    1. @gunit101 Celebrities don’t deserve all their fame and wealth. They’re making way to much money than they deserve. The society must be truly crazy to pay these celebrities such a huge salary. We should stop worshipping them and lining their pockets with millions for nothing. Don’t the people who work their butts off everyday just to get a meal at the end of the day deserve money too? Why should a person who works in the entertainment industry get paid 10 times more than any other profession? Although Celebrities/entertainers do entertain us, but they don’t contribute much to the overall productivity of a society. Therefore, they don’t deserve to be paid millions upon millions of dollars every year.

      People such as doctors, nurse, physician, heart surgeons, teachers, firefighters, who save the lives of other, help people and contribute to the society. They should be the one who deserves the big bucks instead of celebrities. They worked just as hard as them, but they do not earn anywhere near as a celebrity who earns millions upon millions just for acting or singing. Celebrities don’t risk their lives to save people instead they are gaining fame and fortune. There are many people around the world who are starving, working their @ss off everyday just to make a decent living, struggling to pay bills and do not have enough money to support their families yet, billions of dollars are being wasted on celebrities who not only have enough money they do not need, but there not using it to help people instead they are spending it on mansions, multiple luxury cars, yachts, designer clothes and branded watches which they don’t need.

      1. @killers1 Let me start off by saying that i totally agree with everything you said. But my perspective on it is that:

        No other important and very deserving profession/s can impact the masses globally as actors/singers or entertainers.

        For example, a top Surgeon can operate on hundreds to thousands of patients per year. Therefore he deserves a high salary as he has saved thousands of lives.

        However, an actor who has played a standout role can bring enjoyment to millions of people from different countries. They can also highlight issues ie: medical, social, political etc to the masses.

        For example, one movie that really made an impact on me was A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe. That movie was about a famous person suffering Schizophrenia. Russell Crowe portrayed the role so well that i finally understood why their delusions and hallucinations were so real for them.

        Furthermore, location shoots can impact the tourism of a country. This has serious financial repercussions.

        Let’s not forget endorsements and marketing benefits.

        Investors, producers and others cough up millions into making a movie. The actors and actresses are then responsible for selling that to the global public. Therefore, if they can do well they in return command millions as the demand by the public is high.

        Again, i dont agree. However, i dont feel it is fair to question why should actors get paid so much compared to Doctors who actually save lives. Their impact is far more reaching and now it’s to the global masses.

      2. @killers1 so you’re saying if you were a celebrity you would use your money to help the poor and the needy lmao. Give me break. You’re one to talk, criticizing her when you would do the same exact thing if u were in her place.

      3. @gunit101 @dramafan Every day people are not earning enough money and are suffering because they cannot support their family. Instead of money being spread around fairly to help the poor extremely high amounts of money are being given to celebrities to spend on expensive useless crap, like mansions, luxury cars, yachts, designer clothes and brand name watches which they don’t need. Thus, celebrities are earning way too much, more than they can handle!

        Celebrities are way too greedy, shallow and materialistic. Honestly the amount of money that they earn, is already more than enough to settle for life and feed 10 families and it still wasn’t enough for them. They still felt the need to evade tax? Most of these celebrities had already reached the millionaire or the billionaire status. Seriously how much more money is consider enough for them? Despite being multi millionaires, they are still not satisfied and continually strive for more wealth, status and fame. It really makes me wonder how much money do celebrities spend on a daily basic? If a ordinary citizen had a million dollars, they would’ve retired already and settle for life. I guess the biggest reason why celebrities never have enough money are due to their lavish lifestyle. It’s because they’re materialistic, and they’re putting the added pressure on themselves to consume fancy cars, mansions, and a variety of luxury material possessions that they actually don’t need. For these people, it isn’t enough to have $1 million; they want $4 million, and those individuals with $4 million want $10 million and so forth. They have so much, yet it’s not enough because lifestyles expectations increase as their net worths soar.

      4. @killers1

        I work in finance and in my line I job I’ve met many people from housewife, shop owner, struggling employee to old money billionaire etc. None of them will retire and settle for life once they have millions. If that happen, we won’t have Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet or Jack Ma anyway.

        Are humans ever satisfied with what they have? I think the answer majority of people is no. It’s human nature. However we can use it positive way or negative way. In negative way, like you mention is those celeb/instagram show off who waste money for things they never need.

        In positive way, every discovery has been driven by human desire for more. More knowledge, more resources, a better life.

      5. @gunit101 In the first ever list of 100 celebrities ranked in social responsibility by Beijing Normal University and China Academy of Social Sciences released 6 Sep 2018, FBB is ranked last with a score of 0. Some netizens said if the report was released later, she would have scored a negative.
        By contrast, the boy band TFBOYS trio ranked 2nd, 3rd and 5th. The captain, Wang JunKai at his 18th birthday, set up a fund to build libraries for remote schools and contributed 1.4 million RMB for 2 ambulances to serve remote provinces. On his 19th birthday last month, he has built 10 libraries.
        FBB, at 37 years old and with many years to build more wealth , has assets estimated 7 billion RMB and was caught, trying to evade taxes of 40 million RMB. So, it should be mere mortals like us normal salaried people, who should pay taxes to fund government hospitals, social welfare for the elderly, poor and disabled, roads, etc. while empathizing with goddess FBB and wishing her a speedy return to the entertainment world.
        No wonder the Chinese government is advocating positive energy idols with FBB fans like you.

      6. @dinar goddess wow maybe you watch too many fantasy drama. No a fan never was it just pisses me off when people like you are angry not not because of tax evasion but just cuz she’s a celebrity. You mentioned the common folks or that band boy but in reality I couldn’t care less. Just stop it you mad cuz she’s rich and famous every one know who she is and still talk about her for years to come but you, me and the common folks once we gone besides our family no one will notice. What she did was wrong and she should pay for it but as of now all of you saying she should be this that here there re only saying because and I emphasized on it you’re jealous more than the the guy (Cui ) who snitched on her. Just my opinion

      7. @gunit101 @msxie0714 @dinar Celebrities are paid TOO MUCH. Period. Entertainment is not a necessity like a heart transplant or escaping from a burning building or having a criminal arrested. Without celebrities our world might be boring, (for some people, I have never watched their movies or listened to their songs) but we would survive. But lets say you needed to be taken to a hospital immediately. Without the paramedics, God knows what will happen. Okay, so some people say they are stressed due to standing in bright lights in front of a camera with makeup rivaling the size of the Atlantic Ocean .

        Well, guess what. Not only are they paid millions per song or something to buy off a mansion, eight brand new custom made, custom color sports cars, and fancy things for their stuff before saying their poor, but their little stress is NOTHING compared to knowing that an innocent person’s life is in your hands and YOU are the only one that can help. Imagine saving lives and helping other people’s lives every day and barely being paid enough to support your self. Then you know that Celebrities, singers and athletes are being paid way too much money like spoiled children and less than half of them use for a good cause, knowing the homeless, starving people out there. They are a bad influence to the nations children! I lost count of celebrities dying from overdosing on their drugs or something. Anyone else wonder why the economy is so bad?

      8. @gunit101 The survey has 3 criteria, professional work, charitable work and integrity. Louis Koo who has recently opened his 100th school in rural Mainland is only ranked 60+. Another famous do gooder, Han Hong, is ranked 40+
        No need to resort to calling names just because we have different views about some activities of entertainers, at different point in time. So far, I have only replied to your comments about FBB. I noticed you made 17 posts about Yang Mi’s unphotoshopped pics.
        Jealous of FBB? Why? She is in a totally different stratosphere in all matters. I retired in my late 30s, travelled around the world in style and not, and am now contented. Don’t need to be envious of anyone. Each is responsible for his/her achievements.
        Take comfort, this is the last post to you ever.

      9. @dinar way too much info let’s keep it about that sl… dum-mi and FBB and less about your traveling exploits. Ohhh right ur last post. Kk

      10. @dinar one last thing I dislike any woman or man who doesn’t take care of their child and leave to the other parent to do so using work as a cover to ignore their responsibilities. That dim witted yang fits that criteria.

      11. @jimmyszeto lol you make it sound like I’m a hater. You don’t find it maddening that she she barely spend time with her family, takes on project after another, flirt on live tv with other men, but yet her husband get hate on for being at home taking care of their child???

      12. @gunit101
        Yang Mi is perceived as someone who leaves her child in responsibility of others while she continues with her career as if she never started a family and it could be true. However, we do not know the exact details nor the family situation. I don’t think the husband is getting much hate. He is also filming but probably a bit less than Yang Mi..

      13. @killers1
        like it or not, celebrities like FBB are instruments for soft power. International fans started paying attention to Chinese actresses after Fan’s exposure on Red Carpet Fashion Awards. Fan has also been active in charity work for Tibetan children. Her 0 social responsibility rating should be raised to at least a 3.

  1. Forced redistribution of wealth can only happen in a communist regime.

    If government is concerned that celebs are earning too much, then introduce a high tax on the rich not only celebs.

    If doctors and surgeons are not happy that they earn less than celebs, join the entertainment and become celebs themselves.

    1. @mangotango

      In the US there is wide displeasure about CEOS earning undeserved hundred million dollar salaries plus bonuses even if the product fails. Maybe unhappy citizens should become CEOs themselves?

      1. @msxie0714 Those who are unhappy and think.they can do a better job can send their cvs to the shareholders/board. Ultimately, the lack of judgement is the responsibility of those who select the CEOs.

        In the case of celebs, if production companies stop paying the actors high salaries, then the actors will earn less. Take it or leave it.

    2. @mangotango In my country, being a doctor or surgeon means that you have high lucrative jobs. Being doctor isn’t seen as a mean to help people anymore, for most doctor is just a profession to earn money. A famous obstetrician can even buy Ferrari from his earnings.
      Of course, there are still doctors who help people in need but they are minority now.

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