“The Confidant” Ending Leaves Questions Unanswered

As reported earlier, two endings of The Confidant <大太監> were filmed to commend the drama’s successful viewership performance. The official two-hour finale was aired on TVB’s Jade and HD Jade channels on December 16 at 10:15 PM. The alternate ending was released on TVB’s online video channel, myTV, at midnight, Hong Kong time.

In the epic finale of The Confidant, Li Lianying (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) will help Empress Dowager Cixi (Michelle Yim 米雪) to defeat her enemies and regain power in court.

Out of the five leading eunuch characters, only two – Pang Sang Shun (Power Chan 陳國邦) and Li Lianying – remain to serve by Cixi’s side. Ling Tim Sau (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠), already at a point of no return, went at all odds to have his enemies defeated. Yiu Sheung Hei (Raymond Wong 黃浩然), devastated by the death of Princess Heshe (Aimee Chan  陳茵媺), will go for another attempt to assassinate Empress Dowager Ci’an (Maggie Shiu 邵美琪). Will Ci’an survive the assassination?

After the death of Emperor Tongzhi (Oscar Leung 梁烈唯), Empress Jiashun (Natalie Tong 唐詩詠), pregnant with Tongzhi’s only child, suffers an accidental miscarriage. Ci’an uses this opportunity to frame Cixi for murdering the child and weaken her power. With the help of Lianying, how did Cixi defeat Ci’an and Jiashun?

The audience would be faced with a dilemma – how exactly would Lianying achieve his goals? Would he continue to act as the loyal servant of Cixi or would he try to gain the trust of Ci’an and Jiashun?

In the final minutes of the drama, Cixi asks Lianying, “Was I right or wrong?” Lianying responds quietly, “Whether at merit or at fault, the answer will come in a hundred years.”

No need to wait another hundred years, for a sequel is sure to come soon.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Alt ending for Sin Yung?


    How can she ever survive that violent attack? I prefer original ending.

    “how exactly would Lianying achieve his goals? Would he continue to act as the loyal servant of Cixi or would he try to gain the trust of Ci’an and Jiashun?”

    Anyone who has watched 32 episodes of this TV version of Linying will be able to answer the questions for episode 33, not that there would be any.

    And no need for sequels. All questions answered except for logical ones. Anyway no one dies except for poor poor Sin Yung. In the end neither Linying nor Cixi ever got their hands dirty.

    1. Except for tong zhi which is to me character wise is on point, the rest were like confusing. Cixi until the end was still bland. I see her more like an observer than a player. Prince Gong remained righteous although cutting a deal behind the empress and Cian shows they are as despicable anyway. I don’t see any power play. In fact Cixi could have house arrested the empress and Cian. Dilemma solved. I mean she did house arrested Guangxu and she did takeover Tongzhi’s position as in making decisions so she can’t do the same to a dying Cian and a powerless empress?

      By the way kudos to Edwin Siu for eating that chicken! Ewwww but kudos!

      1. “In the final minutes of the drama, Cixi asks Lianying, “Was I right or wrong?” Lianying responds quietly, “Whether at merit or at fault, the answer will come in a hundred years.”

        That scene was more lighthearted rather than reflective. Basically each said what critics would say in a hundred years as they say it when they both say they know the truth better than anyone.

        And the person sitting next to me said “Total BS”.

        I am past the screwing up history stage but I am quite disappointed at how small scale the dilemma was and how illogical.

  2. I got so annoyed with Raymond Wong, when he can’t let go Aimee. He became evil cuz she’s dead. She don’t even like him anymore.

    Nancy didn’t need to die. I hope she come back.

    1. She’s dead. Funeral was discussed. She got stabbed like dozens of time I suppose to her chest in a frenzied attack. I don’t see how she can ever survive, at all. I would have love to see Tim Sau dying the same way but in a way having him live his life like a rabid dog is better.

    2. There must be a reason for nancy’s death and the reason is to make Wayne to realize that to do something, he must not leave any forgiveness or else, it he won’t succeed.

      1. No reason for her death. Because he met the monk later and back to square one.

      2. In other words he succeeded without sacrificing his integrity and principle. So the death was pointless.

      3. if that’s the case..then poor nancy, her death was def a pointless one..

  3. I support a sequel just because I want to see Wayne play an old Li Lianying. Watching the sales presentation several years ago seeing him play an old eunuch leaves this series unsatisfying to me.

    1. What is the point of watching Li Lianying if he was not a real Li Lianying to me? Another sequel ….. no thanks.

    2. Hell ya, can’t wait. The second ending is better.

      Nancy can play a look alike Lianying’s wife for the next sequel.

  4. Somehow I couldn’t be bothered with the finale of this series. Missed the episodes yesterday by purpose.

  5. I like it, and for a mere second I thought why not…it’s possible. So good job. The entire cast did great. Oscar’s last scene was great…I bought it and some. Edwin’s last scene was amazing…he didn’t hold back and really went for it. Natalie Tong was great…specially in the last episode. Nothing to say about Wayne other then they should just hand him the award. Overall, they all did great!

    1. I couldn’t be bothered. The storyline of the whole series was quite dull and boring. It was nothing except the interactions between the five eunuchs. There was no climax, and it did not give me the drive to go for the next episode. On the whole, the acting was good.

      1. yea I agree. The first few episodes were great but later on, I couldn’t help but to fall asleep every night watching this drama lol. The actors are great but the production is just average.

      2. The production was below average, and not good to be an anniversary production.

        Terrible storyline and character descriptions …… so fake and totally upside down!

      3. The production was above average, uses the hengdian forbidden city very well. Populated with top notch performances. It is the script that sucks.

    1. None of the above. I will vote “When Heaven Burns” for Best Drama Series.

    2. Considering I’ve been following TC and not SSSS (I tried to), I prefer TC.

  6. Can someone pls tell me who’s son has became the new king? The one Li LianYing carried into the Palace….I’m confused.

    1. A simple googling will reveal the name.

      Prince Chun, the guy who stands next to Prince Gong, actor is Au Shui Wai (Guan Gong in 3 kingdoms RPG)

      1. The question was the father of the boy emperor and answer is Prince Chun.

    2. The Tongzhi Emperor died in January 1875. Some sources claim that Lady Alute was pregnant at that time.[4] Tongzhi had not chosen a successor before his death, so it was up to Empress Dowager Cixi to choose the new emperor. Cixi chose her three year old nephew Zaitian, who succeeded Tongzhi as the Guangxu Emperor.

  7. My mother watching ssss…out of nowhere she says “that guy (KM) has no lips” lol

  8. Still waiting for the final episodes to come out with English subtitles. 🙁

  9. This finale had no grand finale feeling for me. Altogether, great cast in a rather average series with loopholes showing in most episodes.

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