“The Confidant” May Get a Sequel


TVB’s popular historical television drama, The Confidant <大太監>, may spawn a sequel, according to the drama’s producer, Marco Law (羅永賢).

In a recent interview, Producer Law expressed that The Confidant’s viewership ratings in Hong Kong and overseas are more than enough to convince TVB to green-light a sequel, and TVB scriptwriters are currently brainstorming ideas for the sequel.

Producer Law said, “The Confidant is a biography of Li Lianying’s early life in the palace, so the drama will end with Emperor Tongzhi’s death. Li Lianying and Empress Dowager Cixi will only be in their 40s, so there is still plenty of room left for a sequel. Furthermore, Li Lianying undergoes a dramatic personality change later in his life, and I am looking forward to exploring that development in the sequel.”

The producer hopes that the original cast will be able to return for the planned sequel. “TVB’s filming schedules for their 2013 dramas are almost all booked,” explained Producer Law. “If we were to make the sequel, the earliest time to begin filming will be early 2014. I am also currently preparing for another drama, so I don’t have time to prepare for the sequel at the moment.”

Producer Law added humorously, “I really want the original cast to return. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) will die, but I will find a way to resurrect them!”

The cast of The Confidant are thrilled to hear that a sequel is being planned, and exclaimed that they will reserve room in their schedules to film the sequel.

Oscar, who portrays Emperor Tongzhi, also suggested to Producer Law to cast him as Emperor Guangxu, Tongzhi’s famous successor.

Source: ihktv.com

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    1. She doesn’t die until into the Guangxu era so she could still be there for half of the sequel. Unfortunately…

      1. No worries! Probably she gets to marry Seung Hei at the end and go away.

  1. That’s so stupid. No offence, the script writing is not very convincing for a sequel.

  2. More sequels… TVB has no new ideas.
    But for The Confidant, it would actually make sense because this series only talk about Li Lianying & Cixi’s early years. I’d like it to watch on.

  3. “Oscar, who portrays Emperor Tongzhi, also suggested to Producer Law to cast him as Emperor Guangxu, Tongzhi’s famous successor.”

    No no different actor pls.

    1. And I suppose to continue to portray Cixi in a positive light, Guangxu would have done something bad to merit being under house arrest for years.

      1. Perhaps TVB will redeem themselves and show how Cixi becomes evil in later years…

        Ahh, actually, who am I kidding?

      2. Evil? Cixi was in no way evil, in fact, no one really much about her personal life at all. This Cixi portrayal is more or less done with the same accuracy as any other media production except this one shows it from her perspective and her own justifications which so far seems pretty logical. She’s firm, calm, intelligent and has her flaws just like any normal human. This one is way more refreshing to watch imo

        If you go read “The Dragon Lady”, alot of the so-called “facts” which were written by Sir Edmund Backhouse is largely refuted because he himself was a fraud and sadly his work was used as the main source of life about Cixi and that helped justify Western Imperial ambitions. This was written in 1910 during the end of the Victorian era and I’m sure you probably know at least a little bit about Western Impeialism.

        So no, I don’t think there needs to be any redeeming if there’s a sequel. However, I do think that she should be more commanding / willing to exercise her powers (which seems to be coming near the final episodes). If they want to put a more sinister twist to her personality, that won’t be bad too for entertainment value but it should be a struggle within herself and not a sudden personality change because the world is more grey then black/white. It would add depth to her.

        Only thing I don’t want in a sequel is the princess and Seung Hei. Seung Hei needs to go, his character is awful for the series although it did serve a purpose for 20-24 before it all wrapped up in 25 leading to Ang De Hai’s eventual fall.

  4. If they do make a sequel, I would like to watch it. Loving TC so far. 🙂

  5. I have seem to be hating every sequel that they have done after a really good drama.
    For example ghetto justice 1 was really good but 2 was just average.

  6. Average is just too kind. GJ2 was crap. It started falling apart after the first two cases. And for LA to get away with killing someone in anger (it’s not even manslaughter) and Sifu for obstruction of justice – that’s just ridiculous. And just some drilling to ONE beam caused an entire building to collapse. Scriptwriters, please don’t take the audience as idiots!!

  7. Nancy will die? I thought the audience will vote for her ending!

  8. sequal..sequal…sequel..seriously was it 2013 not enough as sequel year and start they plan another sequel year for 2014 ? Why there is the need to do sequel if the series get good rating.

  9. Sequel? please! I am bore of this already >_< Not even following…

  10. I would be open to a sequel. There will definitely be enough material for a sequel. I think the producer probably planned on a sequel from the start and that’s the reason why he just focused on the characters early life. If a sequel happens l, we might be able to see a more villainous portrayal of Cixi and Li Lianying that most of us are familiar with.

  11. I’m fine with a sequel but the same people? RESURRECTING? No thanks!

  12. I don’t know why there are so many sequels in TVB drama series. Very often a sequel cannot surpass the original. Perhaps TVB scriptwriters are running out of ideas in creating new storyline.

    The storyline of “The Confidant” was not fascinating in the first place. How will the storyline of the sequel be more interesting? They are all fake stories.

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