“The Hippocratic Crush” Ending Spoilers Revealed!

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Hong Kong TVB medical drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, experienced wide popularity during its broadcast, boosting the exposure levels of its cast members, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Him Law (羅仲謙), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯). Aside from its medical content, audiences were duly concerned about the romantic fates of the central characters, particularly how Kenneth and Tavia’s relationship unfolded. According to Apple Daily, ending spoilers for The Hippocratic Crush revealed that the characters all found true love.


Sisters, Tavia Yeung and Mandy Wong, were both in love with brilliant neurosurgeon, Kenneth Ma. In the latest broadcast of episode 19 of The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth’s feelings grew increasing stronger towards Tavia, hoping to confess his love towards her. Complicating Tavia’s feelings were the discovery that she had developed a spinal chord tumor and her awareness that Mandy also loved Kenneth. In later episodes, Mandy resorted to underhand tactics, forcing Tavia to withdraw from the love triangle.

When Kenneth’s younger brother died, his character experienced shock and grief, making him unable to come to terms to the sudden death and loss of his brother. Despite combating a grave illness, Tavia lended her support to Kenneth, helping him to find courage in life and continue pursuing his dreams to be a compassionate doctor. The loss of his brother prompted Kenneth to cherish the people around him more, including the realization that Tavia was his true love. The lovers are finally brought together, but what will be the outcome of Tavia’s spinal chord tumor? Will Kenneth be able to apply his medical expertise to save his true love?

After Kenneth rejected Mandy Wong’s love, she eventulally found a happy ending with Orthopedics specialist trainee, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪). In love with Tavia’s character earlier, Him Law found happiness with Candy Cheung (張慧雯). The central character of The Hippocratic Crush will all find their true love when the finale episode is broadcast on Friday, March 16, 2012 in Hong Kong!

Jayne: I predict that Tavia’s medical situation will be resolved. If this series rakes in a ratings bonanza in the finale, there may be a chance that a sequel will be filmed. Medical dramas seem to do well in television ratings in Hong Kong.

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  1. Well, obviously it’s going to be a happy ending.

  2. the ending is so sweet, love Tavia ended up with Kenneth rather than Mandy.

  3. Lets hope it will be, knowing TVB it probably wont be!! They’ve messed up sooo many endings over the years!! TVB series ant as good as they used to be.

  4. I rather Tavia than Mandy…. she’s too selfish, childish and manipulative!

    Well better to have a happy ending. And its just that lately, many series had unhappy endings where the main characters die….so a happy ending would be good.

    Last night’s episode was good. Quite a tearful.

    1. Agreed last night made me bawling like hell.Agreed abiut Mandy too I hate Mandy in this.

      1. @Vivien

        I cried at the last scene when Kenneth’s bro stood up. Damn, I felt soo happy for him! I’m gonna bawl my eyes out when he dies!!! :'(
        The scene with Tavia and her maid was also really touching !

    2. yeah last night episode was great. If i’m Kenneth, I’ll also fall for TY just because she’s thoughtful and nice. And I’ll probably scold Mandy for good if i found out she kept all those letters sent by TY. Lol.

      1. Not just thoughtful and nice but she made an effort. Mandy is all talk.

      2. but Mandy didn’t know of Kenneth’s bro depression & ranting etc and I believe if Kenneth told her too, she’ll also make all these efforts like TY since Mandy is so crazy of Kenneth lol.

        I guess TY has better personality and nicer one too that Kenneth wants in a gf’s specifications lol.

      3. But doesn’t it show she never understood kenneth? But Tavia does, by just a shrug of his shoulders she knew he was having a bad day?

      4. yeh like tavia and kenneth went through a lot together:
        operation failures, accidents in public, patient deaths, choosing specialties, going to dinners together, shopping, building models together, kenneth feeling guilty over brother’s accident, standing wheelchair, helping kenneth’s mum with her driving……

        but with mandy, i can’t think of any memorable scenes or things between her and kenneth…..

  5. I hope there will be an happy ending for Tavia and Kenneth’s character. They are so cute with each other.

    Him’s character is also adorable too. I also wish he will have a happy ending.

  6. i know i will bawl like a baby when his brother dies. i adore him. if there’s a sequel, i will be watching because on call has been wonderful to be watching. yeah, there were moments where i was like wtf but at the end, things connected well.

    1. I will.bawl like crazy too! Damn that Kenneth Tavia bawling pic above already look so damn emotional! This series is good at making people bawling over like a baby

    2. just curious, how did kenneth’s bro dies later??

      1. I think it’s like a crash or something, cause I think he has a brain injury. In a trailer, Kenneth is all like “I cure people all day, but when it comes to people I care about, I can’t” Since he’s a neurosurgeon I assme it has to do with the brain.

      2. Thanks for the info, tvb series can be exeggerating sometimes.. A person’s life can have so many bad things happen non-stop.

      3. i read that something fell from the roof and hit him.

  7. So far this series is great, love all the characters except for Mandy and the cheesy effects during the operation precedures.

  8. Not that much of a spoiler. Didn’t we predict Tavia will get tumour? Except not at spine but in brain. And the themesong as everyone says showed clearly the little brother dead.

    So…poor Cheung Yat Kin. How much more tragedy must he suffer?

    By the way I find it very funny when Yu Chai demoted Yat Kin Tau from Dr to Mr in her letters!

  9. My dissatisfaction of Yeung Chung end up with Jing Jing! UGH!

    1. I can’t buy that either, not because Him is handsome or attractive to me.. It’s just that his relationship with Jing Jing doens’t click at all, Jing Jing’s character in THC doesn’t look a bit like a pro doctor, pretty immature. Who would have take pics with some “toys” in the garden of the hospital with nurses and patients walking around looking? Isn’t that a bit of immature and childish? Can’t she do that at home or somewhere quiet? Imagine she’s a doctor yet she does thing like dat in the hospital vicinity.. how would others look at her?

      1. My comment got ate up. D:
        Oh yeah I agree with you not because Him is just simply attractive or good looking Jing Jing doesn’t deserve him.

        The main thing is Jing Jing and Yeung Chung doesn’t have the chemistry at ALL! ARGH! I don’t see anything going on between them. Well it might be too early to judge but I still can’t take it!
        Oh yeah that’s so true she’s so unprofessional. Can she do it in the toilet or at home? Or at least find someone to do it for you. Camwhoring with your doctor attire doesn’t make you glam and people can’t take you seriously. LOL

        I rather Yeung Chung end up alone seriously.


      2. hehe calm down now lol. I’d say almost all the housemen except Him, Mandy and that guy I can’t recalle his name are acting more like a normal housemen and Mandy sometimes acted like an experienced with the tone and way she handled things.. Others are just pure childish..can go back to college and play games etc. just too immature to be called a doctor! lol

      3. I think it’s more the actress, it is her first drama, I mean her previous experience is being a Star Lady on All Star Glam Exam, but her character does have a lot of flaws, for some one who really wants to help people, and be a GREAT doctor, she doesn’t say it a lot, or show it like Mandy and Tavia.

      4. O, P.S i’m talking about Jing Jing, but I guess y’all got that… :/

      5. Yeung Chung had good chemistry with Yu Jai out of all the females. There were many cute scenes of them. although i prefer tavia with kenneth, but Him’s scenes with Tavia as the supportive best friend was great too!!! and i doubt if he goes out with Jing Jing, it won’t be as funny and hilarious as with Tavia….

  10. Just curious thought, while I dislike Mandy’s character in this, isn’t what she is doing with stealing the letters kinda silly? I thought it was against the law to steal another person’s letters and she could go to jail for it. Seems like a pretty stupid thing to do just ’cause she is jealous; the whole manipulative and underhandedness of it aside.

    1. Yes silly but its understandable, when someone fall for a guy and knowing there is another gal also falling for the same guy, she will do “anything” to prevent the gal to steal him or whatsoever. Mandy’s in TBC is meant to be “evil” and against TY lol.

    2. eventhough I dislike Mandy in tbc, i still think she did a good job in making ppl to hate her character lol.

      1. I agree. Infact I wanna see more of her screen time here. Although I hateeee her character so much!

    3. The more we hate Mandy the more we know she’s doing a good job. Her character is so irratable(is that a word?)

      1. It is a word. Right? Um…Gotta study up that English…

    4. The odd thing is that I don’t really care about her ‘evilness’ or anything, it’s her attitude that bugs me so much. Her character just has all the wrong emotions for me. (Spoilers ahead)

      Like in the beginning before she knew the truth, she was so against Fan Zhi Gouk (sp? I mean her real dad)and TY but thing was, none of them did anything to hurt her personally. The reason she was so anti them was because her maternal grandma looked down on her current dad and keep criticizing her mum for marrying this poorer guy. I mean if she really wanted to be angry, she should be angry at her grandma cause she is the one who is talking bad but instead she resents her real dad just because he is richer and more successful. Errr doesn’t make sense much? They can’t help it if the grandma keeps comparing them to her adopted dad and it’s not like they go flaunting their wealth or anything. I dunno, I just find her weird and very much a spoilt brat. And when she found out that TY was her biological sister, she was also so resentful towards her when I would think TY had more right to be resentful towards Mandy. I mean Mandy at least grew up happily in a loving and complete family while although TY had a loving dad and maid/aunt like person, she didn’t get to grow up with her mum by her side unlike Mandy. So I just don’t get what’s her prob.

      1. I guess she (mandy) just make your blood boil watching her in THC lol..

        Apart from the story, she really did good in portraying someone annoying and spoilt you said above.

      2. @ Veejay

        Haha yes she does. I just really don’t like it when people are unreasonable like that (in my POV).

        But I’m not sure if she actually did a good job of acting or was it just her chac’s attitude well written in a way to make us all mad at her.

      3. Because apart from her bratty scenes, her character and acting is actually quite boring and one-sided.

      4. @CY

        OMG IKR. I don’t understand why Mandy’s character was so pissed at TY. She has no reason to be mad her, cuz TY doesn’t know any more than she does!

      5. Result of bad writing. Mandy’s character is so annoying really spoils my mood!

      6. @ sure-lee

        Errm… IKR means I know right? Hehe sorry I’m really bad with short forms..

        Yes Mandy’s chac is really like a spoilt brat. Always wants something just because somebody else wants it too.

  11. Hello Jayne and everyone ,i just watch this drama until episode 3 ,
    question is is Mandy Wong is a main villain in this drama?
    is she a bad girl?
    Is ben wong a bad guy too ?

    1. There’s no specific villain here. 😛
      More like annoying character that get on your nerves! Ben Wong is just jealous of Yat Kin because of his wife. Meanwhile Mandy ugh selfish and mean. Watch if for yourself. 🙂 You’ll enjoy it! 😀

      1. I think with Ben Wong, he has a crazy wife. I mean, who in the right mind would go around telling the husband, the ex-bf understood her the most.
        It is as thought she is purposely making her husband jealous. I just think it is crazy.

      2. Rachel,

        I agree with you on this, being in Ben’s shoes I’d feel insulted because a wife trusted her ex-bf more than me (who’s now his husband). But there are people like that in the world though lol.

      3. Who do think are most annoying? Most of the girls are annoying here.

        I find Mandy, Jing Jing, Jess Shum and even Tavia are all annoying in several levels.

  12. I don’t like Mandy character as well, she is very cocky in here.

  13. LOl just like how everyone predictd, tavia has some medical problem..as for the pairings, i thought it was quite obvious. if you watched the scenes that play out during the opening song, you’d see how everyone couples up

  14. I kinda knew Jing Jing would end up with Him, but now that you see Kenneths brother has a crush on her they (scriptwriters) could have made her fall for him too. It would have been a nice storyline and his death would prob make us bawl even more if we grew to love this couple

    1. I actually feel sad for Kenneth’s bro esp when he cripple in a young age, failed in love, etc and he has to die now?! Poor kenneth, he must feel like the world is so cruel on him (I’m talking about his character in thc lol)

      1. IKR? Why cant they give the poor kid a break from all these tragedy??
        And Kenneth’s brother proves Bad Luck does come in 3 >_<

        hmmz *Googles for 'Kenneths brother' real name* ah… so his called Nathan Ngai… He looks like a Nathan 🙂 lol

      2. The picture of Kenneth bawling over above does show that his world crumbled down after his brother died. I also assume he must be devastated after as a heroic and good doctor who saves many lives, he can’t save his own brother who has already been crippled since young.

      3. lol, on top of the devastation being a doctor and all, Kenneth does say that not only is it his beloved brother and he couldn’t save him as a doctor, he feels more guilty because it was his reckless driving in youth that caused his brother to be disabled and therefore could not escape the bottle falling down, so it’s like an extra knife in the gut.

    2. Yeah, would’ve been better if the girl fell in love with him as well. Poor guy was never given a chance bc of his disability.

      Should’ve pulled a TVB i.e. a miracle happens and the guy can walk again either by surgery or get hit in an accident and voila, hehe

  15. Why do i always do this to ruin the ending for myself =.=;;

  16. I think its because Mandy’s character might still have been a bit jealous of TY’s character, truly, I dont think Mandy actually liked Kenneth, like everyone else said before, there werent really any scenes that had any memorable things between mandy and kenneth ~

    1. Mandy’s pitiful. Her character has no redeeming qualities from beginning to end and keep being annoying.

  17. Will there be a twist such as Tavia will die eventually?

    1. Based on the public’s reaction so far, there may be a chance that a sequel will be filmed for “The Hippocratic Crush” especially if the finale ratings hit the high 30s. So I do not think that Tavia’s character will die. Kenneth already lost a loved one; he found true love in Tavia. I would think that the drama would end on a more positive note, since it is about residents finally achieving their dreams in becoming compassionate doctors.

    2. i hope not!! But there’s too many sad memorable scenes lately where the main character dies so …. you never know!!

  18. I seriously cannot stand Mandy in this not that I like her usually but she is just so BORING to watch ..tsk tsk

    1. yeh mandy doesn’t have any WOW scenes this time. Her character’s kinda boring. It’s the typical annoying overconfident character she always plays. acting is kinda inconsistent too.

  19. I think this drama was good in the beginning; so so at midpoint. I haven’t watched the ending yet, but why are all the doctors in the drama so young – not talking about housemen or residents? Very unrealistic.

    1. I have to agree, towards the end, the drama is a bit of a let down. They tried to create a climax towards the last two episodes and I don’t think it worked that well.

      I just saw the ending and didn’t enjoy it that much.

      *possible spoilers*

      I always thought doctors were not allowed to treat their own family members in surgery. But Kenneth treated his own brother and then Tavia’s dad conducted her surgery…

  20. I have a question, how does this drama end on the 16th when episode 19 has already been broadcast?

  21. I think you guys seem to have high expectation in doctors because you saw them that way. However, you guys have to think they’re just like any other students… They had no life experience, haven’t went through challenges in life where they grow and mature… haven’t had family of their own… They’re just kids who only went to school… I’m a 3rd year medical student and I have to tell you this movie tell you exactly how these those medical students/interns are in real life. We do gather up and gossip, we do stay up all night and party, we do talk like kids, we play games, we get lazy, we don’t know things… we’re overwhelmed… we’re who we are!!!! ONE THING though, we MUST portray ourselves differently in clinic in front of patient… but as our personal lives.. we can choose to live/act whichever way we want….

    1. +1. This series is way more realistic than, say, Healing Hands. That was one big eyeroll.

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