“The Ugly Files”: Actresses’ Bad Skin and Wrinkles Exposed!

Actresses often appeared perfect onscreen and in photos, with beautiful makeup and skin. However, not all actresses possessed such flawless skin in real life. Lacking sufficient sleep, their skin often broke out and looked tired and oily in close-up photos. Large pores, freckled skin, moles, wrinkles, and other imperfections were apparent in several rare, un-photoshopped pictures of the most popular Chinese celebrities!

Sunspots and Blotchy Skin

In the above photos, Charlene Choi’s (蔡卓妍) sunspots were obvious underneath her makeup. There appeared to be a minor crater above Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣桐 ) eyebrow, as well as moles scattered throughout her face.

Pace Wu’s (吴佩慈) skin had a penchant for sunspots, sharing the same ailment as Charlene Choi. Up close, the puffiness in her eyes were also evident, as well as a minor case of under eye circles.

Perhaps over working and not getting enough sleep made Yang Mi’s (杨幂) skin break out. As one of the most prolific young actresses in China, Yang Mi was seen in 4 movies and 4 mainland dramas to-date in 2012. And we are not even half-way through the year yet! While her exposure level has been incredible recently, Yang Mi’s hard work ethics have compromised her skin, leaving her with bumpy formations unable to be disguised by makeup!

Faye Wong’s (王菲) skin was not overly blotchy, but still lacked an even appearance. Her skin also appeared to be quite shiny. Perhaps a case of large pores?

Dry and Wrinkly Skin

Irene Wan (溫碧霞) appeared listless and tired in this photo. The wrinkles in her neck are extremely revealing that Irene has almost reached middle age. The former sex symbol turned 45 years old this January.

New mother, Vicki Zhao (赵薇 ), may need some beauty rest quick! The 36-year-old’s fine lines around her eyes appeared to have found a permanent place on her face, as Vicki’s recent photos have all looked the same. Being a mother did not mean that a woman should not take care of herself; it was important to get enough rest and feel radiant inside and out as well!

Tang Wei’s (湯唯) skin appeared to be quite rough in this close-up photo. The wrinkles around her eyes were also quite extensive as well, much deeper than a typical 32-year-old. Perhaps Tang Wei should wear her sunglasses more when outdoors to avoid more extensive damage!

Tired and Dull Skin

Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) has  always been known for her great skin. The 37-year-old professed that she loved to eat kiwi fruit everyday for a healthy dose of vitamin C. In the summer, Vivian also had a habit of leaving the air conditioner off at home, to work up a good sweat and allow her pores to breath. While her skin appeared to be very smooth, it did look tired and lost some elasticity.

Panda Eyes

Athena Chu’s (朱茵) dark under eye circles and puffy eyes were unable to be masqueraded by makeup. The 40-year-old appeared to be resistant to wrinkles though. Perhaps Athena invested in a good moisturizer to keep her skin well hydrated.

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) often appeared in elaborate, dazzling magazine spreads. These fashion publications also had a penchant to photoshop their photos extensively, erasing every wrinkle and uneven skin tone found in the face. In the above photo of Fan Bingbing, who appeared with very little makeup, the actress’ skin had good clarity. However, her eyes were a bit puffy with a mild case of eye circles.

The texture of Joey Yung’s (容祖兒) skin was extremely smooth, with very fine pores. In this early photo of Joey, she apparently did not need any heavy foundation to cover any skin imperfections. However, lack of sleep was still evident in Joey’s somewhat puffy and dark under eye circles.

Source: www.67.com via Xinhua News

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Jayne: I was quite shocked by some of the close-up photos, particularly by Tang Wei and Vicki Zhao’s rough skin and eye wrinkles. They are only in their mid thirties and a better skin care routine would have been able to prevent such results. Perhaps a vitamin C mask would help; their skin looks extremely dehydrated! 

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  1. wtf! i would be happy to have the skin of any of these actresses/singers (once i reach their respective age). charlene, gill, fan bing bing, athena and joey have close to perfect skin in their photos. even faye’s look nice for the age. the rest are decent.

    1. I agree. All these celebrities have great skin. I feel ashamed of my own skin if the above are considered poor.

    2. I completely agree. Most of these women’s skin look completely fine, especially Charlene and Fan Bing Bing – their skin is very nice looking.

    3. haha yehhh.. when i look at them, their skin is not bad! the article makes it sound like their monsters, but their quite normal. i dunno about other actresses, but i know those are OLD photos of charlene and joey about 5-10 years ago. why is the article using old pictures to support their theories with their baby fat and all? lol

    4. plus in these pictures, all these actresses are wearing makeup. they should compare actresses’ skins WITHOUT makeup to get a more accurate picture.

      1. I agree and if they are wearing makeup, then it is no longer fair to say how their skin really is.

    5. Have reporters run out of articles to write; who ever did the research is talking a whole load of s**t as it’s a fact of life and normal process of ageing. I would say most of these ladies look great for their age. Please do not be demotivated by these ignorant critics!

  2. joey’s been known to have very nice skin all these years since she’s been in the industry coz she uses COLD water to wash her face.

  3. WOAH you’re being a bit harsh here. These so called “wrinkles, imperfections, uneven skin tone” aren’t really major. I’d say most of these claims are due to poor makeup skills and lightning.

    1. @sushiroll calling someone else harsh?!
      Haha… pot, please meet kettle.

  4. This is a horrible article, extremely sexist and unfair to women. Working women.
    Yes, if you’re working 15-20 hours a day like some of these women, you will, at some point, look “rough” and “tired.” And those “sun spots” are just freckles that are perfectly fine. In fact, many French fashion models embrace their freckles and try not to put too much makeup on to mask it. Faye and Irene are in their 40s, they shouldn’t be picked on because they’re aging. This is horrible!

  5. Wonderful women with amazing features yet cannot escape from aging.
    No matter what, human cannot escape the fact of being old one day.

  6. Nothing to comments these are only minor problem, their skin are considered Ok to me !

    1. Yes, their skin here look alright to me too. No one can have flawless skin all the time without makeup or proper lighting.

  7. all these women are truly beautiful. they work hard and still have the most beautiful skin.
    im sorry but everyone ages these days, so seriously everyone one day is going to be old. you cant stay young forever. i want to have good skin like them at that age.

  8. I am not shocked. How many is actually blessed with flawless glowing skin? Age does do that to people. Make up hides flaws but what is important is their feature is real.

    1. And how many has natural features? This topics getting boring, besides beauty is not forever.

  9. What are you talking about? They all have great skin. This article is just nonsense.

  10. This article is not meant to be offensive in nature, but rather point out the flaws that photoshopped pictures rarely reveal. Despite its title of “The Ugly Files,” it is used in the context of “The Ugly Truth,” which is something raw and exposed. It is not really saying that the actresses in the above photos have ugly skin or look ugly. Just that they are not perfect as photoshopped pictures imply.

    1. Jayne,
      I think that everyone should know by now that artists are normal people like us.They have flaws and everything as well. It’s just that they can usually hide it under make up and their photos are usually photoshopped, airbrushed,etc.. Therefore, they look nice and flawless but really aren’t. I remember one of my buddies showing me a normal and airbrushed photo of one of her sister in laws taken on the same day. Boy, BIG difference and we can even see that with a normal citizen let alone celebs..

    2. I don’t find the photos very shocking. Have seen worse from make up and no make up of Hollywood actresses.

      Actresses are only human and you know I am always against the cult of youthfulness.

      Yeah actresses look bad without make up. So what…? Rather I feel happy when I see actresses look natural without make up because this reminds me that they are human like all of us and not goddesses descended from the heavens.

    3. What a stupid article. Shouldn’t even wasted time to translate. Guess someone was more shocked with the photos then the most of us here.

  11. Someone needs to tell Vicki that those contacts look terrible. She’s ready to star in “Night of the Living Dead.”

  12. WTH if they want to expose their skin they all should be W/O makeup i mean they clearly have makeup how can you really tell how if they have good skin this way???? What utter nonsense is this… if they show us their porkchop faces thats the point of the article this is completely pointless.

    1. I agree and honestly, it would be hard to get photos of celebs with no makeup since I don’t think they would want to appear in public with nothing on at all. If they do, then they must have been caught off guard…

  13. I rmb when I saw Ah Sa, I can’t help to praise her skin. Very smooth.

    Considering their work schedule, cosmetic, flash, pressure, etc., their skin is actually still quite good. Not everyone can be born with perfect skin. Cosmetic is existed to help ppl (lol, guys now also use cosmetic) to cover their faults on skin. We can see how makeup makes wonder :P. Photoshop is also an equipment.

    Someone with worse skin are still in the industry.

    1. “Considering their work schedule, cosmetic, flash, pressure, etc., their skin is actually still quite good.”

      I completely agree with that statement.

      Of all the bad photos above, I actually think Charlene has nice skin. But the one that I find to be the most impressive is Athena. What a beauty… they can’t find a bad picture even if they try…

      1. Yup, I agree that she has very nice skin. I saw her in quite close distance and among all the actresses I’ve seen, Ah Sa and Sharon Chan have the best skin. Worst must be Linda Chung. I can see the little spot in her face even with makeup. I haven’t seen Athena but from the pix, look like that.

      2. But I must say that Athena has very oily skin… I heard that oily skin isn’t as prone to wrinkles while more dry skin is.

      3. I heard that Linda has bad skin. Another celeb with bad skin is Jolin Tsai.. You can still see pimples and other flaws on her face even with layers of make up.

    2. I don’t think anyone has perfect skin….I can say that often get complimented for my skin, but I have flaws as well and I don’t try to hide them since I don’t wear make up. I don’t understand why we would need to hide them because once you take off the make up, it will still be there.

      1. Oh, but you don’t clean the makeup when you are in a party, for example. If you do it at home, ppl won’t know :P. Cover the flaws in the face, this action is used for other ppl to see, not to hide it for yourself.

      2. True, but I don’t care what others think but luckily I often get compliments.. I get lazy to wear make up anyways. I remember you telling me about the 4 layers of make up and got scared already…

      3. @HTS

        As usual I agree with you. It’s good for the beauty product companies that most women thinks otherwise if not they would have a hard time surviving 🙂

        It must be really time consuming putting on the “mask”. People the companies can invent a instant “mask”, LOL.

      4. @HTS: If you dun go to stage then you can use less layers, such as the foundation powder can be skipped.

      5. @Exiodus,
        I also agree with you and make up is really expensive too. one time I went shopping with my brother’s wife and she spent over $40 just on a tiny bottle of foundation and I think lipstick or lipgloss. I guess it was worth it for them.

        Thanks for the advice and info. You really seem to know a lot about make up and stuff…

      6. @HTS: You can use Michelle Phan’s website and advice to help with makeup. She is really good at this and her advices are useful. Note that her cosmetic stuffs aren’t really expensive but still effective.

  14. When i saw an article i was thinking like those hollywood actress type of picture when they are w/o make up. Actually all of them the skin is considered very good. Except tang wei? I think because of bad lightning ?. Is that the recent pic of athena? It doesnt look like it tho.

  15. omg people, it’s called aging. ever heard of that?

    as long as the nice features are there, what’s there to complain.

    stop nitpicking at the tiniest imperfection.

  16. Everyone ages but the thing is, will you age well or not because everyone will get old one day. Who can be forever young?

  17. I think their skin is FINE! If I have to pick who has the best skin out of them all, it’ll be Gillian and Joey!

    1. But isn’t Gillian wearing make up in that photo??

      1. Gil is wearing makeup. In fact, I think her skin isn’t very good becuz recently Twins and Mani had an interview in Beijing and Mani was saying how Gil is very scared the reporters will see her without makeup. Mani talked about the time when Twins were in Taiwan for work and the fire alert suddently went off in their hotel. While everyone was rushing out of the hotel, Gil refused to leave the hotel until she had fully applied her makeup since she was sure there will be reporters outside. Instead of grabbing makeup, Ah Sa ended up grabbing food which is very funny.

      2. @lol,
        Thanks for the info and I have always felt that Gil is more vain than Ah Sa is. I think I once saw a photo of Gil with little or no make up and she did not look so great at all. I guess in a lot of photos where she claims to have nothing on, she actually does…

    2. Gillian has healthy skin. She’s always invited to these talk shows in Mainland to discuss how she care for her skin. But of course she like any other woman on the above list have bad skin days. This called being human! Actually, I’m happy to see they have imperfections like the rest of us.

  18. I photoshop blemishes of myself on photos before I upload Onto Facebook. What’s so surprising that celebs do photoshop for a big billboard advertisement?

  19. I actually find Irene Wan to have the smoothest skin above if compare to her age. She has quite a transculent and fair skin.

  20. give these celebrities a break. they are human too. there is no need to go close up like that on someone’s face. we all suffer from imperfections. they already deal with a lot of pressure and here we are examining almost every pore on their face.

  21. I think all the ladies have very good skin for their age, come on now how do you know have the perfect skin? I am sure it’s either makeup, photo shopped , different angle shots, and good camera lenses, give these ladies a break! They look good!

  22. Out of all the actresses I have seen, Ah Sa has the best skin. Her skin is extremely smooth and has a healthy glow. Ah Gil has noticable pimples and she wears very heavy makeup compared to a lot of actresses. Linda has a lot of pimples, even makeup cannot hide it.

  23. All of them looks GREAT to me except for Tang Wei, what happened?
    She’s quite young right?
    Irene Wan looks aged & tired but still has very good skin- or maybe it’s just a bad picture.

  24. Eh, most of them look fine. Perfect skin is extremely rare – most is attained through make up.

  25. LOL are you serious, their skin is bad?! i’m 18 and i have more lines and blemishes than them!!

  26. What a joke of an article. Can’t you find something more interesting than this?! That was 5 minutes of my life that i’ll never get back.

  27. Joey may not be pretty, but she can sing professionally and has really good skin. That’s much better than being pretty cause doesn’t matter how pretty you are, you won’t look pretty with ugly skin (as can be seen in the above photos).

  28. Nothing wrong with any of them!? Thats outrageous nitpicking. Women are no perfect ivory statues, let them be a bit human! (Nevermind that they actually look great too)
    Vivian Hsu is 37 there?! Geez, she looks like early 20s….

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