Theresa Fu Forced To Pay $1 Million For Calling Him Law A “Woman Beater”

Yesterday, Theresa Fu (傅穎) suddenly exposed her break up with Him Law (羅仲謙) and tarnished his name by claiming he cheated with four other women in their former relationship.  During their break up argument in July, Theresa suffered Him’s violent treatment, leading to both physical and emotional hurt. Theresa did not notify her management company, Filmko, prior to blasting Him Law publicly. Filmko’s boss, Wang Haifeng (王海峰), was angered by Theresa’s actions and decided to give up on her. Mr. Wang asked Theresa to reimburse the company $1 million HKD in attorney fees, intending to quickly terminating her contract and kick her out of the company!

Theresa and Him’s relationship had illusions of true love until Theresa announced their break up and suffering under Him’s violent treatment. Allegedly, the pair had an argument at home in July. Suspecting Him of cheating, Theresa asked to check his cell phone [for logged calls]. As a result, a heated argument ensued. Becoming hysterical, Theresa allegedly repeatedly thumped on Him’s chest. Him admitted to grabbing onto Theresa’s hands too tightly, which resulted in bruises. Since this incident, the pair parted ways.

Crash And  Burn With Ex-Flame

Filmko originally scheduled Theresa to leave for Beijing to advance her career. Unexpectedly, Theresa blasted Him Law publicly, willing to “crash and burn” with the airing of her ex-boyfriend’s “dirty laundry.” Without notifying Filmko of her actions in advance, of course Theresa’s consequences were disastrous. The incident embarrassed and dissatisfied the company. Thus, both Theresa and Him were scolded by Filmko last night.

Theresa Fu Faces Dismal Career Ahead

Since Theresa’s outspokeness made it impossible to turn the incident around, Filmko decided to cancel Theresa’s trip to Beijing, “freeeze” her, and terminate her contract early. Filmko will also hold Theresa responsible in repaying $1 million HKD in lawsuit fees with her former management company, Gold Typhoon.

When contacted by the media, Filmko’s representative, Miss Lee commented, “The company needs time to understand the entire incident. After understanding the situation fully, we will know how to punish the artist(s) who committed the mistakes. As to whether we will terminate the artist’s contract, it is still too early to comment! ”

Despite joining the entertainment industry for nine years, Theresa Fu’s career did not reach any peaks, while she was frequently embroiled in rumors instead. Prior to signing with Filmko, Theresa had a management contract dispute with Gold Typhoon. Theresa asked to terminate her contract early, but Gold Typhoon refused, thus bringing the case to court. With her old contract lawsuit with Gold Typhoon not yet resolved, Theresa also incurred the wrath of Filmko with her recent behavior.  Once again faced with a potential contract termination with Filmko, it appears that Theresa’ future performing career will be dismal. With her trip to Beijing canceled, Theresa was ordered to stay in Hong Kong to reflect upon her actions. Sure enough, Theresa remained home yesterday to avoid the paparazzi.

Him Law Sour-Faced At Work

Blasted publicly for cheating and physical violence, Him Law appeared at the North District Hospital in Sheung Shui at 9 AM yesterday to film TVB series, On Call 36 Hours <On Call 36小時>. Since Him appeared quite haggard, the reporter asked whether he slept poorly. Him smile reluctantly but did not respond. At 1 PM, Him wrapped up filming and greeted the reporter with a smile, “I’m done with work! I will head home and not venture outside again!”

Since Theresa’s allegations, has Him been in touch with her? Were the allegations that he was involved with four other women at the same time true? Upon hearing these questions, Him’s face soured and boarded his car without responding. He drove home to Tai Po and did not head outside afterwards.

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: It was expected that Theresa would be punished for publicly accusing Him of being a cheater capable of physical violence. The question is how far Theresa is willing to “self-destruct” with Him Law? Will she dish her entire story to a juicy tabloid feature?

If you were in Theresa’s shoes, would you be willing to “self-destruct” with Him Law by sacrificing your own career to see him “die” along with yourself? “An eye for an eye?” Remember, the “tell-all” revenge plan may not take its intended effect, such as Mavis Pan’s case with Raymond Lam, which barely made a dent in his career.

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  1. Many of us are undoubtedly against physical violence in a romantic relationship and marriage, especially when a man uses his strength to overpower and hurt a woman. Whether the violent hitting performed in rage or loss of control once, occasionally, or even frequently, the fact is that is frowned up.

    If we were to speak purely from an angle in which a stronger human being hurts another with intent, what are your views towards physically discipling a child? Hitting a child to command obedience and correct “misbehavior?” Often a parent may be hitting the child in anger, as children are illogical and the circumstances may be quite emotionally charged. Sometimes, the parent may even lose control and the beating be more severe than originally intended. Do the ends justify the means? In the name of disciplining a child “for greater good,” is force truly justified?

    Is the beating of a child similar to a man beating a woman, where the weaker being in physical strength is overpowered? Are we not teaching the child that violence can be used to overpower, hurt others to achieve your own agenda? If a boy were beaten in childhood, do you think he may have bottled anger inside him to make him more prone to become a “woman beater” when he grows up?

    Perhaps we may have grown up being physically disciplined by our parents and fortunately, no emotional scars resulted. Does tradition justify current practice? At the same time, is it morally right for a parent to use force against a child, who is weaker in strength? Are we teaching them to settle matters through violence and impatience, rather than reason and compassion?

    1. To me, if the only way a parent knows how to “teach” the child is by beating them up, then they need to figure out how to be better parents.

  2. Poor gal she totally miscalculated it hehe. she thouhgt she would be leaving hk for a career in mainland but wanted to take revenge on Him and instead ends up unemployed LOL

    1. She has definitely miscalculated. Thinking she can gain sympathy and popularity afterward from the public… Maybe Public will give her a token of sympathy but not her company though.

      Him is definitely famous than her nowadays with his recent movie with Charmaine. Given the income that Him can gain for the company, Theresa is more likely to lose out in this battle with Him Law.

    2. yes miscalculated! she wanted to expose his bad deeds, but I think she’s losing out in this whole situation. Him Law won’t be punished, he will still continue to film, he will still get hot chics…. looks like the company isn’t gonna on Theresa’s side. Now her future is on hold after her company cancelled her trip to Mainland…… It was a gamble and looks like she’s losing it all……Looking back, would it have been better to remain silent?

      1. Lara,
        “Looking back, would it have been better to remain silent?”

        I think Theresa was willing to put her career on the line before she decided to blast Him Law so publicly. There was 1 month of indecision and how much she should reveal publicly. She mentioned her inner struggle over the last month.

        To feel at peace, she felt the only way was to air his dirty laundry publicly. Theresa doesn’t come across as the type to suffer in silence. Same as Mavis Pan. In fact, Mavis Pan went a lot further than Raymond since she revealed a lot of details in their relationship. Mavis was not troubled by money and willing to put her own reputation on the line, as well as open herself to attack from Raymond’s fans.

        I hope Theresa has $1 million HKD in bank to pay for those legal fees should she be truly forced to pay up.

  3. Wow, this is a messed up situation and I don’t think anyone but those 2 really knows what happened. I can imagine Theresa coming out and saying that she was lying as a compromise to not pay or something.

    Also, let’s say the story is true and Him did beat her. What kind of example would that be for victims of domestic abuse? They’ll see that most people take the guy’s side and no one believes the female in addition to the female having to pay up even though they are the victim. This would make victims even more afraid to speak up.

    1. I also wonder if Theresa will come out and said that she ‘lied’ to avoid paying the huge sum of money. She has no career anymore. How will she pay?

      1. That, or the company should release her without making Theresa pay as long as she keeps her mouth closed on this story. If I was her, I’d be pissed, and sell the story for some money!

    2. I don’t think she will retract her words. I read a news yesterday (not translated here) where Theresa just stayed silent and didn’t give any explanation to the company. The reporter interpreted it as standing firm on her claim.

    3. I believe her. I think she’s saying the truth. But if its between Him VS Theresa, I think the company would rather Him. So they will punish her.

      I have a feeling this is just a ‘little’ dent in Him’s career… people talk about it now, and when time passes, people gonna forget about it. Not like he will suffer any financial problems.

    4. This is UNFAIR. What kind of “miscalculation”? Is the world so money-fame worshipping that they can’t see a wrong, an injustice anymore? Should less-famous victims be punished ofr speaking out or speaking the truth? (Ditto for netizens actually applauding Joel for having found a lifetime meal ticket, and overlooking what a cad he is to ditch his wife of 10 yrs. Or how irresponsible they both are, just dissapearing for 3 mths).

      She’s not familiar to me – another TVB aspiring starlet.

      BUT just a passerby, I agree that IF Theresa’s comments were true .. and IF she DID suffer abuse – her agency’s actions will just serve to send such a message to victims of abuse:
      Keep suffering in silence. See what speaking up does for you???

      Reward the more-famous perpetrator.
      Punish the less-famous, less-powerful victim.
      And we like to think we’re more progressive and more educated in 2011!

      1. “She’s not familiar to me – another TVB aspiring starlet.”

        She’s not a TVB aspiring starlet. In fact, she’s more veteran than Him in showbiz. She has been in showbiz for 9 years already. She started out as a member of the singing group Cookies. She used to sign under Golden Typhoon, but, later change to Filmko. She has never been with TVB.

  4. Honestly, Theresa doesn’t sound very smart, so she’ll most likely either try to bring Him down with her (like what Mavis Pan tried to do but failed – then again, Raymond Lam is also a lot more famous than Him), or just go in hiding. Hopefully she’ll have some money saved on her bank account for some schooling.

    1. Ray came out of his situation with Mavis untarnished but Theresa allegations against Him Law are more severe (cheating with X number of girls; beating her, etc.), so I think it more or less will give people a negative image on Him (but I think most girls who are into his looks and body may not care since he is still eye candy to them). I don’t think his career will suffer, but hers definitely will.

      1. Him’s popularity is >> than Theresa’s. My guess is, if the company were to salvage one of their careers, it would be Him as he has many series coming out.

        Him to me is definitely not eye candy… facially, he is not very attractive.

      2. The negative image might help in too, getting more roles as more than just his body, but being evil and stuff. Negative publicity ain’t always a bad thiing. Plus he’s still relatively new, not everyone knows who he is, he got a lot to build on. Where she…nevermind I have no idea who she is don’t know how to comment…Maybe she’s a bit naive when it comes to the entertainment industry.

      3. I agree with you. This wind will pass and his career will continue on. Won’t make much of a dent. News are moving fast nowadays. This issue will be blown over sooner or later.

        It also depends on the decision of the media. The media can make or break Him. If media decide to paint him in a good light and write good news about him afterwards, he will be OK. If media decide to go against him and write bad news about him all the time, his career will be affected.

  5. Theresa is quite dumb. She might be the victim but she’s definitely don’t take actions the smart way. It’s understandable why the company will do this because she puts the company interest behind.

    1. Him’s career might not have a dent since the company is full at his back and orders him to keep quiet. People will forget soon and the girls will still crave for his big chest. He’s also getting more popular through this headlines

      1. LOL, yeah girls will throw themselves at him to be beaten up. some girls are into that kind of stuff

  6. frankly the best revenge for Him law, TF should live her life better, focusing her career and be more successful.

    Unfortunately this won’t happen she just tear down her whole career herself. Poor girl. Should think of the consequences. weibo in away dangerous for celebrities, cause sometimes when you got so mad and angry you just want to vent out your anger and want to let the whole world know. As public figure sometimes ppl always neat picking your words etc. So as much as it helps them to clarify themselves in certain occasion, weibo also create trouble for celebrity when they say things in a wrong way.

  7. She shouldve been done w. him after he cheated with “2ed women”

  8. I think it’s a pretty dumb move to risk her own career over a man and he’s not worth it in the first place! No wonder her career can’t take off for the past 9 years because she keeps making the wrong decisions!

    1. @JustMiMi,

      Either she always make wrong decision that slow her down in reaping popularity or there are just too many option of pretty girls for the showbiz to choose from rather than promoting Theresa since Theresa isn’t a good singer/actress to nurture.

  9. This news seem to be a patch work of many different news report.

    The following response from Miss Lee is the exact same response she allegedly gave in response to the freezing news. That was before this termination new came out.

    “When contacted by the media, Filmko’s representative, Miss Lee commented, “The company needs time to understand the entire incident. After understanding the situation fully, we will know how to punish the artist(s) who committed the mistakes. As to whether we will terminate the artist’s contract, it is still too early to comment! ””

    1. Different case.

      She was not sued for calling claiming Him beat her. She was asked/ordered to pay back the money Filmko used to get her out of her Golden Typhoon contract. Filmko considered this as money she borrowed.

      1. I wonder why Theresa wanna join Filmko that much (to satisfy 1 million to terminate the contract). Him is the reason?

  10. Frankly, if Him won’t have second big mistake in the near future, his career won’t be affected much.

    Amigo was totally ruined due to 3 reasons:

    – The case – I blv it’s much more serious than this one as Eli has proofs and she called for a court. Theresa only has old bruises and this happened one month ago.

    – The accident incident – another kick to Amigo.

    – The backup of the company: Stephen – Amigo’s backup – has his own problem right after that.

    Amigo is sent a second chance but he kinda failed with that.

    Him, on the other hand, has the full support from his company and even TVB (can see a lot of TVB-relative talk good for him). Theresa faces sourer situation.

    So he won’t fall to the water. His image will be hurt but ppl will soon forget. Everyday will have every new gossips.

    But, if Him has any mistake in the next future, because his famous level isn’t too high yet, he’ll be kicked out.

    1. Yeah, my thoughts resonates with Fox. Him will survive this just fine and perhaps also having an unintentional exposure and let more of the public know him; but Theresa – I’m sorry girl. Wish her best of luck.

  11. It’s sad to hear what has become of this news. If what Theresa said was true about Him “four timing” and “hitting her,” then I really feel sorry for her becuase she was a victim of an abusive relationship, but now she is also the victim of being let go by her company. I’m sure she thought about it before releasing this information to the media, and probably knew what consequences she would suffer, but probably thought that Him would fall with her, and “die together,” When love becomes hate, I think women would be willing to make these sacrifices.
    However, I think Him’s career won’t be affected too much. He may have bad publicity now, but given his increased popularity now and market potential that he has, I don’t think Filmko would give up on him now. People will forget about it soon.

    1. ” If what Theresa said was true about Him “four timing” and “hitting her,” then I really feel sorry for her becuase she was a victim of an abusive relationship”

      If the news is true (i.e. she keep hitting Him’s chest), she’s not completely the victim. It could still be an abusive relationship, but, it’s most probably 2 way.

  12. I wouldnt. To be happier and more successful is the best revenge. And since more details is out now we know why he grabbed her. Her thumping on his chest cant be gentle. NO doubt he is a cheat a liar and a tool. But abuser?different league. What a stupid girl. She will probably meet the co in court.

  13. Theresa sure did a stupid move by thinking naively that before she will board a plane to Beijing thinking she can advance her career. Why not do a tell-all, maybe she thought she can get everyone’s sympathy and ruined his image/career along the way. Nothing to lose, right? But she didn’t think that she has everything to lose. They both are at faults here but I do feel bad for her in some way. She seems like she is about to lose everything.

  14. It looks like Teresa was hoping to escape to Beijing and have Him deal with the media which is why she quickly release such accusations a day before she had to leave HK. But her plan wasn’t well thought and planned and at the end it back fired her. Her career is not looking bright at the moment but then again it was never bright to begin with and she has always been more popular for her trouble/rumors than for her work.

  15. Even if Theresa hit Him first, but Him is very wrong to hit her back. A true gentlement can choose to ignore her and walk away to calm down.

    1. I don’t agree with that at all. IF a girl hits a guy first, he has the right to hit her back!! Just because you are female does NOT give you the right to hit a guy and not expect him to hit back. That is not fair or right at all.

      1. Disagree. In any fight, the initial punch should not be a purpose to continue on the physical attacks, one of the party should walk away.

        If theresa threw the first punch, Him walks away unless self defense was necessary – and vice versa. This isn’t a male/female issue … more of a civilized behavior sort of thing.

  16. I just don’t understand why people have to use violence to settle matters. Why did they not just sit down and talk. He could have said “Sorry its over but it was great while it lasted” and she would have cried, screamed, begged or whatever for him to take her back. But still they did not need to use physical force. Maybe they were both in the wrong. None of us really knows who hit whom first. I also don’t understand why celebrities don’t mind something like this, being so personal, to be made public. Its nothing to be proud of. However, I do believe in “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”!!!

    1. See, bickering couples should just flip a coin or play rock scissors paper – winner is ‘right’ and loser must ‘agree’.

      Now if you were right and you win then that’s all and good.

      If you’re wrong and you win, then that’s doubly good.

      But if you were right and you lose then you can find solace in the fact next time you’re wrong, and yes you will be wrong one of these days, you might still win.

      And if you were wrong and you losse then that serves you right! However you don’t have to admit you’re wrong because the coin decided it. So no face lost.

      See, problem solved. No violence, just flip a coin, let chance resolve the differences, and then channel that physical angst into raging-bedroom-lust, everyone can be gratified and pacified. Viola! No more aggression.

  17. @ SDS. Life would certainly be a lot simpler if everyone did what you suggested. The world would probably be a much happier place…

  18. Theresa really made the wrong move and now has to pay the price for it. Even if she got her revenge, she now has to suffer for it….

  19. i dont believe him hit her ‘badly’
    how can she prove the bruises in the picture were made by him, she could have brought it upon herself.
    just stupid how she threw her career down the drain like that.
    even tavia and sharon believe him isn’t this type of guy

    1. Tavia and Sharon do not sleep with him. They can “not believe” the stories but it doesn’t make the stories without claim.

      I really dislike how the media ask co-workers impression of Him, as if it provides any justification.

  20. Wrong move. It seems the company is promoting Him as the next big thing, so they’ll go all way to protect him. She on the other hand, unfortunately is dispensable.

    1. I believe she is cut off not because she is dispensable but because they don’t believe her. If Him is a violent man, no doubt however the company protects him his image will unravel. I think they accepted his explanation.

  21. I have never seen his films or even heard of him before this incident but judging from what I have seen of him on TV, he just doesn’t strike me as a person who can be violent. Of course who can tell behind closed doors.

  22. Theresa Fu apologise liao. She did not retract what she said earlier. She just opologise for spilling the beans without notifying her company first. Hims, on the other hand, apologised for causing Theresa’s injury but insisted he didn’t beat her,

    But, what made me vomit was this state by Theresa.

    THERESA: In fact, I knew all along that my boss and colleagues love me. When they found out about this incident, they were very worried…so I really want to say “Thank you” and “Very Sorry” to them. I really am very sorry!

    ‘My boss love me’? He so loved Theresa that he wanted to terminate her contract and demanded that she paid back HKD 1 million?

    1. So I think the Boss send her an order: “1 million or say you love me”.

    2. Kidd,
      Theresa’s bruises look very bad. It appears to be a very strong physical argument they had.

      Haven’t had the chance to read the entire article yet. Just looked at the photos for now.

      1. On her buttocks… he grabbed her buttocks?

        She had to say what she said to appease her boss. 1 million is a big sum, either that or she has another boss we don’t know of.

  23. She is so stupid. Why waste your time. If he cheated on her or hit her. She should have said it in the beginning. She’s ruining herself. So stupid.

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