Tian Liang, Zhang Lunshuo to Star in “Where Are We Going, Dad 4”

Despite earlier reports pointing otherwise, the Chinese reality variety series Where Are We Going, Dad? <爸爸去哪儿> will be continuing with a fourth season.

According to Chinese media, Tian Liang (田亮), Zhang Lunshuo (张伦硕) and more will be traveling the world with their kids for the upcoming fourth season of Where Are We Going, Dad?, which is based on the South Korean variety show of the same name.

Retired Olympic diver Tian Liang, who starred in the first season of the show with his daughter Cindy, will be returning for the fourth season with his younger son, 4-year-old Xinchen.

Artists who have appeared in the first three seasons of the show will reportedly return as well.

Chinese actor-model Zhang Lunshuo, who will be registering his marriage with Christy Chung (钟丽缇) next month, will be starring in the show alongside Christy’s youngest daughter, Cayla. The 45-year-old Christy is a mother of three daughters, and went through two marriages before meeting Lunshuo in early 2015.

Where are We Going, Dad? season four will be airing on Mango TV.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wait, so did Mainland government loosen up its restrictions then?  Because as recently as last month, the rule about television production companies not being allowed to showcase celebrity children on their shows was still in place.   Hmmm…this 4th season of the show sounds like it was hastily put together last minute – I remember reading reports earlier (prior to the mandate banning productions on children) about guests they had invited to star in the 4th season and it definitely wasn’t just bringing back the dads from the first 3 seasons.  Interesting turn of events….

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