Christy Chung Accepts Boyfriend’s Marriage Proposal

Having been married twice in the past, 45-year-old goddess Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) said “Yes” for the third time to Mainland boyfriend, 33-year-old Zhang Lunshuo (張倫碩).

Although both were taking part in a reality show, little did Christy know she was in for a big surprise. Zhang Lunshuo secretly invited both their parents, as well as Christy’s daughters from her previous marriage to witness the proposal. After four friends serenaded her on stage, Lunshuo knelt down and pulled out a ring before popping the big question.

Shocked at first, Christy immediately became teary-eyed and shouted, “Yes, I do!”

While many fans are thrilled that Christy has found her true love, there are others who do not think her relationship with Lunshuo would last – mainly due to their large age gap. However, Christy dismissed the negative comments and said there have never been any problems despite the 12-year difference. On the contrary, Christy praised Lunshuo for being rather mature for his age and how he took good care of her daughters

Wedding Ceremony Will Be Held in October

Christy said she was completely surprised by Lunshuo’s proposal and was extremely touched. Christy exclaimed, “He prepared such a big surprise – he proposed! He’s been planning this proposal for three months, and I had no idea about it. I feel so lucky! He wrote songs and choreographed a dance behind my back. He invited my entire family – my parents, my children, and even my good friends to be part of this. His planning is impeccable! I’m very touched and this is so romantic and thoughtful. No one has ever done this for me before. We only started filming the reality show last June – this proposal came just around this one year mark. How wonderful!”

Although the couple intend to tie the knot soon, Christy has to film a movie and complete other jobs before the wedding. Hoping to wrap things up in the fall, Christy wants to have an October wedding banquet in Beijing.

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Yay for Christy! I thought they were a cute couple when they first did the show with Johnson Lee. Now theyre not only official but getting married! He seems a much better guy than her previous exes. Wish her the best and happiness!

  2. Super happy for her! Loved that he invited her parents and children there to witness his proposal! So very sweet and yes, very touching!!!! Wishing that the 3rd time is the charm! Congratulations!

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