Shawn Zhang Disses Wife Christy Chung on Reality Show: “She’s Just Plain Lazy”

Contrary to their loving public image, the couple seems to experience much friction in daily interactions.

Marrying actor Shawn Zhang (張碩倫), who is 12 years her junior, 48 year-old Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) often shares sweet moments of themselves on social media. Within one year of marriage, Christy also changed the surnames of her three daughters from her previous marriages to Zhang.

Bad Temper and Critical Words

Christy and Shawn’s relationship may not be as perfect as it seems, if the first episode of Chinese reality show My Dearest Ladies <我最愛的女人們> is an accurate depiction of their daily lives. Shawn brought Christy and his mother along on a vacation. In the first episode, Shawn requested Christy to block the filming cameras as he was preparing to take a shower. She immediately used paper to cover the cameras and went on to prepare breakfast in the kitchen. However, Shawn seemed displeased and asked why she did not just remove the cameras, to which Christy replied she would do so the next time before returning to the kitchen.

Visibly upset, Shawn went into the room to complain to his own mother. “It’s not that she doesn’t know, she’s just lazy!”

Hearing this from the kitchen, Christy felt wronged and started crying, and later put down her spatula and went into the room to explain herself. She defended herself, stating “It wasn’t intentional, alright?” To this, Shawn replied, “You did it on purpose! Can you be more serious?”

In the end, Shawn’s mother had to soothe Christy and apologize on her son’s behalf. Although Shawn apologized to Christy later and admitted that he had lost his temper, he also blamed her callous and insincere responses as the cause of his anger. Christy felt maligned and wondered why such a small matter had to be blown out of proportion.

Netizens Supportive of Christy

After the episode aired, many netizens were supportive of Christy and chided Shawn for his foul temper and for overreacting. Despite the director assuring Shawn that his nudity was not captured on camera, Shawn still complained to his own mother. Many netizens also felt sorry for Christy, whom they believed had done her best to help.

Christy and Shawn Arguing on “My Dearest Ladies”

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  1. Aww, well he is being a bit harsh here, though if my hubby didn’t protect my privacy and left the camera running with a piece of paper, i would be upset, too. Maybe she really is callous and her nonchalant action/responses has been brewing for a while.

    I think they lack the proper communication tools to discuss things calmly & shawn lost his temper as a result. They could benefit from some couples’ counseling.

    1. Let’s not forget this is Christy’s 3rd marriage…….and usually, there is a reason that women like her marry so many times……..Most men can probably bear with her as a gf, but then the honeymoon phase dies down soon, and she is definitely not wife material……….Not the type to really settle down with a man and attend to family and stuff, and especially at her age, being 12 years older than the hubby, she is probably too “ripe” to be a decent wife………This won’t be her last marriage nor will the next marriage after this one dies down………..Some women are just not good for being a wife, and Christy is definitely in that category.

      1. @yuaida interesting. So what is consider wife material for you? Yes this is her 3rd marriage but that doesn’t mean much. Both her ex hubby could the one with issues. And since she is the one who raised all their kids, I find that pretty admirable in my book.

  2. Christy can speak Chinese/mandarin!?! Since when? I only remember her as speaking English and barely any Cantonese!

  3. Urgh. Why didn’t he just do it himself before he take a shower? Why does she need to do it for him?

    1. @happybi great point. Mainland big man syndrome? Wife does everything? His mom prob doted and catered on him when he was young too!

      1. @babycakes Yep. Looks like he is the lazy one. She is obviously busy cooking while he is showering. Glad his Mom comforted her. Being how he blow a lid with camera on. He probably even worst when camera is not there.

  4. These reality houses are fake right? I mean fake as in not really their home but just a home for them for doing the show? When you married such a spoiled younger kid you can’t expect much? haha Lol….WOW!! Yeah just like grab your own underwear when you shower?? Wife has to help you w/that too? Prepare the water and underwear? If you don’t want to expose yourself do it yourself. haha lol… Man, what a kid!! I never care for her much but damn she’s like taking care of 4 kids. haha lol….

    1. @wm2017 Yeah that’s not their actual house, each couple+mom moved into an apartment set by the production team.
      If you watch the preview episode, you’ll see what their real house looks like

  5. He is a spoiled brat! Clearly a mummy precious boy and he is so over dramatic.
    Christy deserves better treatment!!!!

  6. Moaning about that whilst shes slaving away cooking his food. Seriously, what a brat!

  7. christy i think you deserve better! dont even know why u choose him

    i think males in mainland have such bad attitudes every lil things ticks them off and they’re too over controlling i

    If it was for me i’ll choose someone who loves me more then i love him

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