Christy Chung and Boyfriend Zhang Lunshuo to Star In Upcoming Spy Movie

Two failed marriages did not stop Christy Chung’s (鍾麗緹) strong faith in love. After filming the Mainland Chinese reality dating show Perhaps Love <如果愛>, the 45-year-old actress fell in love with her onscreen partner, 33-year-old actor Zhang Lunshuo (張倫碩). Compatibility is hard to find, and Christy believes that Lunshuo is Heaven’s gift to her.

“That is really how I feel,” said Christy. “When I’m with him, he finishes my sentences. He knows what I’m thinking without me saying it out loud. It’s weird, isn’t it? Maybe the Heavens know that I am getting tired, having to take care of three kids. He must be a gift for me from Heaven.”

Christy does not find their 12-year age difference awkward at all. Lunshuo is not only a caring boyfriend, but also a loving father-figure for her two daughters, 7-year-old Jaden and 5-year-old Cayla. Her eldest daughter, 17-year-old Yasmeen, is also very supportive of their relationship.

After becoming a mother, Christy slowed down her work output. Nonetheless, the actress is constantly brainstorming about new movies to film. She revealed that she is currently writing a script for her new movie with the help of Lunshuo. Both will be starring.

“The film is about spies. Lunshuo and I are like Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I also plan to have my two younger daughters appear in it.”

Christy will also be producing the film, and is currently working hard on finding investors. “I hope to get everything done by early next year so we can start filming.”


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  1. she has 3 daughters already and 45yo and 2 failed marriages and she’s going after a 33 yo guy? Should really be finding an older guy to settle down and raise the kids.

    1. @mike Christy is hot enough to date whomever. She doesn’t even look her age. Besides her new bf is cute too. Why can’t she have fun?

      My only concern is that he’s using her for fame and job opportunities. Esp with news about this new movie they’re trying to get financed. Best of luck to her though

      1. @coralie She does look her age especially in that photo. The 33 yo guy doesn’t want his own kids? how is it going to work when she’s already 45 yo ticking away. The guy obviously is not looking for anything long term.

        Don’t get me wrong, she was like a goddess in her prime. But she’s got to think of her daughters now.

      2. @mike maybe the guy doesn’t want kids and is glad to just be a dad to hers. Besides just cause a woman is older doesn’t mean she should neglect her love life. Picking an older versus a younger guy…I’m not sure how that will affect her kids? She’s been with three husbands…I’m pretty sure at this point her kids are understanding about the situation.

      3. @coralie I agree with Mike. What guy doesn’t want to have his own kids? Look at Catherine Hung and her husband, Zhang Dan Feng. There’s 10 year age gap. Catherine has a son from previous relationship and she gave birth to a daughter couple years ago, when she was already in her early 40s.

  2. She looks good still but you can’t say she doesn’t look her age? Guy is good looking but if he changes his mind on having biological kids then the problems will start. Otherwise, sure…

  3. I’m not fond of this couple-collaboration trend in China. It’s almost like a must for star couples to star in same film/drama/show after their relationship goes public.

  4. “Christy believes that Lunshuo is Heaven’s gift to her.”
    I’m sure that she thought/said the same things when she met her ex-husbands.

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