Christy Chung’s Husband Thinks Arguments in a Marriage are Perfectly Fine

Although Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) and her husband, Shawn Zhang (張倫碩), often share sweet moments of married life on social media, the couple’s relationship may not be as picture-perfect as it seems. When filming for a Chinese reality show, My Dearest Ladies <我最愛的女人們>, the couple was witnessed to be constantly quarreling.

One of the most shocking moments was when Shawn blatantly shamed Christy and called her lazy. Netizens were quick to reprimand Shawn’s bad temper and side with Christy. In the episode, Christy even commented how Shawn’s temperament and behavior changed drastically after marriage. Perhaps to salvage his image and put up a display, Shawn knelt on the floor with a durian to apologize to his wife. However, this did not appease the crowds, and netizens are still wary about the health of their relationship.

The couple recently accepted an interview together. Shawn responded, “It’s not that I have changed for the worse. After getting married, my responses and behavior towards my wife has become more pragmatic. For example, if her stomach were hurting, I would coddle and pamper her when we were dating. But after getting married, my response to her stomach hurting would be to tell her not to go out and not to do any exercises. Perhaps if she were menstruating, I would tell her not to go running. This is also an expression of love. It’s just a different way to showcase it.”

In response to their constant bickering, Shawn expressed, “Although arguing may not be the right way, it is a way for me to express what I am feeling inside. We actually don’t view this incident as all that serious. We feel it’s just like the occasional cold you’ll have.”

Christy, sitting by her husband, nodded in agreement. She added that since they’ve only been married for three years, there are still a lot of things to learn about one another and they are still learning how to communicate with each other. She sweetly said, “I am willing to bicker with my husband for the rest of my life.”


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  1. let’s wait to see how long this marriage will last between Christy and mummy’s boy.

  2. i think christy need to find someone that luvs and pampers her not some spoiled brat for a husband

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