Christy Chung’s Daughters Make Her Feel Young Again

Actress Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) made a rare appearance with her daughters to cover a magazine for a Mother’s Day event. The mother of three had married two times, both which ended in divorce. As a single parent, Christy has to act as both mother and father to her three daughters, but the 43-year-old is content with her multi-layered lifestyle, explaining that her three daughters have breathed new life into her.

“I like to exercise, eat candy, go to Disneyland, swim. When my three daughters were born, they brought me many childhood memories. They are the reasons why I can be young and happy.”

Christy’s parenting methods are rather simple – she teaches the kids how to think, not how to do. “I will give them space so they can discover their own personality and ideals. If I can teach them [mine], they’d just be copies of me. I don’t want my daughters to be duplicates of me.”

Christy commented, “My eldest daughter Yasmine is 16 years old and she is a perfectionist. She has good time management, lives a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys exercising. She kind of reminds me of myself when I was her age. My second daughter Jaden and third daughter Cayla, however, are rather mischievous. So unlike me,” she added with a laugh. “However, Jaden has sports talent, while Cayla is an optimistic thinker.”

The key to building better relationships with her children is to spend more time with them. Christy said she recently went on a vacation with Yasmine. The mother and daughter grew much closer and interacted like best friends. Christy revealed that Yasmine already has a boyfriend, but she would not meddle into her daughter’s relationships. “Their relationship is very pure. They only go out to the movies, do homework, or volunteer in extracurricular activities together. She tells me everything.”


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  1. Christy still looks amazing even after having 3 kids. Glad to hear that she’s doing well.

    On a side note, I still think that Annice Wu who portrays the younger version of Cyndi in Never Dance Alone, has a resemblance to Christy. Anyone think so?

    1. if she had her first daughter at 17, I would be wow.

      1. Exactly, if she had a kid as a teen then you will be WOW? haha 27, that’s way OK to have a kid no? What are you surprised m0m0? haha LOL…

      2. I think m0m0 was surprised because female Artiste usually don’t settle down in their 20s when they are in their peak.

        It will affect their popularity.

        Hers was a shotgun and her popularity did take a beating at that time.

      3. Irene, if you put it in that perspective, then yes. I remember reading about her comeback after her first child (I believe), that many were sceptic she would be as popular because she was now a mother. Personally,, I think shes one of the few who actually ages gracefully.

      4. it’s shocking because i remember her rumored to be involved w/ aaron kwok. i can’t recall the year, that might had been before her first daughter. i didn’t know she was that young back then.

  2. FYI, she can speak Vietnamese pretty fluently too.

    1. I heard she us Vietnamese so why can!t she speak it ? Her real name is Nguyen Thi Minh Thu if I remember correctly.

      1. Just because she’s Vietnamese doesn’t mean she automatically knows the language. Like some people who are Asian-American, but more Americanized don’t speak their language.

  3. So proud of Chung for raise her 3 daughters. She is a good mother. Wish her Happy Mother’s Day. The eldest is beautiful. She should consider to competing Beauty Pageant to be Miss Hong Kong in the future.

  4. christy chung is an exquisite extraordinaire classic beauty during her reigning peak time as she is quite popular during jet li movie time…then she married and build her family and tone down on her filming activity…i think she married a western guy (ex husband). thats why yasmine have mixed heritage look..the other younger kids are with the taiwanese music producer (ex-husband) who later flirted with another woman openly? her popularity is reignited when marie france hired her and her faces adorned all over the asian countries billboards that time

    1. Yes, first daughter looks a mixed but still NOT as mixed as some would have expected since the father is caucasian.
      But then again, I see some asians married Spanish or Whites and the children still looked 95% asian/chinese hahaa…LOL Don’t know what happened w/those mixes. The only really mixed children i see is EMIL CHAU, WOW WOW, that’s what you called beautiful mixed children. Would never have thought they are Emil Chau’s children. haha LOL…

    2. Spouse(s): Glen Ross (1998–2002)
      Jon Yen (2003–2011)
      Children: Yasmine Ross (born 1998)
      Jaden Chloe Yen (born 2008)
      Cayla Janie Yen (born 2010)

      So yup, the oldest daughter are mix, because the dad is white American.

    3. Jasmine is beautiful, like mother like daughter, and the other two are cute. As for that idiotic ex-husband, Jon Yen, once a dog always a dog. It’s good that she kicked his ass to the curve.

  5. Maybe it is the hairstyle or her mother looks young but her first daughter looks old. She doesn’t look 16 at all

    1. i agree. I had a hard time figuring which was which because the hair made her look soo much older.

      1. Blame to hair stylist.

        The hairstyle makes her look much older.

  6. she was the it girl back in the 90’s, she is still beautiful!!

  7. The 3 are her daughters?! I thought the eldest is her niece or friend! Wow, she looks amazing! Cute daughters too. All girls.

  8. Having girls like hers will likely make one feel young again. Whether shopping with the elders, skating with the 2nd one or enjoying bubbles bath with the youngest…. There is always companion. Sounds nice, don’t you think so?

  9. Wow, Jade and Cayla are both so cute! They look nothing like their mom though lmao. Yasmine has the exact same face and nose; pity not the eyes too. Christy’s most charming feature are her eyes.

  10. wow super HOT and stunning looking family!

  11. Wow! I want to look like that after 3 kids!

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