Mother of Three, Christy Chung, Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Two marriages and three daughters later, Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) still looks fabulous. The Canadian-Chinese beauty recently showed off her fantastic bikini body in the latest issue of Chinese magazine, Fashion Weekly. The 43-year-old is definitely an eternal goddess.

For the shoot, Christy went to the Maldives to take various beach photos. She donned two-piece swimsuits and string bikinis, displaying her fit and healthy body. Christy’s trip to the Maldives also allowed her some time to take a relaxing break from her busy life and spend time with sea turtles.

From looking at these photos, one could never imagine that Christy is actually a mother of three girls. In 1998, Christy married her first husband Glen Ross and had her first daughter, Yasmine. Christy and Glen divorced in 2002, but the pair are said to be still good friends. In 2003, Christy married her second husband Jon Yen, and had daughters Jaden Chloe (2008) and Cayla Janie (2010). Christy and Jon’s relationship became strained after Cayla’s birth, and they got divorced in 2011.

Twenty years after her big screen acting debut, Christy is still seen as a sex symbol. In an interview, Christy expressed that “love” should be another word for being sexy. “I believe that everything comes from love. A truly happy person must be someone who has love in his or her heart.”

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  1. I have always thought she was one of the most beautiful women in show biz. She looks great still!

      1. im not greedy but if my body looks like that when I’m 43, I’ll be very happy!

      2. At 42? I’ll be happy if my body looks like that now.

      3. Same here I hope I look like that when I am in my 40’s, lol don’t look that way. There is no bringing sexy back for me lol.

    1. Christy Chung is beautiful in a way that her unique features naturally make her beautiful. I remember back in the 90’s when she did interviews, it was her smile and her expressive eyes when she talked, it came off very natural. Given that she’s now in her 40’s, her looks will change diue to aging. But if you compare the Christy of 10-20 yrs ago with the current Asian Barbie doll wannabes, these plastic dolls don’t stand a chance.

  2. She’s definitely sexy and hot for a mother of 3.

  3. Well…her body is not drop dead gorgeous by todays standards (not really any curves in the bikini pic, but its true she dosen’t look a bit over 40.

  4. Have any of you seen her in that Stephen Chow comedy movie about Karate or something? She was so pretty there. She’s still got the looks and body.

    1. Hi Vel,
      Not sure about that show. But I remember watching her on Bodyguard from Beijing with Jet Li, she still looks very nice compare to those days.

      1. Hey, yeah I have seen that movie too. She looks gorgeous there, so youthful :).

        Btw the comedy movie I was referring to is Love on Delivery. It was filmed the same year as BFB

  5. Christy has kept herself in shape…must be trying to make a comeback but really not that good of an actress.

  6. She actually doesn’t look too fit on the photo on the right. Lots of celeb 40+ women have a hotter bod than that.

    1. Yes you are right, a lot of celebs her age have better body than her but they don’t have kids, they have never give birth before and you know a woman after giving birth their body really taken it toll. Considering her having 3 kids, hers consider really good already. The only thing I’m not sure of is if this pic is photoshopped or original .

      1. that’s why i don’t want..i want my wife body to be sexy all the time hihih

      2. I think the photos may be photoshopped to make the skin texture looks smooth.

    2. Hi Mike,
      From your name can I assume you’re a guy? Maybe you still dont know that a lot of women put on so much of weight after child birth and yes let alone 3 kids. Yes, I’m aware she’s a celebrity but that doesnt spare her from putting on weight. It’s honestly lucky to have such body after 3 kids. If you’re still not a father, then you’ve to wait and see if your wife will be as lucky as her.

      1. Spot on Bloom. Could not have said it any better myself.

      2. Well said Bloom! Once a woman has kids,her body will never be the same as before. My aunt has had 5 kids and still has a nice body for a mother of 5. However,of course it will not be fair to compare her body to someone that is younger or has never had kids.

  7. She looks fine, but I’d like to see her without heavy photoshopping. 😛

  8. Obviously photoshopped. Other photos of her don’t look like this.

  9. 2nd photo def. photoshopped but she still looks hella fine for 43. That and I’ve always thought she was beautiful.

  10. She has sexual appeal. She doesn’t even look 35!!! She’s one hot mama!! A mother of 3!!! I cannot believe she still looks this good. I’m so jealous!!! Happy for her though 🙂

    1. Gosh there’s a pic of her looking like a 50 yr old auntie which leads me to believe that the pics shown here are indeed photoshopped plus the magical skills of a good make up artist and hairstylist can do wonders!

      1. Yes,make up is one thing,but also photoshop and lighting make a big difference.that photo of her with little or make up makes her look like she us 50+. Make up and photo shop truly does wonders.

    2. To LP,
      I think I must be honest that most celebrities even hollywood ones, they dont look nice without make-up. So not only celebrity but ordinary ppl like us. I’ve seen some of my colleagues who looked very nice with full make-up but once we had a trip and I went to their room early in the morning so they’ve not even woke up and they gave me a fright i.e. they dont looked nice at all, it’s really a vast difference. I personally feel very few celebrities have such natural beauty nor flawless skin to be able to go without make-up or with minimal make-up to look their best on screen. We just have to be fair to them, but one thing if your feature is not nice, then you may not look nice even with make-up, agree?

      1. Hi Bloom,
        What you said is very true which is one the many reasons my parents always restricted me from wearing make up unless it was necessary. My late father told me that he once knew this one lady who he thought was really beautiful. But of course he saw her in full make up mist of the time. But once he came to her house in the morning and saw her just wake up. He said that he thought to himself who it was. Her husband then said it was his wife and my dad was shocked beyond words because they looked like 2 different people. But I guess in the bus ibises they have to wear it for filming and all,but outside of work,I think they should give their skin a break. However,sadly many become so dependent on make up that they cannot leave home without it.

      2. To HeTieShou,
        Thanks for sharing 🙂
        A lot of women put on make-up to make themselves look prettier and after a while they can’t go out without make-up. They thought the guys like it. But I’ve checked with many male friends and the answers I got was they prefer girl to have natural beauty and they dont like women with make-up. They dont understand why we women wants to put on make-up and nail polish, I said most women do it because it makes them look nicer and one of the reasons they were hoping the guys realize it and praise them.
        I dont have big eyes nor my double eye lids look apparent. Therefore, I never put on any make-up i.e. eye shadows, eye liners, mascara you name it. The only thing I put on is some foundation & lip gloss. A lot of times I felt myself to be really ordinary because you dont see me looking different be it day or night. So, when I had dinners to attend, it’ll be the same, I felt bored. Whereas I saw those girls, they really looked different with make-ups and do envy them sometimes because I wont deny the fact that make-up really can enhance ones look. But ppl like me have no choice but to go without make-up. But there were times I tried to console myself that I dont frightened off ppl when they meet me because I look the same.

  11. christy chung exudes the same elegance aura beauty in same category as rosamund kwan/carina lau/maggie cheung/vivien chow/michelle reis standard in 40s… christy was once giving out vibes when she takes photos topless and almost nude pics in her erotic pictorials books which really was quite surprising that time as she exudes confidence with no boundary for her sexiness… when she starred in that erotic thai film which show off her body is also one of the most remembered moments for the guys

  12. Whoever is saying she’s just average is jealous. Christy Chung is gorgeous.

  13. I don’t think many of us ever had her sort of body now, not even during our 20s. No doubt she’s hot and she looks great for her age. She was never the skinny type and she has breasts, buttocks, full lips. Looks wise yes she is average to those who do not prefer her looks but you can’t deny, 3 children and in her 40s, she is looking great.

  14. she is hot. I am her age but i am so fat. I can’t maintain my previous weight after I turned 40. My health also deteriorate. Man, I would be so happy if i can be as skinny and pretty as her. That’s life, we just can’t compare but we can definitely envy, 🙁

    1. Jadon,
      “Man, I would be so happy if i can be as skinny and pretty as her. That’s life, we just can’t compare but we can definitely envy.”

      We only see the good side of celebrity figures. I’m sure Christy Chung puts in hours at the gym to maintain her body in such fine shape. And she likely has dedicated fitness trainer to help work on problem areas.

      Most moms don’t have the time or energy for such intensive workouts, so don’t feel guilty.

  15. hi there

    1. come on.
    2. photoshopped.
    3. ok, Christy looks hot, ok.
    4. she also has the appetite for white sausage

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