Tiffany Tang Makes First Video Appearance After Giving Birth

Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) has made her first appearance in a video after giving birth last December, and it’s shocking a lot of netizens.

In September 2019, the Chinese actress announced that she was expecting her first child with actor and husband Luo Jin (罗晋). In December 2019, it was reported by Chinese media that Tiffany has already given birth to a set of twins, one girl and one boy. Neither Tiffany nor Luo Jin ever clarified this publicly, but their The Princess Weiyoung <锦绣未央> costar, Li Xin’ai (李心艾), confirmed this news privately to the fans.

For the next six months, Tiffany stayed low-profile and did not make any public appearances. It wasn’t until today, June 23, when she finally updated her fans through a video posted on her official Weibo account. In the video, Tiffany danced and smiled while wearing her headdress from the upcoming drama The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕云台>, with a black T-shirt and skirt. Tiffany looked very slim, as if she had never even given birth.

As it has been a long while since netizens were last graced with her presence, they happily welcomed Tiffany’s return. They all expressed their anticipation to see Tiffany return to the small screen.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. This is one “actress” that should retire and stay at home with kids. Her acting is painful to watch, there are a handful of Chinese actresses, Victoria Song, Tiffany Tang, Angela Baby who are over hyped and truly lack any true acting skills.

    1. @seriously I only watched one drama with Tiffany Tang – Princess Weiyoung. Luo Jin was in it too and they were super cute. I thought Tiffany’s acting was pretty good

      1. @luye Agree. I really like her character compared to the other dramas she starred in. The feeling was kind of similar to Fan Bing Bing’s drama, The Empress of China despite production wasn’t as grand and elaborate.

        @seriously Disagree. Tiffany has her weak points, but I think she can get better if her future roles are less static.

      2. @mi520
        I agree and I have seen Tiffany act in many series and I enjoyed her acting. But of course it depends on the role too.

      3. @luye, you all are referring to the series where one of the main male characters was sporting dreadlocks braids for most of the series right? Yes for melodrama with awful plot, costume designs, I guess her acting is “good” for the circumstances.

      4. @seriously yes I remember the dreadlocks. That def stood out LOL. Princess Weiyoung is the only drama Ive watched with Tiffany, and i thought her acting was decent

      5. @luye
        Yes, I saw her in many series and her acting is not bad. She acts way better than the actresses from TVB for sure. You should watch her in Chinese Paladin 3. I enjoyed her acting in there too.

  2. She was always so pretty to me (giant forehead can be hidden.) But I always felt like she could do better. Her roles are so typical, goody-two shoes. I think there was commentary a while back about how she along with a few A-listers recycle their expressions over and over again. She doesn’t try to move out of her comfort zone to play some other characters and that annoys me. Which is what makes her annoying. If she plays anything, I just expect another goody two shoes

    1. @coralie Which actress doesn’t always play goody-two shoes? Even as popular as YM and owns a studio, she couldn’t escape repetitive characters. Maybe if somebody has super power and strong connections everywhere, they can contract with anybody, anytime, anywhere, with extreme ease.

      Changing agency isn’t easy, if stay, then they end up with the repetitive roles like their agency always give out.
      Those who can change agency like changing shoes, I really admire how they can do it without getting burned.

      1. @yoyo I didn’t say i like YM better lol. But at least YM picks roles that are Mary Sues, but with more depth. I was so excited when Tiffany was chosen as Weiyoung in Princess Weiyoung because in the novel, Weiyoung was a scheming, manipulative, unrelenting and aggressive character, but on Tiffany Tang…well, let’s just say on her she wasn’t that much different than her other characters. And I’ll just leave this here for your reading:

      2. @coralie That article doesn’t mean anything, I seen that ruse over and over.

        Post a good picture but use bad words on the caption like “she can’t act”, stupid people would believe it of course.
        Post a bad picture with good words, “this is the best acting ever” only stupid people would believe it too.

        Smart people can judge what’s good or bad with their own eyes, they don’t just believe what they read. The pictures of YM and TY acting was not even problematic, you can list your faves and we can them acting just exactly the same without a difference. Worse is if those actresses are newer and only famous after YM and TY meaning they only copied others acting styles.

      3. @yoyo I didn’t come to the conclusion that Tiffany isn’t great by reading articles like the one I posted. I basically felt the same all along, but the article supported my thoughts, that’s all. Repetitive acting, lack of depth and growth. Maybe her postpartum acting will be better now that she can’t really be an idol. She doesn’t have the burden of keeping up her image anymore, so can take on more variety of roles. If not and she still sticks with the goody two-shoes, well, then…no hope.

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