Tony Hung Once Chalked Up Huge Credit Card Debt

Once a debtor who feared phone calls from debt collectors, Tony is thankful for his secured financial situation.

Grateful to have work despite COVID-19, actor Tony Hung (洪永城) has started filming for a new infotainment program Are You Okay? <你還好嗎?>, which will offer a glimpse into how different citizens across the globe are adapting to the impact of the pandemic with resilience, including a Japanese fencing Olympic silver medalist started making food deliveries for a living.

Despite losing quite a few job opportunities, Tony does not feel sorry for himself at all as he had experienced his worst financial slump 10 years ago, when he amassed 100,000 Hong Kong dollars in credit card debt and could not afford to pay off even the lowest lump sum. During that period of time, he would receive calls from debt collectors asking him to pay up, which caused him to develop a phobia of answering phone calls.

Despite having become a property owner now, he laughingly adds that he has merely turned from debtor of credit card companies to owing banks and real estate developers money, and is in an even bigger “debt” now. However, the 36-year-old would still lend a helping hand to friends, as he shared that he had once wired a four-figure sum to a Nigerian friend in dire need.

The pandemic has made Tony appreciate his loved ones more, especially his relationship with girlfriend of two years, fitness trainer Inez Leong (梁諾妍). Despite his stable relationship with Inez, Tony did not have any updates in his personal life to share and said, “I haven’t heard anyone getting married because of the pandemic, but there are more divorces though!”

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  1. ‘he had once wired a four-figure sum to a Nigerian friend in dire need’. All I can think about is those Nigerian scammers with an uncle who’s a Prince lol

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