Tony Leung Ka Fai Celebrates 31st Wedding Anniversary

Married for 31 years, Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) and his wife Kong Ka Nin‘s (江嘉年) love remained unwavering. Along with the couple’s twin daughters Chloe and Nikkie, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary earlier this month at a tropical destination. They also shared many old photos, which revealed the family’s closeness and their incredible journey together.

Tying the knot in 1987, Tony got married early in his acting career. He fell in love with his wife when he first saw her in the filming studios. Since Tony is an actor and often had long filming hours, their marriage withstood many hardships. In 1993, Tony was abducted by triads while filming a movie in Vietnam. It was Ka Nin who coolly negotiated with the triads and persuaded them to release Tony. In their years as husband and wife, Tony disclosed that they have never fought.

Never forgetting that he was jobless and only had $8000 HKD in his bank account when he asked Ka Nin to marry him, Tony voiced his gratitude for his wife, who accepted his proposal despite his financial status. Ka Nin was hit with recent criticism where many said her fairly average looks were not good enough for Tony, the actor angrily replied, “My wife is the best woman on the planet; her greatness is what inspired me.”

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  1. Such a lovely family. It goes to show that true love is not about money and looks. Tony married the woman he loved and still loves. So wonderful of him to defend her when delusional people attacked her looks. That right there is what one of the things I cant understand about my fellow Chinese. Why do they continue to live in the old centuries time when everything was based on status, looks, age, height and the list goes on. I actually pity people with such a mentality.
    I hope Tony and his wife continue their beautiful journey together. May their daughters find the same happiness in love as their parents. Love, health, happiness and prosperity to all of them.

  2. Seriously, who are these strangers to judge if she doesn’t deserve to be his wife simply by looking at her appearance. They started dating when he was poor and agreed to marry him when he was still poor; he didn’t have affairs with young actresses or dump his wife for them when he became famous, the public should be impressed and happy for them rather than commenting on her looks or discussing if he deserves better or not. How does one defines “better” anyway.

    1. @bearbear beautifully said. Could not have said it better myself. People are too fickle and shallow and are stuck with this foregone mentality that celebrities should only date very good looking partners. Men should only date women no more than three years younger than themselves, women should not date men not even a year younger, and someone who is rich should not date someone who is poor. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Kudos to Tony for sticking with the wonderful woman who was there for him when he had nothing. Kong ka Nin has been a loving, giving wife and mother and that makes her beautiful to me. I am happy Tony repaid her loyatly by being himself loyal, faithful and being there for the woman who was there for him.

      1. @bubbletea Indeed, credit to Tony for not having wandering eyes when he should have lots of opportunities after getting famous. He’s lucky to find a woman who is willing to share a future with him when no one knows if he even has a future but many a times we have seen cases where the husband conveniently forgets how lucky he has been once other women flock to him, then denying the third wheel being a homewrecker and commenting what a mistake his first marriage has been or how true love has finally arrived in his life.

  3. Criticizing his wife for her looks instead of admiring her character…….that’s superficial HK’ers for you. Of course, I’m sure not all HKer’s are that shallow.

  4. Wow, I’m still amazed every time I read that she saved him from the triads. She’s totally his hero. And usually after traumatic incidents like being abducted, people can develop strong reliance on their saviors. I’m not surprised their marriage is still strong after decades.

  5. Sweet. Man with with a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. It is easy to stray when one becomes famous and rich as temptation will seek the rich and famous. Was awed by his 10 minutes acting in Once Upon A Time. Very convincing. He would have won the best supporting if he had longer time in the movie.

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