Top 10 TVB Series in 2011; “Forensic Heroes 3” Snatches #1 Spot

TVB series, Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>, became the winner of the Top 10 television series with the highest ratings in 2011. Earning the top spot, Forensic Heroes 3 averaged 36 points in ratings for the entire series, while Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> came in the second spot, averaging 31 points in ratings. “Pro Sir” Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) toppled over “Laughing Sir” Michael Tse (謝天華)!

Yesterday, TVB announced the ratings results for Forensic Heroes 3. The 2-hour finale averaged 40 points in ratings, with approximately 2.56 million Hong Kong viewers tuning in to watch.  The finale peaked at 43 points, with 2.75 million viewers during the scene in which Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung (張可頤) were held hostage in a stone house. The entire series of Forensic Heroes 3 averaged 36 points in ratings, while 2006’s Forensic Heroes averaged 33 points, and 2008’s Forensic Heroes 2 averaged 32 points.

TVB’s Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), announced that starting with the broadcast of Forensic Heroes 3, the viewer ratings will include the 3 points in ratings from My TV, which boosted the total ratings of Forensic Heroes 3 to 36 points. The revised tabulation in viewer ratings will be supplied to advertisers going forward. A celebration was held yesterday to acknowledge the success of Forensic Heroes 3. TVB executive, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬), announced that another celebratory banquet will be held for the Forensic Heroes 3 cast and crew in December.

The plot of Forensic Heroes 3 was quite logical since its broadcast. However, netizens laughed at the ending episode, in which Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) chased criminals from the day through night time. In another scene, the central characters walked in a catwalk fashion to investigate cases in the Central district. Discerning users noted that Kate and Ron belonged to the Crime Bureau Investigation Unit of Kowloon West, yet their caseload involved the entire Hong Kong New Territories region.

2011 TVB Anniversary Peaked at 34 Points

Saturday’s broadcast of the 2011 TVB Anniversary <萬千星輝賀台慶> averaged 31 points in ratings, peaking at 34 points. The segment in which Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) were teased by Eric Tsang (曾志偉) garnered the highest ratings results.

Top 10 TVB Series in 2011 (Results through November 18, 2011)

1)      Forensic Heroes 3 (average 36 points, 2.3 million viewers)

2)      Lives of Omission (average 31 points, 1.97 million viewers)

3)      The Rippling Blossom (average 31 points, 1.95 million viewers)

4)      Ghetto Justice (average 30 points, 1.89 million viewers)

5)      The Other Truth (average 29 points, 1.86 million viewers)

6)      Yes Sir, Sorry Sir (average 29 points, 1.85 million viewers)

7)      A Great Way to Care (average 29 points, 1.84 million viewers)

8)      Grace Under Fire (average 29 points, 1.829 million viewers)

9)      Only You (average 29 points, 1.826 million viewers)

10)   Links to Temptation (average 28 points, 1.78 million viewers)

Jayne: What are your top 3 favorite series for 2011? Where is “Curse of the Royal Harem”?

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    1. Lol, an extra 3 points added from MY TV for Forensic Heroes 3 brings the total to 36 points.

      1. Isnt that an unfair comparison table since other series before FH3 dont add myTV ratings. That only makes FH3 and COTRH that will have extra points. Why dont start from WHB which means for anniversary next year.

      2. TVB is TVB, you require them to be fair? Then you have to ask why BTROC is included the MyTV rating to be 50, too. Same to CBML. Mai Siu Ching is kinda desperate for the rating.

      3. They added MyTV ratings to BTROC? No wonder I thought that show had an unbelievable amount of ratings, lol.

      4. BTROC did not add MyTV ratings. The producer did say, after adding MyTV, the rating is ***. But, in official ranking, the MyTV rating is not added.

      5. @Kidd: 2 extra points from MyTV is added to BTROC’s ending peak to reach to 50, let it look higher than the Dae Jang Keum.

  1. The Curse of the Royal Harem has gone down the road that all disappointing TVB Anniversary series before it went.

  2. Really really don’t understand why this series received such a high rating? Besides being a police series with lots of forensic investigations incurred.. I really don’t find this series interesting and was rather feel this series kinda unlogic too during the cases solving etc. I also find the massive use of IT technologies in this series kinda unlogic.

    No offense to Kate’s fans but why is her hair also nicely permed when her character in the series was a tough madam cop?

    Is it because Wayne was in the series, hence the high rating?

    1. I can’t believe the high ratings either. Pro sir was so bland and his relationship w/ mandy was so boring.

      I agree that Kate looked too glamed up to be a tough madam. And I couldn’t stand the pouty way she talked. Hello, you’re supposed to be acting as a Sr. Police officer, not some young girl.

      1. More like a “LengMo” than a young girl imo lol..

        Maybe i’m not a fan of forensic or Police series, therefore I never really watch any of these genre series properly..


      3. FH2 was so good! the chemistry between charmaine and kevin was amazing…. i have to admite- FH3 couldve been waaaaay better. i prefer the FH2 cast :\

    2. I think Yoyo Mung played a much better madam compared to Kate 🙂

      1. You should say Yoyo Mung played a much better madam compared to Charmain. I hate FH2 because of her.

      2. To me either Yoyo or Charmaine is better than Kate Tsui, not about personal dislike but seriously Kate doesn’t act well enough as a Senior Inspector 🙁

      3. @JN:

        U didn’t think charmaine played a good madam or u don’t like her, period?

        I think charmaine’s cool and calm madam ma was very believable. At least she had good interrogation and analytical skills.

        Kate on the other hand, has everyone else solve the cases for her. I kept thinking- what do they need her as team leader for when pro sir, mandy, or wind does all the work? I think Ada should’ve been the one to film those police educational shows. At least her hair and make up are all ready and she could be of some use.

      4. Kate Tsui was Not convincing of the cop madam role. She just does not look right, and not look educated enough. Maybe it her clothing, or just her face, but to me she does Not look like a “Madam”
        I like Fala Chen in Laughing Gor cop madam role more. Fala Chen look more elegant, educated and has the “Madam” look smore. Kate was like bleh, what ever kindda feeling.

    3. I’m sorry but I don’t think the public is being fair Wayne at all. FH3 is a pretty good drama. You either like this sort of series or you don’t, and just because this is not your cup of tea that doesn’t mean that Wayne didn’t do a good job. IMO, I thought Wayne and Maggie did a great job, they were natural, professional and most importantly they were believable (none of that over-acting disaster). FYI, things are a lot different in policing nowadays, AND they do use a lot of technologies in real life. AND you will be surprise to know that a lot of officers/undercover officers do look like Kate and dresses like Kate (minus the walk). Oh btw, there are lots of love dramas in real life policing as well :-).

      1. @Lol:

        Are u in law enforcement? B/c I can’t imagine a lady cop looking and dressing like Kate unless her dream is to be a Charlie’s angel.

        And yes, Wayne and Maggie were professional but they had no personality. I still don’t understand when and how their “love” developed. I saw friendship, not romance.

      2. Yeah me too, those “madam” cop in My country dresses uniform and doesn’t have S shape body and mostly in boy hair.

        kate being madam cop, with tight fitting outfit always, nicely permed hair and wearing fashionable boots really give ppl a wrong impression about madam cop in Hk keke

      3. haha.. Kate is crazy, wearing high heal boots climbing up a hilltop to find dead bodies. i see tvb dramas is just like manga. eg. the character is still convincing even though the females are having huge eyes as big as oranges and small peanut-like mouth.

        Life is realistic enough, cant we just lol at dramas 🙂

      4. @ Josie,

        Believe me they do dress like that, very hip and very fashionable. They are undercover, the whole point is to blend in, keep in mind most of them are health fanatics and have amazing bodies. You won’t even think for a second they are cops but they are.
        As for Wayne and Maggie, no personality is personality…it’s nice for once to see normal and mature characters, I enjoy them.

      5. @Norika: If TVB series can reach to the half realistic level of mangas, it’ll be better. I bet that you don’t read many mangas to know that even in fantasy mangas, there are a lot of realistic stories inside. No mention of the realistic mangas.

        If you want to see the real life, see it in your real life. Drama/Novel/Film, etc. is tent to have the fantasy factors.

        High heel boots can climb to the hill. You have never use high heels? Do you see the ladies in high heels can run as fast as a leopard? Rmb, it’s just a hill, not a mountain where the wipe must be used.

  3. 1. Curse of the Royal Harem (even if I have only watched to ep 6 😛 I believe it will be best cause I love that kind of series which focus on the women at the palace.)
    2. The Life and Times of a Sentinel (I got surprise of the ending. Much happened and it was better and many other TVB series.)
    3. Super Snoops (So fun and interesting!)

    1. Agree, kinda like how COTRH progress so far. Jessica and Myolie acting are quite good so far in my bias opinion lol.

    2. I also like COTRH. I always love series about palace life for woman except BTROC because BTROC has a bad storyline and acting

      1. lol so agree with you on BTROC.. The characters in BTROC were so unlogic plus the storyplot sux bad and Tavia as evil concubine didnt show evilness in her except her big eyes glare that’s all I see from the series..while I could sense the evilness frm Myolie eventhough Nancy’s aura as evil concubine is stronger lol.

      2. Myolie in cursed series is not evil, it is stupid. In retrospect, BTROC kinda made sense, especially moses’ role even if it is like some open expensive hotel. But cursed series is just… so… what can I say? WHAT CAN I SAY? Stupid? Dramatic? Over dramatic? I mean how can the emperor ever believe a heavily pregnant woman or an old woman can single handedly kill a young big man, carry him and then throw him into a pond is beyond me.

      3. @Funn,

        The emperor didnt directly said it was Jessica and her old maid who killed the man but was rather implied that it was Jessica’s plot/murder scheme that killed the man…let me try to repharase this.. jessica as the Noble Consort Concubine, she can easily order a male servant to kill the man and bury him in the garden but you were right that the emperor was kinda stupid to believe the old maid rather than his beloved wife who is now heavily pregnant with his child. If I were a concubine in those ancient time..I’d have hanged myself for being too disappointed with my stupid emperor husband LOL>

      4. Veejay, he didn’t really go all out to investigate did he? He just put the death sentence on the maid or arrest Jess. He didn’t say find the assistant. It was like a speeding train sort of reaction. But none more so that Jess’ sudden change when she found out that the emperor knows, in that particular episode.

        Fox, take away Moses’ puppy face, take away the silly evilness, and all, his emperor character is actually the most developed character in that series and has a pretty sad life. And I do think Moses did well enough.

      5. Haha… actually Moses touched me in BTROC too! Imagine a king who can have any woman except the one he truly loves. Bittersweet…

        But then came YSSS and I wanted to push him out the window so badly.

        As for CotRH, I can’t believe sunny forgot about his love for Jessica so quickly. Shouldn’t he care for her more since she became pregnant.

      6. @Funn: These things are the only things I can rmb about BTROC, bad that :P. Other than the glare face of TY, puppy face of Moses and Charmaine’s spider dance, I can’t rmb anything else. Oh well, the makeup, lol.

      7. @Funn,

        I’m not sure if I should say its because King/emperors were most stupid last time, they only listen to 1 person testimonial and simply sentence the other person w/o trial to death. That’s why all the concubines from last time died in young age (except Dowager Ci’an). Sunny’s character as Daogung or Dougong emperor isn’t a bright emperor, and he was rather a weak one losing out fighting the opium battle in history.


        Emperor of last time had like 3000 over concubines and he was considered the ancient playboy in China. When a concubine is loved, she has all the power.. and when she’s no longer loved..she will be push or sent to live in a lonely less ppl area forever. Nancy is the newest emperor’s love, therefore it wouldnt surprised me if sunny believes Nancy more than Jess now since Jess herself said in the previous episodes that sunny’s heart already went to nancy.

      8. If anyone watch the new Yuzetian (China) series, you will know tat all Kings are stupid.

        However, the Kings in China series are luckier than Kings in TVB series as they really have 18 year old girls act 18 year old girls.

      9. Veejay, whoever he loves or ditches, the empress remains the one with the consolation prize; power. And he can’t kill her, sentence her, etc because empress’ are usually from very very powerful families and usually just let her be. In that respect War & Beauty was realistic in the way the emperor treated the empress.

        And not everyone can fight to be empress. How many times have emperors ever divorce their empress? his first wife is always the empress unless she fails to give a son but some emperors do let women without sons to be his empress; my now favourite emperor, yongzheng whose wives you can count on your 10 fingers. Wives as in concubines with titles. Either he was stingy with titles or he really didn’t marry that many. Not that he had the time nor energy.

        This cursed series’ emperor, don’t know what to say. Thank you to TVB for destroying whatever dignity, credibility and integrity he may have had. The writing is getting worse and worse. The funny thing,


        With one scissors Jess was so sure who killed sunny’s mother and my family turned to me and asked eh how she can be so sure? and I just said didn’t you see? Wayne Lai just cross over from Forensic Heroes III. He said so.


        Why not do a cross over eh? China may have ban time travelling story, but HK can still do. Time travel all they want now! But please don’t bastardise BBJX. Gong already did it. Bastardise something else.

      10. Veejay,

        But sunny told Jessica she was his most loved. She’s not like his other wives who were picked for him. He said he loved her since they were young, kinda like Moses and charmaine. Sigh, I guess Nancy’s seductive powers made him forget.

        So if charmaine had stayed w/ Moses, maybe he would’ve become fickle too.

      11. Moses? He would have been a happier man and I would have cheered because frankly never liked that other guy. That very special guest star.

      12. @fox,
        Love your comment about the 18 y/o thing… TRUE!!…

        Just recently watched BBJX, and i can’t help but compare it to COTRH. In BBJX all the actors/actresses were GREAT. I love the scenery, the storyline, and and ALL the actors/actresses can act (even the one with small/limited role)..They were all good looking, I mean the even maid was pretty. I mean a while back you will never catch me saying that a China drama is better than TVB,,, but through out years TVB have gradual deteriorate. The drama are getting worst. In COTRH, Moylie is one of the main, and she really overact in this series, Jessica is great, but it’s hard to believe she’s her age in this series.

      13. Funn,

        COTRH may not be the best ancient series as of now and the story may become even worse if you wathc further since I’ve watched the “preview” on Channel 302 always LOL..


        Myolie will be divorced later after she was found out to had illicit affair by the KING himself yeah HImself, imagine a highly power King sunny can walk around out from the kingdom simply..but then again tvb can say “sunny in his disguise as plain citizen”.

        I agree with you that even the emperor have to pay some respect to the empress even if he hates her or no longer like her because empress rules and control inside the palace.

        As for the scissor part, I think because ancient ppl are “simple minded” so simple judgment can really sentenced someone die? who know?


        Sunny said to words to Jess out of happiness when both have been thru thick and thin in the infested village and that was the time Jess accepted his sincerity and become his wife. But later, Sunny just loves jess lesser after Nancy’s appearance as his new love object. It’s kinda sad but almost all emperors were like that..easily forget about someone u loved easily when new object/woman appears..

      14. Funn,

        I know you dont really like COTRH but try to watch the sereis until finish cuz I believe Jess turning evil and pay back those who have hurt her and family will be fun LOL..

        I just love watching evil ppl instead of good ones in a series hehehe

      15. Which Emperor in an inner palace scheming series is not lame and stupid?

      16. Err the war and beauty one? He was pretty smart, just that he didn’t want to get involved but his warning to the empress was something rather memorable.

        BTROC not that stupid in the sense our guy was busy with a lot of things so he didn’t notice much.

        Cursed series ermmm.. he has so much time he can dress up as opera singer so basically that explains why his inner court is so “luan”.

      17. @Funn

        Mind telling me what was memorable quote from the emperor to his empress in WAB? I forgot about it liao.

        I just remember after the emperor talked to the empress, her face changed and was rather scared looking lol.

      18. Veejay, had to refer back to my own recap;

        SOrry for the grammar thing, never checked but should be this scene-not any particular line but particular scene;

        Back to Hung Mo waiting outside and guess who was in it? The Empress telling the emperor what she found out. “The baby by Wah Kwai Yan (Yuk Ying) is not your majesty’s! This is confirmed by her maid. And perhaps your majesty may consider checking into Soon Kwai Yan’s baby as well” and suddenly the emperor said “You mean they all meant to harm me? If that is so my empress, you shall bear the largest portion of the blame” and the empress was shocked. The emperor explained “Here I am worried about the rebels and my dynasty and there you are telling me the problems with the concubines. You’re supposed to be in charge and you have done a bad job and have burdened me further!” and the empress was like “How can you say that? I was merely telling you the truth, I have evidence, I have witnessess” and the emperor was like “I do not wish to listen to your deceitful lies anymore! I have always know what you have done empress, I have known for years how you bully the others and ruled with tyranny but I have always closed one eye because you’re the empress. But do not challenge my authority, do not stretch the limit of my patience” and the empress was in tears as she said “You think I meant to harm you? Those women, those concubines, they do not care about you. They just like the status but everything I have done, I did it because you’re my husband and I am your wife, I am trying to safeguard your interest, to protect you!” and he said “Get out! GET OUT!” and angrily she left, screaming why why why is everybody against her.

    3. … really? What’s your reason for liking The Life and Times of a Sentinel? I thought it was pretty bad, and while the ending made a rather pleasant surprise, it made no sense whatsoever.

  4. My 3 favorite series so far are The Rippling Blossom, Ghetto Justice, and Only You. I like Curse so far but I have to see the whole thing before I can decide. A really good or weak ending can really change my opinion.

    I didn’t think Forensic Heroes was that great, but this is a biased opinion because I couldn’t get the first 2 installments out of my head when watching it for some reason. Other than Kate and Ron chasing the criminal until night time, as well as the part where the criminal was holding Kate’s hands since she could’ve just kicked him!, I found many other parts illogical.
    I thought Lives of Omission was an exciting series to watch, but that doesn’t really mean it’s good to me. There were just a lot of holes in the storyline.

    1. Yeah, but think about it. So, you’re pretty good at fighting, and then someone just grabs you from the back. What do you do, kick him instantly? lol no, most likely I’ll take a long time to recover from the shock.

  5. What is OT? The only series TVB has started with O is Only You, so must be OY?

    1. Oh this one is asking to Hello but dunno why it becomes a seperate topic.

  6. Does high ratings automatically translate to “Good Drama”? As much as I disliked, or almost hated FH3, I watched it because there is nothing else to watch and because I could tolerate the people in it. But FH3 is truly one of the worse dramas I’ve seen in a long time… (I am more selective in dramas now and don’t watch as many as I used to).

    Could it be that there is nothing else/better for HK people to watch at 9:30pm? Isn’t 9:30 prime time for HK television therefore automatically generating more viewers? Or perhaps because Wayne Lai (not Pro Sir) is “killer housewife”?

    1. I think it’s more because of the FH label itself. Wayne Lai also sells, but even if he wasn’t in it, FH3 would be just as successful.

  7. Favorite 3 series from 2011:

    1) The Rippling Blossom (the story is watchable but not perfect. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for Chilam Cheung ever since Cold Blood, Warm Heart when Jessica left him for Gallen 🙂 )

    2) The Other Truth (Ruco Chan really ‘broke out’ in this series. I was never a fan before this, but you gotta give kudos to a guy for turning around your opinion of him 360 degrees with the performance in just one series).

    3) Ghetto Justice (crowd pleaser that is impossible not to love and Kevin is at his most un-Kevin here which is a big plus).

    Notable Series of 2011:

    Only You – My other favourite of 2011 that just missed out on the Top 3. A stellar year for Kevin and his chemistry with Yoyo here is truly amazing. Louise Lee is of course the best of the veterans TVB has in their stable. Hope they will keep on appreciating her talent.

    Forensic Heroes III – Yes, some of the cases (or most of it) are plain simple you don’t need a criminal forensic expert to help you figure the whole thing out. Yes, in these post-Detective Investigation Files days, both the criminal cases and the personal stories are not as deeply and well-written (read lazy scriptwriters and producers). Yes, the finale was really bordering on ridiculousness with that chase scene. But I did not go into this one expecting anything approaching the calibre of DIF or Gun Metal Grey. And at least it was better than Mysteries of Love. And the finale wasn’t half as ridiculous as Lives of Omission’s.

    River of Wine – Bowie Lam was underutilized again, Sunny Chan was as loud as ever, Linda Chung and Nancy Sit were just being Linda Chung and Nancy Sit (Linda still lovable, Nancy annoying as hell), Sire Ma and Pierre Ngo actually made the most of the tepid writing for their characters. But all in all a solid if not spectacular script that some (or most) may label as mediocre but which I find enjoyable in these quality-starved days of TVB series.

    Super Snoops – Good old fashioned annoying fun, if just to watch Liza Wang make a fool of herself through cringe-inducing overacting.

    Wax and Wane – Strong evidence why TVB should keep on having Roger Kwok around. Ron and Kate are surprisingly not annoying here.

    Links to Temptation – Suffers from some overlong scenes but truly a pleasant surprise during the early part of the year.

    Grace Under Fire – And the other evidence for TVB to keep Kenneth Ma around and truly start promoting him as a worthy successor to Wayne Lai as the station’s perennial character actor, a guy who can be count on to portray just about any role
    and in the process provide a silver lining for sub-par series.

    The most overhyped series of 2011 – Hands down it’s got to be Lives of Omission. Enough with Laughing Gor, just kill him already. And to top it all off with a rushed out and ridiculous finale (bomb in the microwave oven and everything went downhill from there). Pity that Ben Wong picked this series to get some well-deserved recognition.

    Another sort-of overhyped series of the year – Yes Sir, No Sir is pretty much a NO SIR for Moses Chan. He used to be good but then comes those comedic-wannabe overacting in series such as Can’t Buy Me Love, In The Eye of the Beholder and this series. Let’s face it, the man is no comedian. And seriously, a spin-off series for Linda Chung’s Miss Koo? Really?

      1. But in W&W, that type of loud just shows his character is a “small man”.

        I liked sunny better when he played the calm and collected type like in DIF, war and destiny, and the bund remake.

      2. I’m different, I prefer Sunny to be LOUD like a crazy man who lose sense..because it’s fun to watch him being crazy scolding ppl..remember watching the sereis of him and Jessica in the Judge series (forgot the name)..there was an episode of Sunny lose control and scolded ppl on the bus..Jessica saw the videoclip which was posted on youtube sort..and was shocked to find her hubby acted such way lol..i think that scene was funny..

      3. I always like Sunny in every series. To me he is always looks so young. Sometimes I always mix up him and Frankie Lam.

    1. dai si jie says,
      Great summary, very well written. I agree with you on almost everything here. My top fav this year:

      1. GHETTO JUSTICE-Kevin’s acting is superb here, Moylie was ok, it’s her best work up to date, but I can stand some of her overacting in here.

      2.THE OTHER TRUTH-Love Ruco, acting was just great!perfect!Again the female lead in this series is weak. Don’t get me wrong, Tavia is one of my favorite actress, but here character was so blah in here, maybe because she was sick during filmng.

      3. ONLY YOU-This is one series that got it right. I have to admit it first I didn’t even want to watch it. I’ve waited 6-7 months after it was out, and I have nothing else to watch to give it a try. Once I started, I couldn’t top. Was never a fan of YoYo, or Kevin, but I am not after this series. The ironic part is this series have both the main lead from my first and my second pick, so that was a bonus.

      The other series that came out this year, was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it, and I refused to watch anything with Fala or Kate in it.

    2. Truly agreed on your comments below for these 2 series

      2) The Other Truth (Ruco Chan really catched my attention. He is just so smart….hopefully more lead series for him) What about sequel with Tavia as happy couple ?

      3) Ghetto Justice (bravo to both Kelvin & Myolie) – so happy to hear there is sequel, hopefully is a happy ending !

    3. Sunny was pretty unbearable in WAW, but I thought he was wonderful in ROW. Not loud at all. The script of ROW was not that good, it moves too slow at times, but I thought the characterization was excellent (except Pierre’s character – he changes too fast).

  8. So… Wayne for the 3rd win perhaps?

    Please no Jayne! NO! Not that cursed series!

  9. I didnt find any of the cases in FH3 interesting. The murderers are so predictable it makes all the shaking of test tubes and blu ray ovens and what nots by the forensic scientists look silly. I can see a spoof coming up for the anniversary awards….

  10. I must be one of the few people who enjoyed watching FH3. Admittedly, I don’t watch it critically like some others do, but it’s good enough entertainment for me as I unwind after a long, tiring day at work.

    It’d be interesting to see whether Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung got the Best Actor/Actress awards respectively for their part in this year’s highest rating series! I certainly think Maggie deserves to be Best Actress – she’s very believable as an intelligent, cool forensic doctor, sayig her lines very easily with clear diction.

    It’s a pity she didn’t share a close rapport with Wayne as his girlfriend, not like Sheren whose onscreen relationships with Wayne were subtle but powerfully romantic.

    1. I agree with you. FH3 is not as good as series from previous years, but definitely one of the better ones from 2011. Maggie’s acting in here is so much better than Myolie’s in Curse and Fala’s in LOO. Best actress award should be based on acting, not on when it’s “time” for a certain actress to be rewarded. Like a lot of people are saying it’s time for Myolie to win because she’s been acting for awhile now. That is lame! However, Myolie might change my mind after Curse is finished, but as of right now, Dr. Chung is the best so far.

      My top 3 series:
      1. FH3
      2. Only You
      3. GJ/LOO

    2. Agree with you. I always love watching police and forensic series. I had been follow Forensic Hero 1, 2, and 3. Even I read comments about Wayne not being good but I still love him in this movie.

      I know Kate as Madam is not as good/strong as Yoyo Mung but I much prefer her than Charmaine on FH2.

      Love Maggie Chung as forensic doctor. She even acted better than Frankie in the 1st two series.

      Her acting is more superb than Myolie or Fala. She should be the one for Best Actress and not the others two.

      1. Sorry, she did not act better than Frankie – he was way better than her. He was very convincing as a forensic pathologist…just the way he examined the corpses seriously looked like he knew what he was doing, looked so real.

  11. I don’t watch all the series or even many at all, so I won’t list my top favorites.

    I enjoyed Lives of Omission, although at the same time I also don’t think it’s a good drama. Let’s just conclude that I found things in LOO that I really like and be biased at :P, and somehow that’s enough for me to enjoy the drama till the end.

    1. You are like me :P. Bias or not, it’s our time so we can waste it in watever we think we like.

  12. “What are your top 3 favorite series for 2011?”

    Forensic Heroes III, 7 Days in Life, and Ghetto Justice/Lives of Omission were most enjoyable! 😀 Can’t decide whether I liked GJ or LOO more.

    1. Yay, I also like how Wayne’s FH3 beat Laughing’s arrogance. 😛

  13. My top 3 series are (no particular order):

    Only You, Ghetto Justice and The Other Truth. I’m starting to really like Amy Wong’s series. 😀

    1. I totally agree, these were the only 3 that stand out this year. I am looking forward to her 2012 drama ATF with Ron and Ruco.

      1. Me too – I’m always hook with Hong Kong task force/police series.

  14. Wow, seriously? -__-
    IMO, the cases in FH3 are so bad that I literally shook my head each time a case ended. How much I love FH1 is equivalent to how much I hate FH3. The cases were too simple, the investigation process was too easy, the relationships between the characters completely lacked chemistry, etc. I felt like Wayne and Maggie’s relationship was too simple, unlike the memorable relationship b/t Bobby and Yoyo. Also, Edwin and Aimee were kinda annoying to watch. The only thing I enjoyed in this series was Nancy’s performance.

    This year was quite disappointing. The series that I like most was the sitcom Be Home for Dinner. The relationship b/t Krystal and Stephen was really moving. Next would be Ghetto Justice and Only You. The big ones don’t really impress me at all -__- I hope next year would be better.

  15. Guys, don’t you feel weird with those gu wak chai (gangsters) in LOO did not smoke and their language is too polite. Worst part is, how come Bosco/Laughing so fast can climb to the top spot? and 1 more thing, did you notice their meeting table? so small and only got a few jar fit yan.

  16. I personally felt bad & sad that Aimee Chan’s character ended in the FH3. The couple together with Ken should remained especially there is a sequel

  17. I think this series was alright..they did have some illogical scenes, one that stuck in my mind possibly because I am an avid baker is the scene where Pro Sir’s daughter and Eva supposedly made cupcakes…er…cupcakes do not require rolling pins (especially as they did not make any fondant whatsoever) and cupcakes are not pastries, the batter is mixed in do not need heaps of flour on the table…FAKE!!! hahahah

  18. Just finished watching FH3. The characters definitely had no chemistry, the relationship between Wayne and Maggie was too easy. The breakup between Maggie and Ruco was too easy, didn’t even understand what happened there. The acceptance of Wayne’s daughter of Maggie was also too easy. It just wasn’t set up in a way to care about any of the characters, like I should feel sad when Nancy and Aimee died but it really didn’t make me sad. Also, very annoying that they would constantly flashback to smething that happened only 3 minutes ago. Scene stuck in my head was where Aimee put alcohol in Edwin’s drink, 30 seconds later he starts drinking it and they flashback to her putting the alcohol in. Happened constantly throughout the show. Liked Nancy and Maggie, Kate was definitely too pouty and proper all the time, didn’t look like a senior police officer at all. Go Sir who left halfway through the show was hilarious.

  19. i dont care what anyone else says but i love forensic heroes 3. if i had my husband like pro sir i would be happy. and honestly, hong kong audiences tend to prefer crime shows. i grew up watching them and i have never missed a series, except for mysteries of love because i hated tavia’s acting in it. but year after year, it is always the crime shows that return with sequels. theres always this sudden addiction with crime shows. i love guessing who the suspect is so that is just a thrill and every episode always make me anxious for the next one.

    my list:
    1. Forensic Heroes
    2. Other Truth
    3. Rippling Blossom

    lives of omission was okay but took way too long for the storyline to get moving and the police took forever! each of the characters just became annoying at some point. personally, i think laughing is overrated.

    1. curse of the royal harem is not in my top 5. its good but not my interests. i adore myolie so i am supporting her. jessica on the other hand, when she wins a battle, i pity myolie and i feel bad for her. and when myolie does something bad to her, i am so proud and happy for her. i dont know. i am biased since i am not a fan of jessica.

  20. Forensic Heroes 3 is just pure GARBAGE! TVB really needs new scriptwriters. I wish Hong Kong Broadcast Authority will take a look a TVB’s ratings in Forensic Heroes III. Something just not add up to with the ratings number because the story was awful and it may be a unfair advantage to use MyTV and actual TV ratings.

    TeeVeeBee, you make audience sick.

    1. If Forensic Heroes III wins Best TVB series in 2011, then that category is effing joke. To classified as best, TVB needs to retool their formula on how to make the best tv series period, lately…. TVB get to work!

      1. Yes, FH3 is GARBAGE. Glad one person shares this opinion! I’ve already lowered my expectations and standards for TVB yet they never fail to disappoint me. This was Wayne’s 1st lead in a modern drama – FH3 (regardless of the title) could have been something special.

      2. It is not Wayne’s first lead in a modern drama. His first lead in modern drama is ‘Pages of Treasures’.

        Anyway, even though you guys keep complaining that it’s garbage, you still watch the series until the end. Not surprising that it got high ratings.

      3. That’s right.. I forgot about ‘Pages of Treasures’.

        I’m not surprised the drama received high ratings given it’s Wayne Lai, Maggie and other popular castings plus, FH3 had a good time slot. In another post I was wondering whether high ratings means good drama in Hong Kong. I contributed to the ratings (because I like Wayne) but I hated the drama.

      4. FH3 is not the best, but, not the worst either. I like some of the cases, although some are really blah. The pacing of the relationship is not as well done as previous installments. Kinda abrupt.

      5. There are just FEW cases or episodes that is some what watchable. Majority… is just awful.

        If this series approach be similar to other series…. TeeVeeBee is in TROUBLE.

        Mark my words.

      6. The category has already been a joke ever since CBML won it last year.

    2. Even they take a look, no help because TVB announced the real rating and the plus points separately.

      1. Monopoly. Unfair competition, ATV may have a case.

        TVB needs to the ratings straighten out, It doesnt matter how TVB pays the ratings agency, they need regulation. It is getting ridiculous for TVB to “try” their very best that it has a higher rating share and upped it more online.

        TVB does not have transparency, and they are getting desperate.

      2. If ICAC has found anything, they jumped into :P. Don’t forget that HK’s ICAC is ranked one of the most effective in the world on anti-corruption.

  21. The Karate part was awesome when Geoffrey Wong landing punches and kicks.

  22. I think Kate is too young & also inexperienced to be the madam in FH3 , it just look weird.

    The rest are fine in their respective roles.

    1. What sad about is, she has acted a police officer in her lifetime career; at least some knowledge to it.

      Still she sucks at it.

  23. It’s funny reading how critical people are. Doesn’t surprise me that many people commented about what they disliked rather than what they liked.
    My top 3 are Relic of an Emissary, FH3, and the Other Truth.

  24. Lives on Omission shall stay on top following by Forensic Hero and raymond lam serial Man with no Shadow shall stay in bottom,man with no shadow is the worse drama in 2011,more worse than his other serial Sister Fa,Raymond shall focus on better drama next time.

    1. You guys are smart. 😀

      Yeap, not the same Kidd. I like ‘Sister Fa’ and ‘Men With No Shadow’.

    2. Maybe Kidd has a fan :P. And yeah, Kidd said Kidd likes Sister Fa and MWNS.

  25. I personally enjoyed Ghetto Justice and the other truth. Lives of omission was not that bad just that i couldn’t stand kate.

    As for FH3, well it was alright but the first two were better. TVB better not give the best male to Wayne!

    1. If the first 2 were better, it does mean FH3 is worse than garbage.

  26. My choice:-
    1) Forensic Heroes 3
    2) Ghetto Justice
    3) The Other Truth

  27. Y keep criticize when Jaynestar only ask for favourite TVB Drama 2011. Please…..

  28. Forensic heroes 3 was good for me , at least ..(: I liked ghetto justice the best (: , followed by only you and lives of omission ..(:

  29. Like FH3 heaps, lots of fun, good gag, good actings.

    my choice:
    3.Yes Sir Sorry Sir
    4. “7 days in the Hotel”

    havent seen half of GJ, was ok.
    LOO I was bored at the beginning so only watched the 2nd half. like Bai Co the most.

  30. Forensic heroes 3 is annoying as hell. Wayne & Maggie characters is fking annoying! They always KNOWS everything! It like every case two of them will solve it, i dont think they need the whole police enforcements there just two of them is enough.

    1. I don’t heard u complain when Bobby was in FH1 and FH2. Their characters are supposed to know everything. And it is not only on movie it also happens in real life too.

      Some people just born with knowledge. They are just like the encyclopedia. Because of them the society is in a better place.

  31. Curse of the Royal Harem is still broadcasting so the ratings are not out yet. however, don’t think it will be FH3.

  32. Curse of the Royal Harem is still broadcasting so the ratings are not out yet. however, don’t think it will beat FH3.

  33. Have you guys ever watch the new mainland series “Emperor Harem”? I am watching 1st episode and I see Tavia Young and a few Hong Kong Actor but used to be in TVB and ATV. So far the series is really good.

  34. 1) Forensic Heroes 3 (average 36 points, 2.3 million viewers)

    2) Lives of Omission (average 31 points, 1.97 million viewers)

    3) The Rippling Blossom (average 31 points, 1.95 million viewers)

    4) Ghetto Justice (average 30 points, 1.89 million viewers)

    5) The Other Truth (average 29 points, 1.86 million viewers)

    6) Yes Sir, Sorry Sir (average 29 points, 1.85 million viewers)

    7) A Great Way to Care (average 29 points, 1.84 million viewers)

    8) Grace Under Fire (average 29 points, 1.829 million viewers)

    9) Only You (average 29 points, 1.826 million viewers)

    10) Links to Temptation (average 28 points, 1.78 million viewers)

    Only Only You is good. Forensic Heroes 3 boring, Lives of Omission trash, The Rippling Blossom boring, Ghetto Justice unreasonable, The Other Truth trash of trash, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir not deserved to call trash, A Great Way to Care lame, Grace Under Fire WTF, Links to Temptation boring.

    1. I only like FH3 and Lives of Omission. Oh wow those are the first 2, it can’t be a coincidence that the only ones I like had the most views.

  35. Just finished this series. Seem like they leave a possible open for the part 4.
    Kate Tsui was Not convincing of the cop madam role. She just does not look right, and not look educated enough. Maybe it her clothing, or just her face, but to me she does Not look like a “Madam”
    I like Fala Chen in Laughing Gor cop madam role more. Fala Chen look more elegant, educated and has the “Madam” look smore. Kate was like bleh, what ever kindda feeling.
    Overall I like this series. Good job TVB!

  36. Love all the hk forensic serial ,big fan ,no matter what the bad comment is really don,t care …is a very good news to know forensic part 3 got no1 spot bravo….however pls part 4 do not put kate tsui in thous outfit she look so silly n a fashion flob and for wayne n maggie pls be a bit refresh they love or a kiss mybe…..thanx tvb

  37. Here’s my list of reviews. THIS IS IN NO SPECIFIC ORDDER!!! I’m only reviewing the ones I have watched 🙂

    1. Ghetto Justice: Great drama! The acting was brilliant and I really felt the chemistry between the band of brothers. The cases were pretty intense and interesting. I really enjoyed watching the love-hate relationship between LA and Kris. 🙂

    2. Lives of Omissions: I really enjoyed watching this one! The heated chemistry between Co and Paris was HOT. The cases they encountered were, once again, pretty intense. The plot line allowed the actors and actresses to breakout. IMO, Bosco actually did pretty well. 🙂 Would’ve liked to see more of Paris’ own storyline though.

    3. 7 Days of Life: I’m surprised this didn’t get any nominations as best drama!!! This was in fact an amazing drama. Such a refreshing change to the normal TVB dramas we have nowadays. When I first decided to watch this, I was worried that it might’ve been boring since they have to stretch out a 20 episode series to fit in to 7 days. I stood corrected!! Amazing drama 🙂 Kudos to Bosco and Joyce. They had amazing chemistry together without any love storyline

    4. My Sister of Eternal Flower: This was a big letdown… I expected more out of Charmaine and Raymond!! They should’ve just made a love modern series rather than something so complicated… This was way too unrealistic and seemed more as though they needed something for Charmaine to have a breakthrough in so they just force this by rooting all the Charray fans. The last scene where Charmaine was PREGNANT- I was disgusted. Recommended for Charray fans but that’s about it.

    5. Men with No Shadows: This got so confusing… Once again, the cast was pretty good however the storyline was too confusing and slow. I don’t think slow is the right word…. It was plain boring. They were trying to make it all physcological and fantasy-driven but got too dry.

    1. What? Charmaine was pregnant? LOL I CALL THAT RAPE! I only watched one episode and I already knew it would only go downhill from there.

      I think the drama would be a tad more logical if it took place in the past/dynastic times instead, where Raymond was poor and he’s forced to marry into Charmaine’s family for the riches.

  38. Forensic Heroes III – lol.
    Lives of Omission – entertaining. would be even more entertaining if there was no Jodie (Fala Chen) or Paris (Kate Tsui).
    Curse of the Royal Harem – only watched it for the sexy prince+empress couple. they didn’t have enough screentime. i was disappointed.
    Ghetto Justice – good characters but illogical. just average.
    The Other Truth – slightly better than GJ but the last case was a snooze fest. underwhelming finale.
    A Great Way to Care – not bad, but I felt like the writers were being lazy. it had the potential to be better.
    Grace Under Fire – tried so hard to be epic but hilariously failed at it in every way.
    Only You – i lost interest.

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