Tracy Chu is 5 Months Pregnant

Last August, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) unexpectedly announced she married her long-time doctor boyfriend Justin Ng (吳昆倫) in Bali. At the time, they immediately returned to work and school, so it appeared they weren’t in a rush to have children. However, it seems they already have a “rat baby” on the way. According to recent reports, Justin returned to Hong Kong to take care of Tracy, who is speculated to be five months pregnant.

Lately, the 31-year-old actress is sporting loose clothing and flat sneakers during her outings. Netizens also noticed Tracy is avoiding full-frontal photos of herself and attempts to hide her belly with her hand or an object. Reporters eventually got a clear indication that she is indeed pregnant when they spotted her with a rounded figure.

However, Tracy has yet to make an announcement, and it’s unlikely she intends to reveal it, based on her past responses to pregnancy. Last September, fans pointed out her slight bump in a picture of her at her friend’s wedding in Canada. Hugging her friend in the photo, friends and fans noticed her protruding stomach and asked, “Are you pregnant?” on her Instagram.

However, Tracy denied it and said, “No, I’m not. Just fat.”

Though she has yet to respond to the pregnancy news, fans can expect her to officially announce the good news soon.

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  1. On her most recent Instagram post her caption said, “Chubby, happy, but no baby.” So I doubt it unless she just doesn’t want to admit it yet? Though to me it’s always odd when people are questioning if one’s pregnant… dunno, to me it feels pushy and at times rude/invasive to ask.

    1. @tvbrama Personally, I’d argue that it’s ALWAYS rude to ask. I don’t understand why people do it.

      What if the couple doesn’t want kids, had simply put on some weight (such as the case with Tracy – maybe), or are incapable of conceiving for whatever reason (finance, health etc.), then you would have brought up a potentially sore subject.

      I have a friend who has issues with conceiving, and every time we hang out, 10/10 times, there will be one insensitive woman in the group who will bring it up.

      Come on, if she’s pregnant, she will eventually volunteer that information. And if she doesn’t, she’s either not pregnant, or chooses not to disclose. What’s the sense in continuously prodding?

      I’ve also noticed that more often than not, questions like these (“when are you getting married?” is another one that irks me) are a result of plain nosiness rather than any genuine concern for the person on the receiving end.

      People need to realize that these are very private, sensitive subjects, and are none of anyone’s business, aside from the couple involved.

      1. @oystergirl “Personally, I’d argue that it’s ALWAYS rude to ask. I don’t understand why people do it.” It’s called NOSY like automatic human nature nosy. haha…LOL…It’s like this. When you are hitting 25. You have a B/GF? If you are married – You have kids? When you are single and over 30/40’s – What’s happening not having any kids? hahha…. lol….Men/Wome alike are all nosy it’s like they have nothing else to ask. I would never ask anyone as I do know a couple who probably can’t have kids and in fact I wouldn’t ask anyone for that matter. If they want to broadcast you don’t need to open you mouth. Unfortunately, I think 99% people in general love asking about other people’s love life.

      2. @oystergirl Oh yeah, I completely agree with everything you’re stating. It’s annoying to hear people be asked these questions all the time – about kids, about marriage, etc. because it’s truly none of their business and only the involved parties’ business.

        It just seems that when they ask these questions they stop considering all factors why people don’t have kids or aren’t married – like you said, financial, health, fertility, precious miscarriages, etc. etc. or very simply don’t want to be married/have kids. But I don’t see these questions always being asked ever going away.

      3. @oystergirl I totally agree that it is rude to ask because like you said we don’t know what the reason is as to why couples do not have kids. I personally went through uterine cancer back in 2018 and had a hysterectomy with both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed out so I can’t have kids. I went through fertility treatments to extract eggs before I had the surgery but it didn’t work out either. I always wanted kids but now can’t have them. However, even before my situation, I never ask people why or when are they having kids.

      1. @coralie very true. I cringe every time I hear those questions – it’s so awkward for the person being asked and if I were in that position I’d hate asking those questions as well.

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