Tracy Ip Shares Wedding Photos On Weibo

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Tracy Ip Shares Wedding Photos On Weibo

Another Miss Hong Kong is off the market. After her engagement announcement on Valentine’s Day, 2005 winner Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) began preparing for her upcoming wedding to her non-industry boyfriend, Raymond. In the past few months, Tracy warmly shared her wedding preparations to her fans on Weibo. Tracy’s happy messages has showed that the former Miss Hong Kong is living life to the fullest.

Earlier this week, Tracy uploaded some of the wedding photos that she took with Raymond back in March. Unlike many celebrity weddings, in which couples like to go overseas for wedding photoshoots, Tracy and Raymond opted to stay in Hong Kong. Tracy said she’s “too lazy” to go far away, but would think about taking the shoots overseas if she has more time.

In the photos, Tracy wore a long, slim-fitting lace wedding gown. Showing off her excellent figure, Tracy and Raymond took their photos while standing inside a pavilion surrounded by greenery.

Originally, the couple reserved two days to complete the entire photoshoot, but due to unsuspected weather conditions, they decided to shoot indoors on one day and outdoors on another days. They decided to choose the mountains as their backdrop.

Tracy said, “It was very humid on the day of the photoshoot. My fiancé and I were sweating heavily. But even so, we still had a lot of fun at the photoshoot. The happiest thing for me is to get the chance to get my three dogs in the photos. They are so well-behaved.”

Tracy and Raymond’s wedding will be held on July 11, 2015.

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    1. elizabeth says:

      Oh! Look at the cute doggies! Congrats to Tracy and Raymond! I wish them both happiness!

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    2. freedalas says:

      Tracy Yip is a very lovely lady full of poise and elegance. It’s a pity TVB doesn’t know how to use her strengths. And instead promote ugly Miss HK like Kate Tsui

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