Transsexual Wedding in “Let It Be Love” Stirs Heated Controversy

Gold TVB Producer, Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and scriptwriter, Zhou Xuming (周旭明), jointly created new television drama Let It Be Love <4 In Love>. Following Kenny Wong (黃德斌) and his girlfriend, Janet Chow (周家蔚), eating a meal aboard a bus arousing internet discussion, the third episode staged a transsexual wedding! Unfortunately, the couple ended up breaking up.

Since Hong Kong law has yet to allow transsexuals to marry, TVB’s legal department was called to make changes in the dialogue. Later in the series, Let It Be Love will delve further into the topic of homosexual love, thus the transsexual wedding may be a foreshadowing of further exciting plot development!

In last night’s controversial episode, Kenny Wong attended his friend, Andy’s wedding. At the wedding reception, childhood photos of the bride and groom were shown. One of the banquet guests, Alvina Kong (江欣燕) commented on the bride, Annie’s photos, “How come the bride looked so masculine after growing up?” Kenny Wong replied, “Andy and Annie met at the right time and right place; their meeting was a precious encounter.” A photo of Annie as a man appeared on screen, followed by his transsexual transformation, which resulted in the guests’ uproar! Alvina had a big reaction, “The bride was a man? Annie is a transsexual?”  Kenny Wong invited the bride and groom on stage to issue a toast, upon which Annie and Andy kissed on the lips.

Before Annie’s Transformation

After Annie’s Transsexual Transformation

Housewives and Netizens Shocked

After the third episode of Let It Be Love featuring the transsexual wedding was aired, internet forums exploded with heated discussion over the controversial scene. There were housewife viewers who expressed their outcries, which a netizen wrote, “TVB, you are tough, airing a transsexual wedding scene! A man wearing a wedding dress and kissing another man on the lips!  TVB, you are strong! I kowtow to you!”

Portraying transsexual bride, Annie, was TVB actor Leo Lee. He was a 2007 Mr. Hong Kong participant, winning the Mr. Popularity Award. Leo wrote on his Weibo blog, “Wow, ha ha, I was at home watching with my eyes closed, afraid to look at the screen! I gave my first onscreen kiss to another man in this manner! I thought that this first kiss [with another man] would never happen [in my life]! As a professional actor, this kissing scene was minor. The most important thing is to stimulate everyone! I will be happy if everyone enjoys watching it!”

Source: Apple Daily

Jayne: Several weeks ago, I read a moving article in East Magazine about a 50-year-old transsexual man in Hong Kong. He was a manager in the banking industry and held a Master’s degree. He was never interested in women, but upon fulfilling his duty to carry on the family name, he got married and had a son. But he was unable to sustain the intimacy between a man and woman; he was not physically interested in his wife.

On a working trip to Great Britain, the man was liberated by local culture celebrating sexual freedom. For the first time in his life, he wore a dress and walked out on the streets, feeling that he was acting his true preferences. When he was a young boy, his greatest joy was putting on his sister’s dresses when no one was looking. After he returned to Hong Kong, the man wanted to continue to wear women’s clothes on the street and he started doing this on a regular basis on the weekends, despite his wife’s increasing cold treatment and cold stares on the street by pedestrians.

After sustaining this cross-dressing habit for a long period of time, the man wanted to push for sexual equality at his workplace, hoping to wear feminine clothes to work. With his lawyer’s involvement, he won the right but eventually resigned from his well-paid position due to negative undercurrent. His wife asked for a divorce, upon which the man felt somewhat liberated and decided to undergo a sex operation to truly become a woman. He e-mailed his son (studying abroad) telling him what he had done, upon which the son never responded to the man’s e-mail. Since the incident, the son has never spoken a word to the father in over a year.

The man felt torn all his life since he was not born a woman, battling a constant desire to be his true self and not live a lie everyday. Finally living a life of his choosing, he lost his wife and son. He said he had no regrets. He said whether he gets married again or not was unimportant and whether his future partner was a man or woman was unimportant as well, as long as they were compatible. He was seeking understanding and acceptance in a partner.

I was quite moved by the man’s sad story. Indeed he gave up everything he had worked for in the last few decades of his life to live a life of his choosing, but at a great cost of his family leaving him. His greatest wish was for his son to accept his father as he is and talk to him again, which was the reason the man accepted the interview with East Magazine, should his son read the interview, he hoped his son would understand who his father truly is.

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  1. I watch that scene yesterday. Quite brave of Chik to do this. It’s not the first time a TVB series show a transsexual character. But, first time they show a kiss and wedding. What is even more uplifting is all the guests, after the first shock, toasted the couple happily.

    If the series really dwell on this issue and highlight the legal point, it will certainly be talked about in ‘We Are Family’. I’ll be listening to ‘We Are Family’ this Sat to find out.

    1. If such a marriage is not recognised legally in HK, so it means that it is just ceremonial.

      1. I know plenty of people that just have a ceremony, wedding banquet,etc.. BUT they never got married on paper. Therefore, they are not legally married so does that count as them being married?? or does it not??

      2. To them they’re married. In the eyes of the law, they’re not. So legally they do not have the rights of a legally married couple. In England there is such thing called common law couple so they have such rights but not sure in HK. Definitely in Malaysia don’t have. So why is the paper so important? Because it gives you legal right over property, money, etc. And tax deduction also I believe.

      3. Plus, if your partner is unconscious and need an operation, you can’t sign the permission paper because you are not legal partner. I think even visitation rights, priority will be given to his/her family instead of the lover.

      4. That’s easily done. Lover can give power of attorney to the other lover.

    2. This story plot is quite creative but at the sametime offensive I have doubt Hk housewifes will accept it.Btw,”Let it be Love “is quite entertaining based on modern new millenium love and love in taboo. We should treat it as an documented series where it do occured in real-life (especially on the transexual wedding)Hope this series will do well in ratings coz it is something refreshing to accomodate happy valentine’s day

    3. I rmb that Mellisa Ng acted a transsexual character with a wedding once but I don’t rmb the wedding is shown or not.

  2. I saw that episode today and thought it was hilarious, but of course netizens would criticize this. I actually think the drama is quite interesting so far with the different storyline of many characters…

  3. I first watched that episode in the Astro version and didn’t see that scene. But then I watched the original version and I thought that scene was very funny, especially Elvina’s expression

  4. I honestly didn’t see any problem with this, I never even thought about the scene in depth until this article came up.

  5. I think the characters need not separate. Even though legally they cannot get married, they can still hold the ceremony and live as a married couple.

    Homosexual marriage is not legal in my country, but, I’ve read in news of a lesbian couple holding a traditional chinese wedding.

    It will sad if the script is forced to change to make them separate because of pressure from TVB’s legal department. The scene has given a very positive message when they couple so courageously let everyone know the bride is transsexual. It will be a bummer to make them end up breaking up.

  6. Seeing some of the negative comments left on Weibo (although many of them were also supportive) really angered me. I applaud Chik for being so bold. Actually, it’s not even about being bold. This is reality.

    Also, gay guys are hot. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them LOL

    1. But seriously, Leo Ho looked so obviously offended when Vin Choi kissed him LOL. Most likely the scene was done in one take to get it over with, haha.

      1. He doesn’t seem offended to me. Maybe he was just trying to show a shy expression. Even female bride will sometime be shy if asked to kiss in front of everyone.

    2. Actually, I thought the hot tub scene of the 2 guys in Thursday’s episode, was more bold. Pretty suggestive.

      1. Does the hot tub scene remind anyone of the bath scene of Joe and Sammul in ‘Relic of the Emissary’? The massage part especially remind me of the scene in Relic.

      2. @Kidd, even the dialogue part remind me of Relic. Alan was telling Ken this might be the last time he served him.


    3. You are right that many gays are really hot… That is why you don’t know they are gay.

  7. Ok TVB is getting more bold and brave and I find that a good thing.. I felt sad to read about the man that Jayne mentioned. That is just so sad I guess I will never understand why people aren’t happy to be born as a women versus a man and vice versa. I often hear about gays and lesbians but not really much about transexuals. They have a lot of those in Thailand which shocked me at first. My friend goes there every year and first told me about the Miss Tiffany pageant which was a pageant full of transexuals. They were all originally men but all became women. They all look really pretty that you would not even know that they were once men…

    1. TVB is getting desperate and willing to take on more risk. Too bad the housewives will not accept this.

      Good for the man Jayne mentioned to be true to himself, still I can’t understand WHY it took him so long. He shouldn’t have married and have children. He is kinda “destroying” two lives here!

      1. Exoidus,
        “Good for the man Jayne mentioned to be true to himself, still I can’t understand WHY it took him so long. He shouldn’t have married and have children. He is kinda “destroying” two lives here!”

        The man in the interview is over 50 years old. Growing up in Hong Kong society decades ago, such transsexual urges were no doubt repressed for fear of being rejected by society. Hong Kong appears to be more open about homosexuality over the last decade, but transsexuality is probably less understood. It is a much more drastic change and to undergo a permanent physical operation makes your statement of your sexuality much louder than being gay, where you can still be more discrete if you wish.

        As to why it took the man so long to undergo the sex operation, his thoughts and tendencies were cultivated from a traditional Hong Kong society of his generation. He felt the filial duty to live a the regular life of a man, get married and start a family. To not disappoint his parents who longed for grandchildren. There are many reasons why we make certain choices because we do not wish to disappoint the people we care about. But to what extent should you be considerate of others and your own feelings? Striking the balance is key. Two or 3 decades ago, alternative lifestyles, regular cross dressers in Hong Kong were probably unheard of. I don’t think he intended to hurt his wife with this choice. Perhaps he thought he could “repress” his true sexuality, never thinking that his choice will hurt his family one day.

        He probably never intended to let his true sexuality surface until he traveled to Great Britain for work, where he discovered how truly liberating it was to be onself. Once you taste freedom and that true happiness in living a life of your own, it is very difficult to go back to a life of repression and shackles. That’s why he was willing to risk all he had, money and family, in this trade.

        In addition, when we are in young, we may think we wish to live life a certain way. We may wish to abide by the rules that society has bestowed upon us because we are afraid to unleash our true selves, afraid of rejection. Most people yearn for acceptance and understanding, to be assured that we are okay after all and not a “freak of nature.” From the interview, the man’s predicament may receive our sympathy, but if he is rejected by his own family, he is likely rejected by the rest of Hong Kong society as well.

        His current predicament may have met his exact fears, but he figured given his advanced age, he at least wanted to make that choice, otherwise he would die not ever knowing.

  8. Now that is a kiss!! Ha ha! No offense though, see his grimace. Poor guy, he didn’t want to film that scene from what I can see. Slight grimace but obvious.

    Very pretty “girl” really. Ok on transexuals, I am sure he is now a she, physically and of course emotionally. I feel if homosexual rights are being trampled, the worse is transexual rights who are largely ignored and often ridiculed. Transexual is not homosexual. Transexual are a woman mentally trapped in a man’s body physically. Homosexuals are 2 men with male mentalities. Between homosexuals and transexuals, I feel a greater sympathy for transexuals. Not only do they have to deal with the fact of society’s prejudice against them, they have to deal with their own inner demons. For me if a gay guy admits openly he is gay, he is liberated in that sense. A guy who is a transexual who has yet to fully transform cannot say the same until he does the essential surgery and in US it is very strict and expensive. Then there’s the matter of the issue of gender (generally you’re what you are at the time of birth) and then the issue of love. Can any normal man accept his “wife” was a man? Some can, many hid that fact resulting in more anguished emotional upheaval that frankly I can’t begin to understand.

    There are stories where some men after therapy was led to believe they’re better off as women or rather they are trapped in a man’s body so they underwent surgery and then later realised they don’t want to be women so they redid the surgery. It is complicated and these are confused individuals.

    But to those who are darn sure about their identities, I feel if being a woman is what they want or being a man for that matter, go for it. Sometimes biology is a funny thing and rather cruel too.

    As for transexuals, often they’re more feminine than 100% women.

    1. I forget whether it’s the law in HK or elsewhere. But, I heard in ‘We Are Family’ that transsexual can marry partner of the same sex but not opposite sex because the law determine the gender by chromosomes. I think it’s HK. That episode, the show invited a male transsexual (female -> male) for interview.

      It’s really sad case for the misleading therapy. I thought therapy usually tried to sure you really really want to change sex instead of trying to influence you to do so? I don’t know about Thailand, but, in US, for someone who wanted to change sex, they have live as the opposite sex for a period of time before the operation is permitted. This is to let the person know how is it like to be the other gender and let the person know if he/she can really live as the opposite sex.

      1. In US it is very strict which is why most who finally do the surgery are 50s and above. Some cases are more clear so some children are allowed to go through the therapy and eventual surgery by adulthood. It takes those drug whatever for a few years before finally the surgery, a way to pave the way to womenhood or man thing.

        “But, I heard in ‘We Are Family’ that transsexual can marry partner of the same sex but not opposite sex because the law determine the gender by chromosomes.”

        This is confusing way of thinking. What the person is actually saying is their gender is determined at birth and so although they had surgery and became say from man to woman, this “she” can marry another she since on birth cert she was and still considered a he. To others it looks like a lesbian pairing but in truth in the eyes of the law she is a he and so naturally can marry the so called “same sex” when in actual fact it is not a same sex union in the eyes of the law.

  9. ” was quite moved by the man’s sad story. Indeed he gave up everything he had worked for in the last few decades of his life to live a life of his choosing, but at a great cost of his family leaving him. His greatest wish was for his son to accept his father as he is and talk to him again, which was the reason the man accepted the interview with East Magazine, should his son read the interview, he hoped his son would understand who his father truly is.”

    I understand the son’s reluctance. Imagine one day he is daddy, next day he is mommy. It can be confusing. Generally most do accept the change, read some wives actually encouraged the husband to go for it. THey ended up being lesbian partners so to speak which to me is confusing! Anyway the son may speak to the father one day, but immediately will be wishful thinking. If the father is willing to take such a huge step, then he should be willing to wait a little longer. he can’t expect the son to just run to her and say “Hey dad, I don’t care”. If daddy runs off with another woman, the son wouldn’t run to the father that soon. More so daddy became mommy? In the son’s eye this is the same as the father abandoning the family. The son can’t go on never speaking to the father again. Some day he will speak to her again, it is a matter of time dulling the pain. Sometimes we can’t just except everyone to accept a change as soon as we ourselves can change. That would be expecting too much. But who are we to judge the son? We don’t really know what happened when the father was the father. We are not told the full story.

    1. Funn,
      “In the son’s eye this is the same as the father abandoning the family. The son can’t go on never speaking to the father again. Some day he will speak to her again, it is a matter of time dulling the pain. Sometimes we can’t just except everyone to accept a change as soon as we ourselves can change.”

      True, you always offer valuable insight on many issues. Like the man in the interview, perhaps we have already waited a long time before acting upon a drastic change, thus we desire acceptance quickly after the change has been made. Even with divorce, family ties are still there and will surface one day again.

      1. That’s what I genuinely believe. Save for some major thing happening, no member of immediate family will go on forever without speaking to the other person. Family argues and reconciles and argues and reconcile. No family or couple is ever non argumentative or gets along 100%. And food for thought; if you can meet someone, marry that person, argue and reconcile, surely you can reconcile with feuding siblings or parents since you probably spent more time with them than your spouse as in you’re connected by blood, or the family ties. Unless of course your parent or siblings were horrible, abandoning you etc. And for abandonement issue, I always feel is your family wants a second chance and is genuine, be a bit big hearted and give them a second chance. You’re only family once in this lifetime, and they only live once in this lifetime. If they’re dead, you will regret it. I always feel family is closer than spouses, except for children. I know I know… spouses as close too but between family and spouses, again unless you’re asked for some unreasonable things to do, I feel family comes first.

        But that being said, if your family pulls you down, makes you miserable, belittle you, then you should walk away. At some point tough love is the way too go.

        Again I believe with patience, the son will talk to the father again. The point is the father has to give the son some space and some time and then some effort to close the gap again.

        And yes, divorce is just an end of a marriage. It is not an end to parental ties, parental responsibility or the abuse of it. Divorce can break apart relationships or it can make relationships closer and stronger. Bitter spouse will break the relationship BUT strong minded and clear minded children may mend the ties and break apart the bitterness. Be angry if you want, but 2years, 3 years, you will meet someone else, you will probably remarry, have a new life so I suppose don’t be angry too long because those stuck in the middle, the children will suffer. I read an article where a mother refused to let her son to mingle with his stepmother, no overnights when she is there, etc. One wonders what about when she herself remarries? Does the same rule applies? Children are simple. THey will always prefer their birth parents no matter how badly treated or abandoned so what’s the fear of letting the child have another mother? One is mother, one is mommy. One is father, one is daddy. Or grandparents. Children sees adults and they follow their example, including bitterness. I predict that poor boy will grow up into a delinquent. Too many anger and daddy issues.

        Anyway point is life is too short to hold a grudge, unless there is a good reason to. And being a child from a divorce with 2 feuding turn bitter parents, I can tell you one thing for sure; have a mind of your own and be the judge yourself.

        Same as in this poor man turned woman case. if I was the son I too will be confused. But if someone close to me can advise me a simple fact; albeit he changed into she, was she the same loving father I once had and if my answer is yes, at some point I must learn to throw away my prejudice and embrace the change and be happy for my father. Can resent quietly but in the end, she is my father.

      2. Funn,
        “Save for some major thing happening, no member of immediate family will go on forever without speaking to the other person. Family argues and reconciles and argues and reconcile.”

        We cannot choose our family (parents, siblings, and children), but we can choose our spouses. Perhaps it is this inability to choose who our family are that makes us accept their faults and reconcile our differences. Also, family members are part of our long-establish identity and origins. We have known our parents and siblings for our entire lives; they were responsible in carving much of our personality development. The acceptance that family is part of us, who we inherently are, makes us more willing to work things out and re-establish family ties should they be lost, such as a divorce.

        On the other hand, many people see their spouses as spouses and not as family members. We may see our children as our family, but should spouses be considered as part of our “adopted family”? It’s actually great that we can choose to “adopt” a family member of our choice in theory, to join our lives together and create something wonderful. However, people see their parents are part of themselves, while they see their spouses as separate from them. Perhaps that also explains why some people love their parents more than their spouses.

        “Same as in this poor man turned woman case. if I was the son I too will be confused. But if someone close to me can advise me a simple fact; albeit he changed into she, was she the same loving father I once had and if my answer is yes”

        Well, the man got divorced and shortly underwent a sex change operation. The man has known all along his true self, a side that he kept hidden carefully away from his family. The son will one day come to terms as you had mentioned, but if the son possesses traditional views, he may side with his mother due to the divorce situation etc.

  10. Why do HK Netizens complain about everything? it’s a show/movie.. for pure entertainment.. How are script writers able to introduce new ideas and explore broader boundaries if HK netizens want to stick to the traditional story lines?

    1. I understand the complaints, same as showing a sex scene during prime time or chopping up bodies with blood and gore during day time. This is an asian society, some things are still taboo. They have a right to complain, as much as we have a right to complain they complained. New ideas doesn’t necessarily mean showing bolder or broader issue though.

    2. I guess they do because I think many people in the HK society are still very traditional, therefore, they of course would complain about everything. That is how my old relatives are too so I understand how it is…

    3. I think only a small percentage that complains and maybe mostly traditional thinking housewives and old people. I always wonder how will these audience react to US series and the violence and sex in there

  11. The first thing I thought was – how come the bride and groom look so alike?

    Anyway, it was funny. But the reaction of alvina’s husband dang chi fung seemed kinda nonchalant. I wonder if he’s part of the homosexual story that’s to come.

  12. TVB becoming more daring? So sad to know that Chik’s leaving. He’s pushing TVB’s boundaries in many of his series ie. When Heaven Burns, Let it be Love and his upcoming series WAB2 (homosexuality?) and that psychological thriller one with Moses, Adam and Maggie.

    LOL @ how all of them have Moses in it.

  13. Why the HK housewife complain too much,no big deal ,even in Malaysia it have a transgender couple get married ,however homosexual
    Is not allowed ,like anwar ibrahim sodomy case are HK live back in 1970an.

    1. What transgender couple get married? Not legally. And if legal that is because medically that transgender person is allowed to change sex due to a known medical condition. If not, no such a marriage is not legal and they can be arrested for homosexuality.

      No let me be clear. Sodomy is now allowed. So I don’t see why 2 men can’t be together if they just don’t do the sodomy part, you know what I mean? Sodomy is not allowed even in heterosexual couple.

      You’re putting a very modern concept (well not so modern-Romans did it first eh? I read even Han dynasty did it first) into a very traditional society. Takes time for acceptance.

  14. The good thing is at least there’s a producer bold enough to do this bold plot. The bad thing is HK housewives audience aren’t ready to this.

  15. Curiously, Did the airing of the episode got the banned from Red China?

    1. Ahhh I remember this one. Big news BUT marriage by custom, not a legal one. So frankly not a marriage in Malaysia.

    2. THanks for sharing that is so touching how the guy loved “her” and even knew her when she was still a guy. I think they are also so lucky to have the consent and blessings from all of their parents. That is really rare.. I really cannot imagine anyone in my traditional family accept that…They are anti gay/lesbian too…

  16. oh man. when i was watching this episode, i skipped kenny’s speech so i missed the pictures. when they finally zoomed into the bride i was like, whoa why does she look like a guy??! LOOL

  17. I do not see anything wrong with homosexual or this transsexual thing. If they like it, let them do it (they do not anyway).

  18. It’s great to know TVB steps out from their comfort zone 🙂

    1. I saw this awhile ago…. It is hard to believe that Thai transexuals can look so beautiful… But the only thing is, IF you went to Thailand hoping to look for a girlfriend then I wonder if you can be sure if the “girl” is really a “girl” or not???

      1. Yeah, when visiting Thailand and see a hot girl you always have to be careful since they how so natural, LOL.

        This “girl” put TVB actresses to shame in the beauty department. Perhaps TVB can import these “girls” to be future fadans 🙂 since they are desperate after beauties.

      2. The transsexuals often tell ppl who they are. Not trying to make them look like lying to find a man.

      3. @Fox,
        Really?? I really should ask my buddy since she goes to Thailand every year…

      4. You can ask her. They often tell ppl that they are transsexual ppl if you ask them for their genre.

      5. I can’t agree more that Thailand transexuals can look much better than current TVB fadans.

      6. What an icebreaker! You see a girl you are interested in and ask her directly “were you originally a dude” since “are you a real woman” might be misunderstood, LOL.

        The risk is always that the girl will give you a slap and you have ruined any chances with her.

        The quality of TVB fadans have deteriorated for years now and I would’ve thought I would be opposite due to the spirit of evolution.

      7. @Fox,
        Ok, I am going to ask my friend then.. I have a feeling that you are right since they have a pageant in Thailand every year called the Miss Tiffany pageant.THat pageant is composed of men who all became women. I must say that they are really pretty that you would not even know that they were originally men. However, my friend told me that some of them still had their male private part because that is very expensive to remove…She also said that a number of them had boyfriends too so I guess they do tell people that they are transexual and they don’t mind… BUt I need to ask to make sure.

  19. The series is probably going to talk more about this topic. The latest episode seems to suggest that Alvina’s husband is gay.

      1. Jonathan likes to cast Kenny as a gay character. I guess because he doesn’t look like one which makes the story more interesting.

  20. ha. i really kowtow to tvb man.
    they have the guts. salute.

    dont think other asia countries will dare do the same.
    not in a million years.

  21. People should grow up and stop being that ridiculous. I fully support gay marriage.

    1. If you are so grown up, then you should know that different people have different opinions. You can’t call people that have a different view than you ridiculous.

      1. THat is a very controversial issue and everyone has different opinions and views… Heck, even lawmakers and politicians cannot settle this issue…

    2. I don’t think it is ridiculous. It is a perception, a barrier. Calling people ridiculous does not help the cause. It is a taboo that is less dangerous than say child marriages. That’s why I am not opposing gay marriages but I wouldn’t ridicule those who opposes because they’re in the majority and if you want to win your cause, first win the hearts and to win hearts require patience and time. As it is people may still say no to inter racial marriages, more so gay marriages.

      1. What is ridiculous, is that while we could use our energies to actually do some good , any good, we use it to attack homosexual people. My ultimate best friend is gay and he is too awesome. The “different people have different opinions” shit is getting old. It’s about time we wake up. And I can call them ridiculous, especially those super Chrstians who equalize gay people to the devil and to being sick. Now if that’s not stupid, then what is? Well I am not going to feel bad for calling a spade , a spade.

  22. If gay marriage is legal in the us. Children from public school will be force to learn about thier behavior should be accepted as normal. As
    a mother of two children i dont think gay behavior is consider normal…if the majority of the people are gay our population will decrease and more sex disases. If you want to be gay keep it to yourself….there is a purpose why people get marry and have children.

    1. A few stated have legalized it. Children nowadays realize their sex behavior (like male or female) very soon. I remember I liked a girl when I was in 4th grade.

      if a child is homosexual, parents can control it? Yes, in early ages but when he/she become teen, sucess rate is low. Majority homosexual cases are “natural”

  23. People use bible, family value, culture to block these things. Thing is they happen in all socities and the difference may be a legal paper which can both kill hope of people and give secured-feeling to other millions on the issue: marriage.

    People see them abnormal, they see people very-normal. People hope that they die and disappear forever, they hope that they can live the life they are supposed to.

    They are humans, have feeling, judment. Many have the right to choose and many do not.

    I do not know any gay/lesbian/trans but I prochoice.

      1. I can be both depending on the situation… My family is prolife regardless of the circumstances, except for rape maybe…

  24. What people does with their life is really non of our business.

    As long as they do not hurt anybody else, they, and only themselves, are answerable to their very own doings. We SHOULD NOT be too judgmental to them.

    After all, when we died one day, God is not going to punish us for what ‘they’ have done. Right?? LOL!

    The bottom line is …………. we are only answerable to our very own deeds! So let us do not be too cruel in our comments because we are not in their shoes.

  25. Not once in the Bible does it state that man loving a man is a sin. It’s us humans who make up these bullshit.

    1. bible? Errr Adam and Eve? Go forth and multiply? Noah’s ark with each species with each gender? Not 2 male elephants but 1 male, 1 female? But then incest is wrong too so I wouldn’t quote the bible …

      1. I didn’t quote the bible. I was answering to those who are claiming that God defined homosexuality as being a sin. And I shouldnt go with the flow and mistakenly use the word Bible. I made it clear before, I should have said the New Testament.

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