TVB Artiste Lineup Position at Lighting Ceremony Receives Attention

The TVB Anniversary Lighting Ceremony for the year of 2015 was held on October 2. The event, which occurs every October, commences TVB’s anniversary celebrations that are held every year from October to December.

This year, TVB has decided to celebrate the station’s 48th anniversary with four grand production dramas—Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, Under the Veil <無雙譜>, With or Without You <東坡家事>, and Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>. Captain of Destiny, a sci-fi series about a 21st century police constable who travels back 200 years and meets the pirate Cheung Po Tsai, premiered on September 28. Under the Veil, a remake of the TVB 1981 fantasy romance series Double Fantasies <無雙譜>, premiered on September 25. Historical period comedy With or Without You and the epic drama Lord of Shanghai will both premiere on October 26, succeeding the time slots of Under the Veil and Captain of Destiny respectively.

Almost 100 artistes attended the lighting ceremony on October 2. In TVB lighting ceremonies, the station usually arranges for the top actors of anniversary dramas to stand in the middle, which can also be an indication of the artistes’ leading status within the company. However, this year, TVB decided to arrange the stars of Captain of Destiny and Under the Veil to stand in the middle, while stars of With or Without You and Lord of Shanghai, both dramas which will broadcast at a later date, stood at the side.

As a result, TVB’s top actors Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) were uncharacteristically arranged to stand at the end, while Captain of Destiny star Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Under the Veil star Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) stood in the center. Anthony Wong (黃秋生), lead actor in Lord of Shanghai, did not stay for press photos.

Nonetheless, Anthony Wong and Wayne Lai are receiving press for being hot favorites to win this year’s TV King. Anthony, however, is putting his vote on Wayne, expressing that he does not feel he would win the award.

“Wayne Lai should win,” he said. “It makes sense. The market demands for it. If you make him TV King then he would continue to film dramas for you. But in all honesty, Wayne is indeed a very good actor.”

In regards to Anthony’s compliments on his performance, Wayne said, “He’s just being polite. The range of Anthony’s acting is vast and versatile, but of course, if he does present the [TV King] award to me, I’ll definitely welcome it.”

Wayne then said that Anthony’s words have boosted his confidence. “To be a good actor you also need to have really good partners. It’s such a rare opportunity to be able to work with both Anthony Wong and Kent Tong at the same time. Since he said I did well, I’m very happy. It’s great encouragement for me.”


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  1. The TVB Anniversary Lighting Ceremony from 2014? Is it 2015 of this year?

    You need to fix that Jayne.

    1. @choinyc tvb doesn’t use 4 and 7 due to Chinese superstitions. Last year was 47 which was replaced with 48. This year is 48 so it’s 48

  2. Does it mean that Bosco and Ruco stand a chance to win TVB king against giant veterans like Wayne, anthony and Bobby?

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