TVB Artists Attend Farewell Dinner for Producers Mui Siu Ching and Lau Kar Ho

TVB held a farewell dinner for Producers Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) and Lau Kar Ho (劉家豪) last night, wishing them luck as the wife-and-husband team ventured towards new career opportunities at another Hong Kong television station, Now TV. Both producers have worked at TVB for over two decades, creating dramas that won juggernaut ratings and the masses’ favor. The departure of Lau Kar Ho and Mui Siu Ching marked the passing of a golden era in TVB dramas.

Lau Kar Ho entered TVB in 1986, while Mui Siu Ching started working at the company in 1987. Kar Ho Gor’s trademark was dramatic family sagas, featuring the bitter rivalry between family members fighting over the family’s immense wealth. In the 1990s, Kar Ho Gor often partnered with veteran actor, Alex Man (萬梓良), in classics such as Big Family <大家族> and The Key Man <巨人>. Kar Ho Gor’s more recent hit dramas were Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> and Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>.

In a field dominated by male producers, Mui Siu Ching was known for her hard work ethics and knack for spotting new talent.  Siu Ching Jeh was one of the first producers to cast Leon Lai (黎明), Moses Chan (陳豪), and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) in lead roles. Putting in extremely long work hours, Siu Ching Jeh was a perfectionist who had extremely high expectations for the quality of her productions. Confessing that the work pressure was often so immense, Siu Ching Jeh ended up bursting into tears while working on Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> and Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>. Her hard work paid off enormously, as both dramas reigned in the number one spot in ratings for 2010 and 2011 respectively.

TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬), and executive manager, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), organized the farewell dinner last night. Norman Leung stated, “If the outside environment were not too good, TVB’s big doors will always be open for them (Lau Kar Ho and Mui Siu Ching) to return!” Mr. Leung did not obliterate the possibility that TVB and Now TV may have a joint collaboration together. Numerous artists such as Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Michelle Yim ( 米雪), Susanna Kwan (關菊英), Ha Yu (夏雨), and Lee Heung Kam (李香琴) were present. 

Lau Kar Ho will serve as the President and Mui Siu Ching as the Vice President when they start working at Now TV in April, allegedly earning much higher salaries than what they had received at TVB. With the impending retirement of Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) later this year, TVB will face a dire shortage of superstar producers capable of bringing in reliable ratings. Young and inexperienced production staff were reportedly unable to rise to the heavy responsibilities. It will be interesting to weigh how this will impact the quality of TVB series in 2012.


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Jayne: Is TVB’s golden era behind them? Their dramas from the 1980s and 1990s had a lot of “heart” and often effectively drew the audience’s emotions. In recent years, audiences have complained that their dramas only contact packaging and no soul. Will TVB be able to rise above the competitive environment in the television broadcasting industry and reach new heights?

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  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realized they were going to be president and vicepresident of Now tv. Congrats to them. I’m kinda surprised TVB threw them a party even though they’re leaving to go to their competition. haha

    I think TVB will get better because there’s all this competition now. Competition brings out the best in people.

    1. Agree that competition brings out the best in people. Will TVB rise above all or fall apart? We’ll have to wait and see.

      What is grandma Tavia wearing? Linda is a tower with her heels, lol

    2. I think its President & Vice President of Drama Production, they are partnering with Mainland China tv stations to produce dramas.

    3. NowTV and Txb will become a family, so Cheung Wah Biu might work for Txb again.

  2. NowTV and TVB are sort of partners; TVB is going to buy them someday…

  3. How high is the heels of Ms. Chung?

    Lol @ the fashion coat of Ms. TY. She looks like an umbrella in this one.

    1. I say 4-5 inches.

      TY isn’t known for her fashion sense now.

      1. Im sure TY, Fala and Kate aren’t wearing anything less than 4-5 inches lol..I guess it’s the natural height of Linda that helps to make her tall.

      2. lol, no.

        I saw a picture with their whole body. TY wore boots (1-1.5 in heels) Couldn’t see what Fala and Kate wore, but Linda’s heels are at least 4 inches.

      3. Linda is 173cm & Fala is 171cm. If Linda is wearing 4-5inch then Fala must b in flat shoes.

      4. 1ni,

        You could be rite that Fala might be on flats since kate seems taller than her in the Pic.. knowing Kate is actually shorter than Fala. I guess Ty too were on flat boot/shoes.

      5. Hannah,

        TY’s fashion sense is definitely going down hill, I can’t remember any glamourous outfit she wore so far.

        Even Kate has better fashion sense than her anytime.

      6. TY is shorter than Fala, but in the picture she’s almost the same height. So, her boots are 1-2 inches. I’m assuming Fala wore flats, too.

      7. Too high heels dun look good on Linda. Someone above said she looks like a tower and I kinda agree. 2-3 inches will be better on her because she’ll look more soft.

      8. @Veejay

        I’ve seen many pictures from this dinner party, and I noticed that Tavia and Kate were both wearing flat-heeled shoes, while Linda’s is like 4-5in. Didn’t get to see Fala’s shoes.

    2. I wanted to ask too how high is the heels that linda was wearing..made her extremely taller than anyone.

      and TY really need to put on less foundation, she’s making her entire face too powderish not natural at all. She’s already a pretty girl but why need thick makeup?

      Fala, linda and kate have more natural makeup that night

      1. Thick make up seems to be the norm these days for most TVB actresses. E.g Myolie

      2. But Fala does not look good in the photos. I think Fala is the kind of girl that needs contouring around her face. She looks like she has a “bread roll” face in those pictures.

      3. Maybe she dun feel confident enough with her outside look. She WAS a pretty girl.

      4. I wonder how many layers of make up do they wear?? Many times, less make up is better. Is it really necessary to wear that much make up?? Doesn’t it make your face feel unnatural and awkward??

      5. You can try to slap to see how much foundation fall down, then you will know how thick is the foundation :P. Usually 4 layers: 1. Cream, 2. Base, 3. Foundation, 4. Facial blush (Cheek Chalk). How thick is each layer is the matter, hehe.

      6. @Fox,
        Thanks for the info! So when do you put the powder on?? Does that go on last?? When you say cream, you mean the make up type cream and not skincare type cream right??

      7. OH yea, I should slap them to see how much make up falls off. But then again, I can just rub it to see how much comes off… I had one of my friends do that to me once since she thought I had powder on but then nothing came off. THat was embarassing…

      8. Hehe, I make a mistake :P. Base = Foundation and then Powder :P. I always mistaken their names (lucky dun mistaken their usages :P). Cream can be makeup cream or skincare cream.

        Now for normal events, I use BB cream because it can replace both foundation and powder and also look thinner, like I don’t wear makeup :). Maybe you can try.

      9. TY and Myolie always wear very thick makeup. Followd by Kate. Linda and Fala wore the less.

      post 23 shows full body length group picture w/o Fala. TY was in flat boots. LC standing on at least 4 inch heels towers them all by at least a head. lol!

      Scroll up the thread to see pix of LC with TY, and another with Fala. LC so tall.

      1. claimine,

        Got other link to view the photo? its blocked from my company here 🙁

      2. correction: video of the dinner – only Fala shown was full length, dressed very causally in jeans and flat shoes.

      3. Seems more like Linda was the only one who was in shorts though. A lot of people were also in scarves and beanies. Quite appropriate for Tavia to be wearing a coat.

      4. I blv it isn’t that cold in HK :P, especially indoor function like this.

        620 wore short skirt and she is old, lol.

      5. @Fox- how you can compare one lady contain layer of fat that can warm up her body with another lady just skin and skeletons. :p

      6. 620 isn’t fat at all :P. Her body is quite fit, especially to her age. Every other ladies wore quite trendy and warm without an umbrella, hehe.

      7. At least 620 contain more meat and not skinny. On site note, seriously Tavia need better image maker for her.She have very nice look but her fashion taste much weaker than other fa dan.

    4. Linda is already tall and she’s making other look like dwarfs by wearing the tallest heels too lol

      1. Without Bosco supporting her she would’ve twisted her ankle or hurt herself even worse. Imagine someone threw banana peel in front of her, LOL.

        Yeah prolly 6-7 inches and it looks so ridiculous!

      2. Kate’s heel is ridiculous! 7 or at least 6 inches I think!

      3. ROFL exoidus throwing banana peel in front of a 7 inch heels sounds mean LOL

      4. Made up dialogue

        Kate thoughts*while pretend smiling at audience*: Yes yes hold my hand tight! support me! this heels can barely hold my weight! God I hope no banana peel in front!


      5. ROFL Vivien,

        Kate thinking: banana peel I can handle with ease, just hope my enemies at Tvb didn’t spill any red beans.

  4. anyone know who is the old man sitting besides 620? he is part of FH3 cast, he plays Mandy’s grandpa, but i can’t find his name in cast list.

      1. @tvbaddict, @kkim168
        thank u

        i just found out in chinese wikipedia that chow cung’s birthday month is 00月, and date is 00日, i don’t think it’s true

  5. LOL The photo of Fala and Kate chit-chatting is so cute…

    1. I think they must be talking about how to beautifying themselves haha..all these women talks can last for hours!! or days!!

  6. I wonder if TVB will be able to survive with not just artists leaving, but the producers too?? TVB has a tough future ahead of them with the departure of so many talented people and the opening of new stations. Will TVB still be able to rule HK??? Time will tell…

    1. Not the first time producers leave Txb. The lady who made Back to anger point left Txb long ago to China.

      1. I know that but TVB is now in deeper water than it was before..

  7. I also wanted to add that it is nice that TVB held a farewell dinner for them. I have a good feeling that they may come back to TVB in the future. Many artists have left and came back so I guess it is normal and they don’t have to be so sad…

  8. I still have not seen HOG or MR, LOLL. Are they worth my time?

    1. Yes, Heart of Greed was brilliant in my opinion! Moonlight Resonance was also great, it is more fast-paced than HOG. Moses Chan and Linda were better in HOG whereas Fala and Tavi were better in MR. I do think you should watch them though!

    2. Depends. I personally think HOG is slightly better than MR but it has like 2 series in 1: A story of the Tong family and another love story of Alfred-SJS.

      1. Me too ,love HOG the story line , it’s worth to try !!

  9. jus being curious here, why isn’t catherine tsang in the celebration, i thought she was their superior?

  10. Linda should dress more appropriate for the weather otherwise she might get sick.

    1. It is hard to at times. Sometimes you have to pick if you want to look good or be warm?? You cannot have both at times…

  11. This is off-topic:

    Does anyone feel Linda and Kate aren’t promoted as much? Kate had the most series last year, but her roles were forgettable. Linda still leads her series, but they are small productions. Also, the airing time is bad. I think Fala might go down that path, too. She only has 1 series this year and TITS2 is still in the air.

    I guess that’s the trend with TVB. Promote them like crazy at first. Once they made it, let them be on their own.

    TVB is promoting the next line of actresses: Aimee, Selena, Natalie, Mandy, Sire, and maybe Nancy.

    1. It’s the strategy of Txb. Promote, stop, promote, stop then they can’t think that Txb really needs them. Joyce Tang once said tat in an interview. If during the stop the artist can still gain fans, he/she will be promoted again.

    2. I really liked “Kate” in Relic… until she died and her twin took over LOL

      I do not like Fala’s roles. And I don’t watch Linda dramas (not my taste). As for Myolie, eh, IDK, she gets good roles, but somehow I can’t take her seriously. She’s always a comedic actress to me. And Tavia was just boring last year.

      1. Linda’s only series I liked last year was Twilight investigation. She is pretty cute there.

      2. I’m with Fox… I really liked Linda in Twilight Investigation.

    3. I support new artists so I’m glad that TVB’s FINALLY, after so many years, making a move to start promoting their next line. I enjoy watching Selena, Mandy, Sire, and especially Nancy, so that’s good. I’m a bit ambivalent towards Aimee and Natalie, but they are bearable. Natalie is better than Aimee though as she’s a little more flexible with her acting. Aimee can pretty much do only one role – herself. lol. Her accent is not annoying (to me), but seeing her film period/costume dramas with that accent is just absolutely hilarious.

  12. I will miss Mui Siu Ching and Lau Ka Ho a lot! Loved their series, and grew up watching them!

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