TVB Cuts Wages for Elderly Artistes

By on February 22, 2019 in NEWS

TVB Cuts Wages for Elderly Artistes

The new year may have just started, but TVB is already in hot waters due to an outcry from netizens about its salary cuts to older actors and actresses, including 61-year-old Kitty Lau (劉桂芳).

Just two months into the new year, TVB was met with much criticism over the treatment of its long-time employees. Besides Eric Li (李天翔) who decided to end his work relationship with the station after working there for 24 years, children’s show host, Lulu Kai (蓋世寶), recently decided to leave as well due to a lack of work.

Kitty, who is regarded as one of TVB’s green-leaf actresses, joined TVB in 1988 and have been only playing minor supporting characters over the years. Appearing in many dramas over the 31 years, Kitty stayed faithful to the station and stressed the importance of minor roles.

Unfortunately, it is reported that TVB has been handing out major salary cuts for a lot of its older artistes. When the news came out, Kitty admitted through Facebook that she got her salary reduced by a whopping 95 percent, which prompted her to voluntarily change her contract to part-time status. The actress also stated that a lot of artistes have been affected and it was part of the company’s savings reduction plan.

Upon hearing this, many netizens were outraged at the way TVB’s unfair treatment towards its elderly workers.

Source: Oriental Sunday via Yahoo HK

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  • 12 comments to TVB Cuts Wages for Elderly Artistes

    1. megamiaow says:

      I thought the salary was already meagre? 95% sounds a bit unbelievable. Is that a misquote?

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    2. anon says:

      TVB is a joke. There’s little positive to say about this garbage company, from their awful frontline actors to their horrible management up top. I’ve said this once and I’ll say this again, this company will be gone within 10 years (some would argue that I am being generous).

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    3. vodka says:

      company saving plan seriously TVB, how greedy you want to be until you disappeared from HK local tv? they been cutting people and salary over the years, this is unacceptable with a company that is running in profits but not at their standards, their becoming too greedy the accountants and analyst behind these measures should be the one being let go and fired.

      No respect to the people who had been so loyal to them… its ridiculous.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        They will use the money from the poor veterans to boost pay packets to hire stars and guest stars for their web series. So much competition that TVB need to hire non contracted stars such as Annie Liu, Irene Wan, Kent Tong etr. Simply having their own stable of unknown artistes won’t cut in China….

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    4. jimmyszeto says:

      That money is probably going towards paying their future stars such Tony Hung and Shaun Tam…

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    5. tomtom says:

      But isn’t this how a free and capitalist society works? If these actors/actress are not working or contributing to the company then their pay would obviously be decreased.

      If these actors/actress doesn’t agrees on their paid then they can always go find works somewhere else. Nobody forces them to work with TVB.

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    6. jimmyszeto says:

      Another poor picture used as headliner. Heart sank for a sec…Thought she was a goner. Only a goner of TVB which is fine. TVB probably didn’t want to pay salaries of minor actors but pay them per scene like the extras. If we watch all the most recent web series which TVB are using to target the mainland, there are barely any of these minor veteran actors/actresses. Near everyone participating are big names even if they are appearing for half an episode. The dynamics are now changing and bit part veterans will surely suffer….

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    7. passingby2 says:

      This is absolutely disgraceful! As if their salaries aren’t already meagre enough.

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    8. bearbear says:

      Bonus and salary freeze or a little pay cut are some of the steps taken to keep the company going if the company is not doing but tries not to retrench any staff.
      However, 95% is way too unbelievable. It’s like telling your own staff that they are worthless. In this a strategy forcing your staff to go without retrenching (thus having to compensate for the retrenchment)?
      Is she exaggerating or have their pay been really too high in comparison? Doubt their salary is high to begin with, since TVB is infamous for not paying well.

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    9. gkoh says:

      Should cut management pay instead cos the old actors need monetary support for old age

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    10. kidd says:

      Very touching MV. According to the description of the MV, the things depicted in the MV are all real. Those are really the day jobs (or night jobs) of these minor actors. The song is sang by Hoffman Cheng and composed by James Ng.

      These actors really love their art or they won’t be still doing it while working other jobs to supplement their income.

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      • passingby2 replied:

        @kidd Not everyone can be a star but the way TVB treats their green leaf artistes is so disgraceful. Thoroughly disgusted with TVB.

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