TVB Hopes to Entice Chilam Cheung With TVB Anniversary Awards

It was rumored that Chilam Cheung (張智霖) will be nominated and enter TVB’s Best Actor race due to his performance in The Rippling Blossom <魚躍在花見>. Allegedly TVB’s gesture was to entice him to film the upcoming Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄2>, however, Chilam was not captivated due to his intended focus on the film industry next year. After completing Wong Kar Wai’s (王家衛) The Grandmasters <一代宗師> at the end of this year, Chilam will partner with Annie Liu (劉心悠) in Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) new movie during the Lunar New Year timeframe. 

Regarding the possibility of competing for the Best Actor Award, Chilam laughed and did not comment. After the reporter’s repeated questioning, Chilam said, “If you base the results on the ratings performance, then it is deserved.” (TVB wants to entice you to film another series?) “They are separate issues!” (Do you have confidence?) “We are used to watching the constant change of the winds and clouds!” 

Earlier, Chilam and his family met with Christine Ng (伍詠薇) in Shanghai to recharge. However, the news reported that he took the trip to celebrate his tenth year marriage anniversary, which made Chilam laugh. 

By popular demand, an extra session will be added to Chilam’s December concert series in Guangzhou.


Jayne: Anita Yuen once commented that Chilam could have attained more success in his career had he been more ambitious. Chilam seems to step in and out of the film industry and while he is still popular, there doesn’t seem to be a concentrated focus in one particular area.

“The Rippling Blossom’s” as one of the top series with the highest ratings for the year and Chilam’s concert in Hong Kong demonstrate his continued popularity with the audience. His participation in “Triumph in the Skies” would benefit fans, but may be questionable as vehicle for his career.

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  1. Indeed. I mean if he can win the HK movie awards rather than TVB awards, who in their right mind will choose TVB over the movies?

    1. But what are the chances he will win a HKFA soon? It just depends on whether he wants to be the lead in a tvb series or supporting role in a big movie.

      I think TITS 2 would benefit him just like how Francis ng became wildly popular w/ the housewives after part 1. People complain about tvb series but no doubt, it guarantees your overall exposure. That can help his music career and the tv king title certainly increases the appearance fees.

  2. LOL. I don’t think he gives a *rap about TVB – not to mention its awards! I’m sure he knows TVB awards are a joke.

    1. I agree and I feel that TVB awards a big joke and it doesn’t mean much to win them anymore.

  3. ^_^ TVB Awards…Even the Oscar does not seem to appear on the news regularly like TVB Awards.

    1. Hello World,
      “^_^ TVB Awards…Even the Oscar does not seem to appear on the news regularly like TVB Awards.”

      If we compare the TVB Anniversary Awards to the Hong Kong Film Awards, the TVB Anniversary Awards receive a lot more media coverage within Hong Kong, thanks to the millions of people who actually watched these TVB dramas as opposed to Hong Kong films.

      While the TVB awards may not necessarily reflect one’s acting or production quality, the awards do capture the masses’ interest, where the HKFA represent a higher acknowledgement of industry talent.

      I enjoy the excitement brought upon by the TVB Anniversary Awards, whether they are indicative of an artist’s acting talent, is questionable. Some years, they get it right, while other years they don’t. But as a long-time TVB fan, the hoopla and excitement brought upon the Anniversary Awards is more exciting to me than HKFA and Oscars (although these events have better fashions). However, as a showcase for TVB artists where the artists are all dressed up at one central gathering place, it’s quite exciting. This is likely the same allure that make most fans still care about the event.

      The TVB Anniversary Awards is probably the smartest marketing ploy they have come up with in years. This is indeed the most frequently written about story arc for the last 5 years, generating tabloid coverage as early as February/ March each year. And for the last two months, almost daily news speculation, with reporters interviewing every TVB artist to ask for their commentary.

      I also notice that TVB stars are featured in the Hong Kong weekly tabloid magazines much more than film stars, again appealing to the masses’ familiarity with these TVB stars. Given their ability to capture the HK and mainland masses and worldwide viewers, perhaps TVB artists are underrated and deserve to be paid a much higher salary.

      1. I bet your the only optimistic one on your site, Jayne. But that’s the best way to put it! AWards are a fun time, and you get to see large crowds of people and artist, I love award shows, because of it’s positive atmosphere!!

      2. That’s one of what I don’t like about TBB. They make the anniversary award turn into a drama of its own instead of an award awarding the “best”. TBB anniversary award is a massive joke in my perspective.

      3. @Jayne I agree with your assessment. I also think that TVB is probably feeding the media a lot of the stories themselves to try and drum up the drama so that they can bring in the ratings for the award shows as well.

  4. Seriously no comment on Julian’s decision, he’s likeable that’s all and I’ll watch his series if he ever decided to come back to tvb..I’ll still watch movies that he plays in.

    1. Yup,he is in The Grandmasters but he is not the lead because Tony Leung will be act as Yip Man and that will make him the lead

  5. I don’t think Chilam is someone who will be enticed by award. He chose projects based on the project itself.

    I’m interested in the Patrick Kong movie he’s going to film. Is it going to be another pessimistic anti-romance movie?

  6. 衝上雲霄2, will it be filmed in actual? Look like its two rumoured main lead are busy with movie field in the beginning of the year.

  7. Does anyone know when the actual TVB AWARDS vote is gonna start, can someone give me the link or tell me which one it is. Thank you

  8. I think Chilam should participate in TITS2 because even in movies industries,he is not the lead and always play supporting actor,just like what he did in The First 7th Night,he is just a lorry driver (the lead is Gordon Lam) which I think that nothing challenging his acting skills from that kind of roles.

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