TVB May Film “Forensic Heroes 5”

The Forensic Heroes series has always been well-received and loved by audiences, so TVB has continuously leveraged its popularity and gifted fans Forensic Heroes 4 <法證先鋒IV> not long ago. With the fourth drama’s success, TVB might have plans to roll out another installment to the popular franchise. This news comes after “golden producer” Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) commented on Forensic Heroes 4 actress Selena Lee‘s (李施嬅) Weibo post.

Selena uploaded a photo of her playing Dr. Man in the series to express her happiness on being nominated Best Actress for the role at TVB’s Anniversary Awards and the 25th Asian Television Awards.

She wrote, “Hey Dr. Man, you have nominations for two different awards this year. What do you think about it? I cannot be more grateful. Most people would usually forget dramas that aired early in the year. For the friends with amazing memory skills, can you go and support Dr. Man? If there’s a lot of support, then maybe there’s a chance they will film a season five? It all depends on everyone’s’ reaction.”

To the surprise of fans, Siu Ching commented, “It will happen!”

In early February, the producer announced her retirement after suffering cerebrovascular embolism, with Forensic Heroes 4 being her final project. However, it was reported earlier that TVB successfully persuaded Siu Ching to make a comeback and film the fifth installment. They allegedly even managed to get Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) to make cameo appearances. Although Siu Ching denied such speculations, her response to Selena suggested that another season may be in the works!

Siu Ching later explained in an interview that her comment was only to support and motivate Selena, but she believes TVB will likely film the fifth installment because of the great feedback overall. She also clarified her participation and said, “Since I’ve already retired from the frontline, I will not be joining the production. Thank you for everyone’s support.”

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  1. not a fan of the franchise. much rather they try something new instead of reusing an old formula

  2. TVB will always milk the serie… but its ashame I only like the original with Bobby, only if original were back.

  3. Please don’t lol. How delusional must they be to not realise how bad the last installment was lmao.

  4. If they bring back Bobby then okayyy…. If not they might as well call it Forensics Rehash.
    It’s always the big titles that get milked for a big cast and yet the series people actually like are the small productions, which are rare.

  5. So forensic heroes 4 for me back into TVB dramas (the last drama I watched until then was lives of omission so it’s been a few years). Eventually I got TVB anywhere and I watched forensic heroes 1-3 and I realized how shit 4 was lol. Like SO bad. Shaun and Alice were tolerable but Raymond won’t was god awful. 3 was also not great. Like everyone said, it’s not the same without Bobby.

  6. I watched 2 cases and my thought was, if all murders and crimes may be solved in a lab and via high tech stuff (AI), why do we still need police force, forensic and pathologist?

    I am sure what we enjoyed then was the process of solving the crimes and not just be awed by the capability of technology

    1. @conan2209 I actually found that they did not show off the forensic procedures enough. The previous installments had explains the science and the deduction, show them reconstructing, models ect. Now they just show the characters swiping a few things on their fancy tablets and saying a whole bunch of jargon.

    2. @conan2209 Exactly what I thought. In the past, whenever they are stuck with a case, Bobby will look over the evidence again, squint real hard, then notice something significant. He would then pull up some scientific theory to educate us on why they were on the wrong trail the whole time. Bobby’s got it down to a science since when he was filing Witness to a Prosecution.

  7. In what world was there great feedback??? It was the worst thing I’ve seen from TVB in a while. The 5.1 rating on douban also says something. The only reason for the high viewership is its lucky airtime during the worst of the pandemic restrictions.

  8. pls dont………..F3 already was a failed drama even tho wayne was leading if they bring back Bobby Frankie and Yoyo Mung it’ll be great only if the director and producers have good story line to top it off

  9. The last installment was bad. First they need good storyline, next they need at least Bobby (preferably Frankie and Yoyo too but Frankie seems impossible) back in the leading cast. Finally, I don’t care about who’s who in cameo roles.

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