TVB Veteran Samson Yeung Worked As Part-Time Teacher

Former TVB actor Samson Yeung (楊英偉) is a well-known green-leaf actor, having appeared in sitcoms such as War of the Genders <男親女愛> to dramas such as Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>. After leaving TVB for new waters in 2013, Samson moved to other TV stations before settling with Viu TV, in which he will be starring in their upcoming drama Da Tin Ha <打天下> (literally “Fight the World”), a drama about a girl who is willing to fight for her dreams.

Samson will star as Hedwig Tam’s (談善言) father, who regards money and status as the measurements to success. A professional accountant himself, the character is calculative to the point where he would “design everything to guarantee his daughter to be successful. He wants his daughter to study overseas, to get professionally licensed as an accountant, auditor, and to be able to work in a public company, to be able to marry into a wealthy family.”

But despite laying out a well thought-out plan for his daughter to succeed in every possible way, his daughter wants none of it. Hedwig Tam chooses to leave her family, to pursue a dream that she had always wanted—to be a fighter.

Samson himself actually shares many similarities with Hedwig’s character. “After graduating from college I realized that what I really wanted to do was perform,” he said. “So I decided to enroll at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. At the time, you weren’t taken seriously if you wanted to study performing arts, but I wanted to pursue my interests.”

The 56-year-old actor, who graduated with a degree in Chinese at the Hong Kong Baptist University, worked as part-time night school teacher to pay for his tuition at HKAPA. “Honestly, if I stayed being a teacher, I would be earning really well. I have many classmates who are now headmasters.”

But Samson insisted to stay on the path of performing. “My parents didn’t like it, but they still supported me. They would assist in my tuition, but when it came to food and commute I was on my own.”

Samson never regretted entering the industry. The veteran of 31 years said, “Even to this day I really enjoy acting. I love to be able to get into the minds of different characters. It’s very important to be able to know what you like, so you’ll know how to work hard for it.”

A father to a 14-year-old son, Samson encourages his son, as well as all youths, to pursue their dreams. “If you use money to measure every single thing, then you’re going to have a hard time.”


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