ViuTV’s “The Haunted Rooms” Visit Taiwan’s Most Haunted Hotel

Taiwan is a popular spot for Viu TV’s supernatural reality series The Haunted Rooms 4 <入住請敲門4>, in which the MCs Louis Mok (莫竣名), MIRROR’s Stanley Yau (邱士縉) and Angel Lam (林婷) travel all over the island to visit haunted areas and interview locals about their haunted experiences.

In a recent episode of the season, the MCs visited a haunted hotel in Taichung—Lakeshore Hotel Metropolis, which despite its decently rated reviews, is also one of the city’s most haunted places.

According to the MCs, a mother had committed suicide with two of her children while staying at the hotel. Many patrons had experienced supernatural events while staying at that room since that mother’s death. One netizen shared that her children had pointed at a window and said, “There are demons outside.” The netizen herself claimed that she heard voices around the room: “You can hear the voices. You can clearly hear that they’re having a conversation, but you don’t know where it’s coming from.” Other patrons noticed that a painting in a room looked like it was a religious Taoist symbol drawn with cinnabar.

Meanwhile, Louis Mok traveled to Taichung’s Kai Tian Temple ruins, another popular haunted location, where a 16-year-old boy died after getting stabbed 68 times and tossed five floors down in 2009. A YouTuber once visited the temple and, while using a magnetic field detector, asked if the boy who was killed here had the surname Chen. A voice said yes.


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  1. I think this might be the same one where people say they see Japanese soldiers walking on the sixth floor at night. They say the place used to be an execution camp.

  2. I’ve read those comments regarding being held down by some spirit or ? in reference to Raymond’s experience is very real, not an imagination of over work or tiredness. I remember my mom telling us about what our dad experienced not too long ago about being weighted down by something to a point where he couldn’t move, he struggled to get whatever it was off his chest. We were just young kids, I’m in my sixties now & will never forget that experience he had since dad normally doesn’t share that type of thing. But years later, I remember my brother just a teenager sleeping felt a heaviness that woke him up as he struggled too but felt he could not move or even scream, yell for help seeing my other younger brother sleeping next to him, wanting help but noticed his brother didn’t wake was still asleep after all that which bothered him then later that morning when both were fully awake, scolded my brother as to why he didn’t help him knowing he was calling out to him for help. My brother didn’t hear him. But he did say that what helped him get relief, that heaviness off his chest was he swore, cussed, then it left him, The weight was lifted, he could now move again.These experiences is real life cause even my daughter-in-law related her experience to me about what she had regarding her being awake one night by some heaviness but it was something holding down her head from wanting to look up or out for what she saw was a loud roaring sound like running, bunch of ancient Hawaiian warriors running past her bed down the hallway sounding like a locomotive train yet at the same time as she’s trying to shout out, yell, she couldn’t alert her sleeping husband; my son next to her, but she couldn’t wake him to what was happening in front of her. Forgot how long she said it lasted, not too long but enough for her to remember the noise and images that still haunts her to this day, realistically she remembers to a tee. We live in Hawaii. It could happen anywhere. It may be difficult to understand why it happens but we need to be respectful of that it did happen.

    1. @vbabe8
      I have not really had experiences with ghosts directly, but I remember a few times when I was partially asleep, I felt like something was pushing down on me. I could not get up even though I fought. I did not scream or anything but tried to fight back. It eventually left me but I was not sure if I was dreaming or not. It was a bit scary though. My cousin said he saw my late father’s spirit and was very scared… I do believe in ghosts but my late parents told me they would never appear in front of cowards as they would scare them to death. However, ,any would not believe in anything until they see it.

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