This TVB Actor Became a Taxi Driver to Make Ends Meet

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This TVB Actor Became a Taxi Driver to Make Ends Meet

If leading actors are the core of TVB dramas, then green leaf actors are the crust. Their supporting appearances in TVB dramas add a mix of familiarity and a touch of talent, and it’s safe to say that TVB dramas just won’t be the same without them.

There are many well-respected, veteran green leaf actors today are still working for TVB, including The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady’s <福爾摩師奶> Forest Chan (陳狄克), who plays the owner of a beef noodle stand.

71-year-old Forest Chan may not be a leading actor, or even a big supporting actor, but every TVB drama-goer would be able to recognize his face. For 42 years, Forest Chan dominated the small screens with his supporting roles, and he’s become so recognizable on TV that he’s being dubbed as TVB’s “triad king” for his frequent portrayals of triad members.

Forest Chan, real name Chan Kwan-yung (福爾摩師奶), grew up with martial arts training. In the 1960’s, he was hired by Shaw Brothers Studio as a stuntman. In 1973, he joined the now-defunct RTV. In 1976, he starred in RTV drama The Chinese Killer <中國殺人王>, his first and only television drama in which he was the male lead.

Though The Chinese Killer was considered a success, Forest Chan did not get many leading actor opportunities after the show. Three years after joining RTV, he left Hong Kong with the late Lau Kar-leung (劉家良) to do movies in Taiwan, but returned to Hong Kong in 1978. The following year, under Steve Lee’s (李家鼎) guidance, he joined TVB. He did struggle to make ends meet throughout the years, and in between 1990 and 1995, he also worked as a taxi driver for some extra cash to support his family.


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6 comments to This TVB Actor Became a Taxi Driver to Make Ends Meet

  1. bearbear says:

    I like him, especially for his role as the housekeeper (白管家) in Lady Flower Fist.
    It’s very admirable for him, as well as other veterans, who stay on taking small roles for decades, yet taking on other jobs at the same time.

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  2. coralie says:

    I have nothing but respect for the acting veterans who continue to perform and execute their craft regardless of poor pay or treatment. <3 them all. I want to see them way more than the current crop of newbies who, despite the glitz & glam, don't have the experience or gravitas to pull off heavy roles.

    TVB should make a drama and give all the veterans a lead role to see them flex their acting chops, instead of relegating them to support. What poor use & management of their talent (though no big surprise there.)

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    • bearbear replied:

      @coralie Agree! TVB should have a drama with the veterans.

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  3. jimmyszeto says:

    This fellow is a decent guy with martial arts background. He stayed around to help Barbara in ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ for her fighting scenes. He played one of Michael Miu’s henchmen in that series….

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  4. mangotango says:

    Nothing wrong being a taxi driver. Just a job. At least he is not stealing. Not all actors make it rich

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  5. potatochip says:

    I love seeing the familiar faces of these green leaf actors. They make each series more sentimental. I wish TVB provided a retirement plan for them, but unfortunately, business is too cruel.

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