Adia Chan Shares More Details About New TVB Drama “The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady”

The cast of TVB detective comedy drama The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady <褔爾摩師奶> held a large-scale promotional event on Sunday to talk about the upcoming show, which premieres in Hong Kong on Monday, February 25. The period drama stars Adia Chan (陳松伶), her first television drama since 2017’s The No-No Girl <全職沒女>, with Ben Wong (黃智賢), Alice Chan (陳煒), Tsui Wing (徐榮), Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), and Dickson Yu (余德丞).

Set in early 1920’s Colonial Hong Kong, The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady follows Judy Fletcher (Adia Chan), wife of the wealthy Sir Philip Fletcher (Brian Thomas Burrell), a Hong Kong government official. Born into a poor family, Judy’s goal in life has always been to marry rich and obtain wealth. She mingles with socializes to escape property, but once she achieves that goal, a series of events leads her to fall right back into the bottom. After her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Judy learns to cope with her new identity and transforms into a female Sherlock Holmes, solving mysterious around the city. Ben Wong plays Kwan Yat-fu, Judy’s trusted butler who acts as her bodyguard and protector.

On the hardships of filming The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady, Adia said, “There are hardships to any job, but the worst has to be when you don’t have a bathroom around the area.

Jeannie Chan plays an artist who has other hidden abilities. “I don’t want to share too much because that’ll give away too much of the plot,” said Jeannie. “She seems like a simple girl on the surface, but she has actually been through a lot. She is jaded from it all. It wasn’t easy playing her, because I had to keep with this negative energy all the time. It was pretty challenging for me.”

Jeannie said the role made her afraid to meet up with friends, as she didn’t want her negativity to affect her friends. She didn’t meet up with any friends for two whole months. After filming ended, she immediately de-stressed by eating out. “I eat everything. It’s the one thing that makes me very satisfied. I’m very easy to please!”


Source: HK01 (1, 2)

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  1. Adia Chan – Just the face alone is scary enough? lol…Alice Chan looks so good next to her.

  2. I liked Adia back then but I don’t remember her as comedic star. She was more of the sweet, gentle girlfriend. But my memory may be foggy because it has been so long.

      1. @jimmyszeto It makes no sense. Alice should play the lead. She has the talent to do this sort of comedic role.

        Adia was lovely, but she also wasn’t an acting powerhouse. Was she that popular to be a draw for this series?

      2. @potatochip
        Back in the mid 1990’s she was top of the female leads proven in ‘Cold Blood Warm Heart’ with Chilam and Louis Koo where she was ahead of the likes of Jessica Hsuan and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee who were relatively new. However, I don’t see how she can just come back as lead everytime but TVB are so dependant on their past stars to make comebacks. There are barely any actors in mid 20s given opportunities. You can tell when the old Ruco is given these roles everytime of immature teenager who matures as the story develops…

      3. @jimmyszeto I remember Cold Blood Warm Heart and I liked her in that and some other series. At the time, she (or perhaps her character) was better than the raw Jessica but still was not as stand out like Esther Kwan, to me.

        TVB is definitely lacking in young actors. All of their stars, from Ruco to Kenneth to Nancy Wu to Alice Chan are mature. All these actors have talent, but they need younger stars. It isn’t like the old days where they develop them from supporting to main. Fresh to them is getting Shaun Tam to join. It’s very short sighted and limiting.

      4. @potatochip
        They have plenty of youngsters but prefer to stick them in sitcoms where they don’t get enough exposure. By the time viewers know about them then they would already have been typecasted as weak extras/support. TVB Prefer to cast Ruco as teenager and Moses/Wayne in action next…

      5. @jimmyszeto To be fair, alot of their young actors aren’t very good. Sitcoms can give them some more experience but some actors get too comfortable in sitcoms and stay there for longer than they should.
        Sitcoms should be used as a springboard.

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