Eric Li Works at Massage Parlor to Make Ends Meet

Many will recognize Eric Li (李天翔) mostly portraying villains or small roles in TVB series but not even know his name. Despite his frequent television appearance, Eric remains a struggling actor for years, even working at a massage parlor due to pressure from financial realities.

Eric has been with TVB for 18 years, making a paycheck of about $10,000 HKD a month.  With his measly salary and unstable acting career, he relies heavily on his girlfriend of 3 years, Bobo. Although Bobo is not in the entertainment industry, she has supported Eric and remained by his side.

To make ends meet, Eric also has a part-time job as a receptionist at a Thai massage parlor. From answering phones, scheduling appointments, selling massage packages to serving tea, Eric does it all.

Reporters went undercover to the Thai massage parlor and witnessed firsthand how Eric caters to patrons. When they walked in, Eric cheerfully asked, “Welcome! Is it your first time?” and proceeds to pour tea to serve them. When the phone rang, Eric excused himself to answer the phone and book an appointment on the spot.

There were some patrons that recognized Eric’s star looks and his appearance from recent TVB series, The Day of Days <初五啟市錄>. When they asked him if he was the actor in that series, he embarrassingly answered, “I’m just helping out.”

A regular patron of the massage parlor spilled, “Eric has been working here for several months. He comes more often when there is no work with TVB. I heard that this parlor was opened by his ex-girlfriend and she wanted to help him out since his salary at TVB is so low. He makes $50 HKD an hour here which is higher than the required minimum wage, so he can pull in some decent income if he works 9 hours a day! If he has to film for TVB, he’ll still come back after the shooting to help out. At first he wasn’t used to pouring tea and serving customers, but now he’s doing really good and hard working.”

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  1. Last year, Oscar Leung had to work at his cousin’s cafe as a part-time cashier to make ends meet. Now we hear of Eric Li, who is less famous and has less promotional opportunities, making $50 HKD per hour at the massage parlor.

    The pay rate of supporting actors is not something we actively think about. Long-time audiences have appreciated the acting of supporting actors such as Eric Li for years and it’s heart wrenching to learn that someone who is actually quite good in his craft has to earn such low pay.

    I remember Eric had hosted some TVB variety programs in the past. Coupled with his appearance, surely he can make a little more money hosting some mall promotional events if TVB were to utilize him more?

    1. Jayne,
      How funny that you post this article up since my mom was just asking about how much TVB artists get paid per episode. I told her about 10000HK per episode for some of them and my mom already said that was so little compared to China. But boy, Eric gets only 10000Hk a month?? Goodness, with the standard of living so high in HK, you can see why he has to take on another job to make ends meet. Hopefully, he will get more roles.. There are many more struggling actors and actresses since there are just so many and many more that hope to enter the circle hoping to make money. I think many now realize that it is not going to be easy…

      1. HeTieShou,
        Oscar Leung was making roughly the same amount as Eric Li for years. Oscar’s girlfriend also helped him out for years, in which they cohabited and shared living expenses.

        Eric is doing the same. Btw, he will be marrying his girlfriend this year, so we’ll see Eric a little more in the news.

        I think Eric had his promotional opportunity window when he starred opposite Ron Ng and Bosco Wong in “Find the Light”. That was the series that made me notice him, as I found him to be pretty good looking and had some screen presence. But he continued to portray many despicable roles that may have ruined his image.

        Maybe Eric lacked a talent scout. It takes the right role for a big breakthrough and if it didn’t happen to him in “Bottled Passion”, it may taken another groundbreaking role to make audiences disassociate him for his villainous past.

      2. Jayne,
        Really?? I did not know that Oscar made the same amount as Eric. Eric is a good actor but it is sad that his opportunity has not come yet. I remember him as that despicable guy in Ghost Writer. I did not watch Bottled passion yet so can’t comment. I don’t remember if I saw Find the Light or not yet. Who else is in there?? I don’t think I have seen that or not yet. He plays mostly bad guy roles so many don’t like him much…His example shows that you need the correct role, timing, opportunity and other things to make it in this circle and not just talent, hard work and potential. I think if he continues to work hard, he will make it… Great to know that he is getting married and like Oscar had a great girl helping him out instead of those types of girls that just take and take from the guy and always expect them to bring home the bacon…

      3. HeTieShou,
        Last year, at the start of 2012 before Oscar’s career turned around, he was making a similar salary to Eric, although I don’t recall the exact figure right now. He didn’t even have enough money to get married. Fast forward one year, he’s now a film actor and cafe owner.

        That’s what actors hope for, that their many years of input will result in big rewards, which may come anytime.

      4. @Jayne,
        Thanks for the info and yea, that is what many actors and actresses hope for. Life in the circle is really unstable since you can be at the top one moment and be making big bucks. But at the next moment, you can be unemployed, broke and unknown… That is how it is in real life too since life is so unpredictable…

      5. I hope Eric Li will get his opportunity soon like Oscar. I like him since ‘Dicey Business’.

        I’ve read his interview that he gave around the time of Dicey Business. He’s not a competitive man. He take everything with 平常心. Even when he has many series to film and looks litk being promoted (many of his series was air around the same time during Dicey Business) and has gain more fans, he still won’t dare to think too much of it.

        But, then, Kenneth Ma is also not competitive, but, he was promoted. I guess it depends on luck.

    2. I was just wondering what’s his name. I like his acting. He was Nancy Wu’s husband in The big eunuch. I thought he is quite good looking. But he does has despicable look.

    3. Oscar Leung may work at his cousin’s cafe but he knows how to mingle. Oscar had quite a few famous friends before he got promoted. We all know everything is about connections.
      Wish Eric the best and hope he finds some famous friends.

      1. Oscar had quite a few famous friends, but that doesn’t mean he used connections to climb up. If that’s the case, he would’ve gotten lead roles a long time ago. But he’s still a supporting actor right now.

        Loved Eric in Bottled Passion. Everyone must watch it! =D He’s also in Seasons of Love (Spring season) airing right now. His role is quite funny.

  2. He’s a pretty good actor in my opinion. I think TVB should consider promoting him!

    1. Bubblez,
      I like Eric Li too. With his looks and acting ability, he can step up to more important supporting roles.

      Hopefully Lee Tim Shing will be kind to Eric and give him a decent role in “Rosy Business 3”.

      1. Yeah I agree, Jayne (:
        Hopefully! I hope Rosy Business 3 is good and suspenseful!

      2. With this kind of sad publicity if TVB not going to make some adjustment or promote him , other TV Station will this golden oppuninty throw in money bring in Eric.

      3. @ Cloud 9

        If he really get promoted by TVB because of this news, he will have to thank the reporter. Wonder why the reporter pick him as topic?

    2. Yea, he is a good actor so hope he gets the recognition he deserves soon.

    3. He acted as a rapist in A Fistful of Stances. The victim was Natalie Tong.

      1. He was in there?? Goodness, I saw so many series that he was in but don’t remember seeing him.

      2. Yes, he was the deadly kungfu kicking specialist who tutored the spoilt brat to oppose Kevin Cheng. Finally he was executed for raping Natalie Tong.

        I see him as a good actor but unfortunately HK people don’t seem to appreciate good acting, as per the case of Koo Ming Wah (for years), but only good looking guys like Kevin, Raymond Lam and bad boy Ron Ng

  3. ALL HIS ROLE ARE SO….LOL. I love him soooo much in Bottled Passion! And i can never take him serious when he has a really nice role! just like in The Confident, At first he shows his very nice-guy face and i said to myself that i cannot take it serious and he would flipped soon and yeah, i was right! I love his acting no matter how evil he is!

    1. Did he play a nice person in Bottled Passion?? I have not seen him in a good guy role yet.

      1. Nice person, loyal. His other nice guy role is in Day in Days. Small role but an honourable guy.

      2. He also had a pretty good role in ‘Catch Me Now’ with Damien Lau.

  4. He’s a really good actor! It’s quite sad that he’s earning such low wages…I rmb him in Dicey Business quite well, and in many other dramas

  5. That’s the way it is. There’ s always going to be people making less. It’s a business afterall. Just have to hang in there and hope for a breakthrough role.

  6. it sucks that untalented people such as jason chan, tony hung are promoted instead! eric also can act better than him law who is also overpromoted just for his looks and because him and tavia are using their relationship to promote themselves! why not promote eric instead of jason, tony or him law?

  7. seriously when the f*** is TVB gonna promote this dude man? like how f***** up is it, they promote utter rubbish ones like eliza, aimee who can’t even string a sentence together who get leading roles like only a year or 2 later. there are so many who get promoted but don’t deserve to be promoted at all.

    1. I agree. But I prefer Eliza over Aimee. Call me biased but I got to support people from my hometown:)

    2. tvb is busy promoting jason chan, tony hung and him law and also eliza, christine, aimee. all these untalented people and left out eric who’s waiting his turn. oscar is lucky wong jing signed him.

      1. So true. Jason acting skills is so worst why
        Would tvb promote him. He also not good
        Looking after all. Wonder why tvb is start going
        Down n soon run out talent actor n actress’s.

    3. well aimee and eliza generated fans for themselves and have Pageant Titles and went through a bunch of ambassador and endorsement commercials, so they make money for TVB and that is why TVB promotes them.

      i agree they should promote eric though since talent matters also and eric is an excellent character actor.

  8. Hopefully, TVB will see this report. If so gay can do it, so can he. I remember him in the kiddy show.

  9. Ugh, what a bummer! He is a talented actor. He will need a character like Laughing Gor to pull him out of the supporting actor clan. Perhaps a Laughing Gor character that he can milk with!

  10. I thought he was good in bottled passion. I agree though, he is type cast for villian roles. I’m not familiar with the standard of living in HK, but isn’t 50HKD an hour pretty substandard? That’s 450 a day for a 9 hour day.

    Seems like 10,000 HKD a month isn’t that bad?

    1. 10000HKD is terrible. You’re pretty much living paycheck to paycheck.

    2. Some people don’t even realize that university graduates are making around 7-8k a month nowadays. It’s really rough living in Hk now since the standard of living is so high.

      1. I have always been confused. When watching tvb series from teh 80’s, a birthday cake costs $100 but a can of coke is $1. Shouldn’t a can of coke be $20 if a cake is $100?!?!

      2. My buddy in Shanghai is working as an architecture intern for $15USD a day. Not a typo, 15USD.

        Fresh grads and interns get ripped off hard. And there’s nothing you can really do about it, employers look for experience and young people looking for jobs (like myself) are willing to work at any price so long as they can past the initial speedbump.

      3. In HK I believe even a clerk can earn HKD10k per month? Because rental would have taken half of that away, true? Living expenses is high when it comes to lodging.

      4. @jayne

        Most office jobs in Hk that requires an university degree offers around 6-7k for start. They may or may not get a raise after a few months experience, but a lot of office admin or clerks don’t even make 10k a month.

        The problem with Hk is a lot of locals have university degrees and they hire a lot of immigrant workers from china, Canada, USA, austrailia, etc.

      5. @Funn
        You’re right, it’s the cost of the rent that matters the most. Transport is cheap, utilities (electricity and water) is pretty OK, food is cheap if you go wet markets/buy in bulk/live sparingly, but goddamn, 10k is nothing and you can’t start a family with that.

      6. Actually transport isn’t that cheap, it all depends where you live and how far you have to travel. Travelling expenses usually varies from 1-4k.

        Food use to be cheap in HK, but with the rent so high in HK and inflation rates going up food is higher than ever.

  11. When I first read this, I thought it meant he was ‘giving’ the massages. Very misleading title.

  12. I think he has the look and the acting skill. I hope TVB can give him more opportunity in the future. I like his roles both in The Day of Days and Season of Love.

  13. I really like Eric, you can tell he has a passion for acting. He’s been with the company for over 15 yrs and his roles are not getting enough recognition. I thought after BP he would get huger roles but apparently not since it aired at a bad time slot. He’s great in any roles given, hopefully he’ll be promoted more in the near future.

  14. call me crazy but i think that underrated actors like Eric Li, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Deric Kwok are more worth watching than those who are promoting by tvb right now. Ben and Deric are older but at least they have good acting skills IMO while Eric and Raymond might be shorter than Jason but i think they’re pretty good looking and more importantly they can act, oh and another one Vincent, this guy is tall pretty good looking and at least a much better actor than the stiff face Jason….on the girls side, i think they should start to promote Nancy Wu, Yoyo Chen ,and some other actresses that i can’t remember the name right now lol, to first line already, they both have the look and the skill….you would think that at time like this where the tv war is about to begin tvb would make better choices but instead they decide to promote people like Jason Chen and Aimme Chen, sad….

    1. I think that underrated actors like Eric Li, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Deric Kwok are more worth watching than those who are promoting by tvb right now.
      Agree with you wholeheartedly. Their acting skills are a lot better than those top siu sangs. It seems that TVB does not promote aged artistes (male and female); Wayne Lai was probably the only exception. He was lucky to have a custom-made role in “Rosy Business” to make him shine.

      In other words, if an artiste does not get promoted before age 30, the chance for them to move up will be super slim. Jason is being promoted because TVB is lack of siu sangs now.

      As Nancy Wu said, “For as long as I’ve known, producers only see me as a supporting actress, so how can audiences accept seeing me as a lead?” This applies to many good supporting artistes, such as Elena Kong, Eric Li, Ben Wong, Raymond Cho, Derek Kwok, etc.

    2. “I think that underrated actors like Eric Li, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Deric Kwok are more worth watching than those who are promoting by tvb right now.”

      I agree with you that they are good actors. But I think that TVB has to promote the younger artistes (in their early twenties) into lead roles. If not, TVB will lose out to other countries like Korea.

      Youngsters in their teens and early twenties will most likely want to watch artistes closer to their age and have an actor and actress that they can idolise. Thus the popularity of Boys over Flowers Korean drama and many youngsters have watched this drama 5 to 6 times.

      Seriously, will anyone watch a TVB drama produced in recent years for 5 to 6 times?
      Maybe TVB could produce dramas that cater to the different age groups.

      1. But tvb isn’t promoting their younger artistes like Nathan, Brian, and Tina. By young I mean under 25. They are promoting Jason and Christine who are already in their 30s.

    3. Sooooo so true. I can’t stand that guy Jason.
      His acting skill even worser than me. Even
      Though I don’t have any acting skills. There
      Are so many good actor but they don’t have
      Lucks yet. Hope them the best.

      1. Yes, so true. TVB is getting worst now. Thats why we see so many good actors and actresses leaving the stastion one by one.So they are so desperate, thats why they chose blindly

  15. This is heartbreaking for me to know about as I absolutely adore and admire Eric Li as an actor. He is extremely talented and although handed a lot of villain roles and may cause audience to dislike him, that only means that he is doing his job right. Hope TVB can give him more opportunities so he can make ends meet.

  16. Frankly in the western world a lot of actors before hitting big time works as waitresses so that is no shame. A lot of TVB actors have part time jobs or rather acting is part time, all of them are usually the ke-le-fes who act for interest because with TVB salary alone, they would have starved a long time ago.

    How Eric can earn more is by ads and commercials which obviously he is not getting any.

    1. With being always type cast as villain, doubt he can get any ads or commercial offer.

      1. Agree. Eric acts well, but he is always given villainous roles in drama series. People in Hong Kong won’t let Eric do any commerical or ads due to his villainous image unfortunately. He needs some luck and breakthrough roles to shine.

      2. why not? a villain role can also shine,the problem is that he isnt a top villain,give him a top villain role in 5 great eunuchs and he will even outshine wayne lai.

    2. I think Eric is given many villian roles because he has an evil and despicable type of look(not to say he is like that in real life). Hope he gets more likeable roles soon. I have seen so many series but don’t really remember him much. I only remember him in Ghost Writer but that’s it…

    3. But someone like Eric where you recognise his face, but not necessarily his name would be earning more in the US. TVB is obviously ripping off their long-time suffering supporting actors, and it’s very shameful because your leading actor is not the only one carrying the show. The supporting cast make up a large share and can equally make or break a show.

      1. let’s try jason Chan, Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam leading a show by their own. The series will crumble! and right now these untalented people are overpromoted and gaining a lot more what Eric is gaining when they’re Eric’s juniors who can’t act half as good as he is!

  17. I honestly think Eric is such a handsome guy, and very talented. He just need an opportunity, TVB should really consider him in a leading role. Best wishes to you Eric, your fan will always going to support you, keep up your hard work..someday it waill pay off.

  18. Articles like these make me sad… Eric’s a really good actor and to be honest, a lot better than some of the people TVB are actually promoting.

    I really think TVB should give him, or actors like him, more opportunities to shine :((((

  19. Eric li ,I respect him more now after this news . But don’t yell other actors people , anyone have their ups and down. Eric will one day get the recognitions just like Wayne .

    1. I hope that he will at least be another Koo Ming Wah. I am sure he will be just as happy to get the best supporting actor award, if not a 1st line actor.

      1. There’s only one Koo Ming Wah per year – if even that, whereas there are many supporting actors like them who suffers year after year.

      2. Agree. Supporting artistes are HIGHLY NEGLECTED by TVB. In fact, without those good supporting artistes, all the TVB drama series will be boring with just those pretty and good looking faces. We might as well see those fashion shows.

    2. The sad thing is Wayne is probably an exception; I don’t think TVB expected the overwhelming success of RB. Life’s a b**ch and not everyone gets the rewards they deserve.

      Gosh, I still remember Eric playing an underling in Lady Flower Fist all those years ago. He’s only had a few “nice” roles to date, but why did people not take more notice of him – especially after Bottled Passion? (Damn, TVB rarely churns out a good series these days, but a rare gem like BP comes along and they give it such mistreatment.)

  20. I was wondering where I’d seen his(Eric’s) face before until someone mentioned that he was the rapist, the despicable guy in A Fistful of Stances. I think he did a super job in frightening the daylights out of us ladies. Wasn’t he in Gloves Come Off too. I like him and hope TVB gives him a better deal from now.

  21. I like his acting. Even better in comparison to Kenneth, and at times, Moses in my opinion. Just watch the recent drama -‘Season of Love’. He has improved much too. TVB, come on, give the guy a chance!! Frustrating. Just like Ruco Chan before.

  22. Can you guys name some other series that he has been in? I have seen a number of TVB series and hardly remember seeing him at all… I guess I just have a bad memory.

    1. He’s been in a lot but most are really minor roles. There’s:

      Mysteries Of Love-he played the clown who set explosions

      Fistful of Stances-I’m pretty sure you recognized him there, the villain’s master who raped Natalie’s character.

      Dicey Business-Minor role but played a spoiled son of the casino’s owner.

      Witness Insecurity-I think you recognized him in ere too, he had a pretty prominent role.

      When Lanes Merges-Raymond’s friend and Ruco’s subordinate, car racer.

      The Four-Choi King’s son, a villain.

      Silver Chamber of Sorrows-Had an affair with Nancy’s character

      Journey Called Life-Linda’s stepbrother

      Catch Me Now-a pretty huge role one of the few where he’s the good guy.

      War and Deatiny-A friend of Ron’s

      ThResold of a Persona-ID’s employee had a crush on Toby

      And the DIE series where he played a rapist as well

      I think I listed too much lol but yeah I tend to notice him in a lot of series, good actor!

      1. Agree! He’s actually in a lot of drama! He was great on “Catch me now!”

      2. One more, he was in Tiger Cubs as well as a villain in one of the cases.

      3. I don’t think his role is that minor in Dicey Business. His character has development and growth and he has quite a lot of storyline. He’s spoiled and rebellious, but not a bad person.

      4. Thanks for the list!! I do remember his face in some of the series but don’t remember which roles he played. I guess I pay more attention to the leading cast.

      5. His role in Dicey was minor compared to others he only appeared prominently in one or two episodes from the time Tavia liked him but other than that that’s it besides his beginning appearance.

    2. He also had a supporting role in Ghost Writer. One of the villains

  23. With the salaries/wages of TVB supporting artists/extras, they do need side jobs to keep a decent standard of living. During the Chinese New Year, Mongkok and YauMaTei restaurants were touting their dinner meals for 10 priced starting at $2888 HKD and up excluding drinks, 10%/tips and additional extras. If Eric was to treat his family and his girlfriend’s immediate family (assuming one table in total), that would be at least half his paycheck.

  24. I agreed with all the above comments!
    He is a very talented actor and it’s a shame that he didn’t get to promoted!! And TVB promoted Jason ==!!! He actually killed the drama he is with Linda, the stone face n lorr the way he is handling his bag @@!! Nowadays being an actor also needs a MBA to get promoted?!
    I do hope Eric will get noticed by film directors!
    I love him, Oscar, Vincent n Ruco.
    No wonder so many of them leave TVB!!

    1. And also Matt Yeung. I hope he got promoted too. I do agree that HimHim got overly promoted but ever since I watched “Marriage with a Liar”, I’m quite hooked on him xD

  25. Eric is a good actor so pretty sad to hear the low wage he is getting for his acting. =( I hope they will promote him more as he’s very versatile and IMO, a good looking guy so don’t get why he doesn’t have more opportunity? sad.

  26. His acting was good in Witness Insecurity playing someone high on drugs.

  27. He has been around with TVB for a while. Has seen him on small roles in quite a few series. Good to see and hear his news. Maybe an offer of a good role will provide him a breakthrough

  28. Eric is as capable as another extra Ben Wong who played the villain “spicy ginger”. He has been around a long time but waiting for that breakout role. Timing is everything; “So Gay” hit it big while Eric and Ben are still languishing.

  29. TVB is such a joke, the ones who have been there forever and can act never gets any kind of good treatment. If he’s in minor roles in TVB, i think i will recognize him when i see him working on a message parlor?? hahha…OMG…TVB probably only treats them well b/c some of the promoted ones knows how to suck up and have better connections. How else do you explain all these ‘care-le-fe’ characters who are always there but we hardly even know their names until now?

  30. Good looking & talented but yet another neglected actor! I believe Eric can lead bigger and better roles if he was given the opportunity, way better than ‘So gay’! Come on TVB open your eyes!!! Eric, don’t give u all the way..add oil!

  31. So sick.. anyone who know which thai massage it is? I think im going to support him next time im in HK. And maybe ask for autograph lol

  32. Eric is a good actor but it is sad that his opportunity has not come yet. I hope he will get more chance and opportunity!!!

  33. Thought I should comment here to show my support for him too. Great talent, underused. So stereotyped as a villain, it makes audience think that he’s fonna turn evil anytime if he has not yet. Stupid TVB
    And since I’m at it, he’s acting skill is 1000% better than the lame Jason Chan. Can’t they recognize a talent when they see one?? Eric’s acting is pretty believable and he can portray lots of characters well. Give him his chance already, TVB!!

  34. 1) In TVB’s policy and practice, if an artiste has been cast in villainous roles and he/she is good at them, he/she will be there forever, e.g. Eric Li, Nancy Wu, Ruco Chan, Ben Wong, and some other veterans.

    2) If an artiste has not been promoted by TVB in the first 5 years as an lead artiste, TVB will abandon the idea of promoting him/her. At the same time, the artiste will get older in those 5 years and his/her chance will be almost gone.

    1. It is a lot worse for female artistes as there will be more and more new and pretty Miss Hong Kong or Miss Chinese International winners and contestants joining TVB every year, such as Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, Sire Ma, Rebecca Zhu, etc.

  35. I think I am alone here on this forum but I think Oscar is really over-rated. I think he was ok where he was the brother with a terrible wife mooching off Miu Kiu Wai but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s some siu sang.

    For whatever reason TVB is doing what they think is right and us dumb people are still watching the substandard shows (no offense)

    Even shows that we don’t watch, other people will watch. I don’t like the direction of TVB with its crazy storylines. The one with Moses eating people, that’s just…derranged.

    When you think of TVB you think of family type dramas for the most part. It’s good they are recognizing some veterans but 620 and co better get their act together.

    1. Before people get angry at me when I said “dumb” what I meant is that we all give their series a try, even the bad ones.!

    2. I don’t think Oscar Leung should be a siu sang in TVB either. He does not have the look to be a typical siu sang. Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu, Jason Chan, even Benjamin Yuen have good chances if they work on their acting skills.

      Eric Li should be promoted to act heavier supporting roles first. He does have the look, ability and potential to become a 2nd lead actor in TVB.

  36. wtf joking lmao. haha. divided in malaysia roughly less than 5k. How to survive as an even low class artist? haha. a joke? How reliable is the article? dun talk cok wei. hahaha..OMG. working for 18 years just 10k hkd? a joke. joker.

    1. I have heard TVB has really low wages if you are not the leads, they are famous for being cheapskates i think hahaa…so it can very well be true.

      1. but he still considered ok and not that bad looking, being good in bad person in drama. How on earth less than 10k per month? Lam Fung 1 series in china also 500k. 1 series equivalent to his entire salary in life? hahaha

      2. even the leads only get 20,000 – 30,000 per episode in cheapskate tvb! but when you have breakthrough or promoted by tvb such as eliza sam and christine kuo who tvb and media keep calling goddess they will have paid outside events almost every day although their acting has nothing to do with their popularity! this is the money making opportunity that good supporting actors such as Eric can’t get!

      3. 20 to 30k per episode still cheapskate? lol. better than this poor guy 10k per month only ah. haha. But still sad for him after so many years still just keh leh feh. I think either he has some problem or maybe fated to be poor. Only those who know him in person would know clearly..

      4. Sel_fi_wu,
        Very true, even the leads are not pay that high, so HTH do all these ‘kalefe’s get good pay? haha…if they get outside events, thats very well how they make more money n not from filming for series alone.

  37. Can someone give me info on average how much the low and middle class makes per month? And what is the rent like in HK?

    1. I don’t live in Hong Kong. The following is my guess only. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      Salary varies a lot in Hong Kong, I believe. A low-income person makes as low as a few thousand HK dollars a month and a high-income person would make HK$100,000 a month. Rich business people are excluded. A rich person can be very rich and a poor person can be very poor. A 400 sq. ft. flat can easily cost HK$7,000 a month in rent anywhere.

      1. 400 sq ft? That is ridiculous.. so the economy in HK is like that because…? I thought the United States were in a terrible economic state, guess there is always a best out of the worst.

      2. A flat with 700 sq. ft. in a decent area costs over HK$12,000 in rent a month.

        a self-contained room (150 to 200 sq. ft) with a hot plate and basic washroom facilities could easily cost HK$2,000 a month in rent in a lousy neighbourhood.

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