Veteran actress Lily Li leaves TVB

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Veteran actress Lily Li leaves TVB

Over the past few months, many fans saw the departure of several long-time TVB artistes such as Lau Kong (劉江)Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) and Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) leaving the station. Adding to the list, 69-year-old veteran actress Lily Li (李麗麗) also announced that she had terminated her contract in January and had quietly left TVB.

At the age of 11, Lily started training with Shaw Brothers Acting School where she was taught Mandarin, contemporary dancing, classical dancing, ballet and martial arts. Early in her career with Shaw Brothers Studio, Lily appeared in many martial arts dramas and often played smart and witty heroine roles.

In 1975, Lily joined Commercial Television and played her first leading role in the drama The Bride with White Hair <白髮魔女傳 >. After Commercial Television ended its operation in 1978, Lily signed a contract with Asia Television (ATV) before switching her focus to TVB in 1988.

As Lily reflected on her 54 years of experience in the entertainment industry, she shared, “As an actress, of course you want your work to reach the world even if it’s a very small place. You would hope people would get to know you. This is one of our goals. When I was with Shaw TV, I received letters from fans and it was a good reward and encouragement. It was motivating. I hoped to do a good job for the audience.”

When the media asked Lily to comment on her departure and if she missed TVB, Lily hesitantly replied, “Yes, my contract ended in January. I don’t feel so well. Don’t want to talk about it. I am getting old. I don’t want to work.” As the media asked for further clarification, Lily shared that she is retiring and denied that she was unhappy with TVB.

Lily’s departure is another loss for TVB. While fans can continue to watch Lily’s performance in the currently airing The Dripping Sauce <大醬園>, her last drama will be the upcoming Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>.

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    1. m0m0 says:

      I haven’t seen her for a while long. I really enjoyed her performances. She excels in what she does and I will miss her. She’s definitely got the looks and talent.

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    2. bubbles23 says:

      Hope she’s in good health.

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    3. pisces2019 says:

      Probably left under same circumstances as Lau Kong.

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    4. cutie777 says:

      It’s sad that all the good actors leave the station and I didn’t know Pierre Ngo left tvb too no wonder haven’t seen him act lately.

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