Viann Zhang and “Miss X” Chat on Phone; Ron Ng Caught in Sex Lie?

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) may be caught in deeper water! Ron’s phone sex partner, “Miss X” admitted to his ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), that they have slept together! After the two women spoke on the phone, Viann and Miss X have decided that it was time to drop Ron from their hearts for good!

Last week, a mysterious 25-year-old woman, known only as Miss X, claimed she has been Ron Ng’s sex partner for more than one year. This coincided with the time that Ron had dated Viann Zhang. Initially, Ron did not admit to Miss X that he was dating Viann. After realizing that Ron allegedly lied to her and dated two women at the same time, Miss X hatched a revenge scheme to expose Ron’s lusty nature to the world, by giving Sudden Weekly explicit text and audio exchanges, as well as Ron’s topless photos.

Ron’s infamous command asking Miss X to send a photo of herself in pink panties have fired up tabloids. After the phone sex messages were exposed, it was reported afterward that Ron had fallen into a “sex trap” and did not ever have sex with Miss X. He did admit that she was his long-time friend, but said they had never dated. However, the public was unconvinced that the relationship was platonic, even after Ron promised that Miss X will issue a press statement to clarify matters.

Ron Flies to Beijing to Mend Relationship with Viann?

After the phone sex messages were exposed, Ron allegedly flew to Beijing on July 25th to patch his relationship with Viann. He continued to say that he has never dated Miss X. Refusing to believe Ron, Viann got a hold of Miss X’s cell phone after consulting with various sources.

Identifying herself on the phone, Viann said that she wanted to find out the truth and did not wish to fight nor argue. Miss X replied, “I have already told the magazine [Sudden Weekly] that my motive was not to fight with you. I truly do not wish to talk about this person anymore!” Miss X insisted that she did not fabricate any lies.

Viann said, “He (Ron) said that he never slept with you. I also call him every night; how can you not know?” Miss X replied, “I did not sleep with him every night.” Claiming that she had sex with Ron in the past, Miss X also stated that he has been calling her many times over the last several days, in which she did not answer his calls.

Both women vowed to not reconcile with Ron. Viann even asked Miss X to meet her if time permits!

“Miss X” Issues Press Statement

After days elapsed, Miss X finally released a press statement, clarifying that she was only Ron’s “good friend,” yet the statement was laced with sarcasm and obvious disappointment in their “relationship.” It did not clearly address whether her relationship with Ron was sexual in nature.

Below are the full contents of Miss X’s press statement:

All along, a woman’s status in a relationship gives her assurance. Of course, each person will wish that her significant other acknowledges her status. Since each man saw the relations differently, a woman will not mind how much she sacrifices and tolerates in order to attain that acknowledgment of status.

I will reiterate that over the last year, Mr. Ng and I have been what he refers to as “good friends”  while getting along with each other. The text messages and audio clips were communicated in the manner of “good friends.”

I hereby sincerely wish that Mr. Ng and Ms. Zhang will always be happy.

-Mr. Ng’s Good Friend
August 1, 2012

Source: Sudden Weekly #888 via

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  1. He cheated on both women, as well as the public!

  2. That press statement from miss X obviously full of sarcasm. Like a sulking woman.

    1. This part

      “All along, a woman’s status in a relationship
      gives her assurance. Of course, each person
      will wish that her significant other
      acknowledges her status. Since each man saw
      the relations differently, a woman will not
      mind how much she sacrifices and tolerates in
      order to attain that acknowledgment of

      1. Her official statement imply that she’s in same situation with Viann. Both women want Ron to acknowlwdge them as his girlfriend. Ron never did until Viann cut him off. That’s also when Miss x come out. Despicable and dumb guy.

  3. Ron Ng was really dumb. Raymond Lam had already given him a good example of the damage that he had with Mavis Pan.

    Perhaps Ron Ng thought that he would be another Raymond Lam and he would get TVB’s support to “erase” his problems”.

    1. Whose idea is it to say Ron only got into sex trap? 620? Now it backfired because Miss x official statement imply that she’s serious with Ron.

    2. I will laugh if he thinks he can pull it off like LF like last year

    3. Raymond does have a lot of TVB support althought Raymond lacks that so called sex tape conversation. He is the golden boy.

      1. Well in LF’s case, he was just dating Mavis at the time and was not involved with another girl simultaneously whereas Ron has been caught cheating with Viann and Miss X at the same time. So in Ron’s case, it is more serious than LF’s. There really was nothing too scandalous with what happened to LF, he was dating and didn’t want the relationship exposed and hence kept it underground until later on when the bed photos were leaked. Those photos were all fully clothed, nothing to get excited about at all. So overall I see Ron’s case being on a level that is more damaging than LF’s case.

      2. Ron got topless picture? Or someone else got topless picture?

      3. Aiyah!! Topless only, and top part, not lower part. No scandal!When was this? He doesn’t look big there.

      4. In Miss X’s cellphone, said to be given by Ron to Miss X. That’s why it’s scandalous.

      5. Sexual tapes and pictures are shown but some people still want to insist Ron is only a poor trapped guy and Viann and Miss X are the bad villains.

      6. ^ EXACTLY! I hate two timers who think they’re so good at juggling 2 or more women at once and this one is STUPID enough to get CAUGHT!

    4. If Ron thinks so, he is dead. LF can erase the scandal or even getting more famous because he has 3 things on hand: (1) fans; (2) sucessful works – albums, concert, Snake movie to bring up his market value; and (3) his scandal wasnt that bad.

      Ron lacks all 3. He isnt going to have any work that can help him to clean the image soon. Hence his market value is low at this moment. Fan is the only thing he has now but many vowed to leave him from the Viann incident. Worst, his scandal is bad with evident and hard to argue that he is trapped. A matter now is that do Txb wanna save him. Maybe they will treat him just like Matt Yeung – dont care, pull him to small and smaller roles in years until ppl forget all to restart.

      However, look at the bright side, Ron still has loyal fans. If these fans are large enough, Ron will have chance to restart in the future, when ppl start to forget him. It’s all up to Ron if he can bring anything wonderful, ppl will look for him again. He is just 33, still have some time. Look at Matt Yeung, he is slowly come back.

      1. Ron has two grand series SSSS and TITS2. TVB might use these two series to save him. Just like how I read news that Bosco is saved from Boscolie breakup scandal because people love him in WI. Most of my own friends fell for this too.

      2. Ron’s career has slowly been demoted to second/third lead for a long time since his string of negative press in the past. I truly doubt Ron will get a second chance to resurrect his career. Especially when his acting and singing isn’t as strong as the other male leads at tvb. Without his looks Ron is just a mediocre actor who can’t sing if his life depended on it.

      3. Matter is that how big Ron’s role in SSSS and TITS2 is. Bosco is main lead in WI but Ron isn’t. And when SSSS and TITS2 are aired is another matter :P. Heard that Sergeant Tabloids will be released after HAL from 4 November and make it the second anniversary series, along with The Confidant. If it’s true, no chance for Ron with SSSS.

      4. Fox,

        Kenneth ma is so hot now, I think tvb is trying to promote him so Ron will only be third lead at most. Since Damien will also be a heavy weight along with KM in SSSS. As for tits2 I don’t think ron’s role would be that big. Because there’s chi lam and Francis, those two will already steal the show already plus there’s also KM.

      5. Oh yah KM is in both SSSS and TITS with Ron. TVB of course will give heavier part to KM since KM is in main promo line now. Ron can only count on whether these roles are good enough to buy him more fans and reputation again

      6. Matt Yeung’s scandal last time:

        In 2005, his career was interrupted when Yeung was arrested for DUI and criminal damage. – wiki

        After that, he was immediately pulled to kelefe until recent time when having some small roles again.

        Bigger or smaller roles won’t be the most important factor :). Sometimes small roles can grab the attention of the audiences and famous. For example, Linda stole the limelight of YSSS although she isn’t really the lead.

      7. I agree some small roles would steal the limelight. But with YSNS, main lead was tavia and her acting sucked. And Linda’s character was only praised by netizens for her crying scene and nothing else. Even when tvb said they wanted to do a miss koo spin off netizens were totally against it. Not sure if that’s a good example.

  4. Not only Ron is a cheater, he’s also dumb to leave his trails!

    1. hahaha, yeah TVB should produce a show called “stupid celeb cheaters”

  5. ok, I though it is normal to have sex and send photos to each other, as long as it don’t leak out? at least for western people, and as long as you are in a stable relationship, beside how come we know that this miss X and Viann aint lying just to make it bad for Ron? Do we have any 100% facts about this situation.

    We shouldn’t make a to fast conclusion.

    1. The tape is real, that is Ron but yes you can perhaps there was entrapment. But if he doesn’t want to, how can anyone trap him?

    2. What more do you need? It’s do obvious he was cheating. Besides nobody forced him to send those pictures and voice messages.

    3. The voice tape and personal topless pics exposed Ron. Do your good guy friend send this type of pics and share this type of chat with you? Even if trapped, he doesnt sound forced or look unwilling in the pics. It came from himself.

      Ron still young. He can still improve himself

    4. I agree that none of us know the 100% truth so who really knows??

    1. I would also indulged in two-timing if i have a girlfriend like vianne.Just too much stress!!!hihihih

  6. How easy for Miss X to say anything she wants whilst hiding behind the scene. What a mess and in away unfair to Ron. He has a right to face his accuser and unfair to us also because as the general population we have a right to know as well.

    1. It’s understandable that she want’s to protect her identity as revenge is her primary goal.

      Actually it gives her more credibility as she is not perceived as someone seeking attention or fame.

    2. It’s matching with her intention to just revenge at Ron and not publicizing herself. She got the evidence too. Which is why I said Ron is dumb.

    3. She’s also seen what Ron’s fans did to Viann. I wouldn’t want that scrutiny either. Ron’s fans have proven incapable of accepting the fact he’s a cheat even in the face of large evidence. Instead we here stories that the man in the photo is a look-a-like, or that Viann paid this woman to try Ron and that he is a victim. Why should she make her name known so she fan face such lunacy?

      I think her message sounds like someone who was just paid off to say the “right thing.”

      1. actually i am pretty sure its ron but i stll think hes hot.. his scandal doesnt affect me..its nt tht bad of a scandal… viann isnt exactly ms purfect.. for all we knw thy r cheating on each othr. just tht rons expoose

      2. As long as no evident to prove that Viann cheated, she has the benefit of doubt.

      3. wasnt there some article tht she has a new bf.. or something..

      4. A new BF after the split, yes – but that isn’t proof of an affair.

      5. i guess but stll she must nt hve love ron as much as she claims as instantly voila a bf..

      6. Nobody knows if viann is a good gf or not. To put the blame on viann because ron cheated is just retarded and childish.

      7. i am nt blaming viann.. alll i am saying is i am stll a fan despite this incident.. whthr or nt viann is a good gf we wll nvr know

      8. Yah. Although Viann is attention seeker, nobody knows if shes a good or bad gf.

      9. Viann said that she broke up with Ron 3 months ago, mean when she was caught with Li Chen, she cut the tie with Ron already. Not cheat if she said the truth. Viann is good or bad, only Ron knows the best.

      10. Well I guess morals with people these days means nothing. Cheating isn’t a crime, but it speaks volumes of that’s individual’s integrity and moral. To support such actions is appalling for me. To say this action isn’t that big of a deal is even worst.

      11. elin: If Ron’s immoral activities and cheating on women are fine with you, good luck being his fans

      12. Well Viann lied about her tattoo so it would not shock me if she lied again about this whole thing. About whether she cheated or not, who knows? However, if she loved Ron so much it is a bit unusual to be in another relationship so fast after breaking up.

        Miss X is hiding in the dark while everyone is throwing darts at Ron which I also do not find fair to Ron. I do not excuse Ron for what he did, however, what Viann and this Miss X are doing are not the best and does not make them any better. Hopefully, Rob will learn from this and will mature. I believe with time this will pass and Ron can revive his career and life again. At least he was not involved with the law and was not arrested or anything. Others have done worse and are still able to move on and continue with their careers so why can’t Ron??

      13. I do not like the fact that he cheated either, however, I hope that will make him learn and become a better and more mature person. I think he needs to learn the hard way. Everyone makes mistakes but the most important thing is do they learn from it and become better people?? I think it is not that Ron’s fans are in denial but they will forgive him and hope that he has learned from his mistakes. Who is completely clean and innocent in the circle?? I highly doubt anyone is but they are just lucky enough to not get caught yet.

  7. Her statement totally sounds staged. All this just to salvage what’s left of Ron’s career.

    1. She sounds forced LOL. The first paragraph dont show she’s doing it willingly.

  8. anyway i hope ron the best.. hopefully he wll ride ths one out.

  9. Well, from Miss X.’s statement, it seems that Ron can’t clean the image but stuck in the mud more.

    1. Problem is he denied everything at first, until the evidence showed, then changed his tune. Now he’s back to trying to play innocent and blame others. Best way would have been to admit mistakes, apologize for weakness, beg forgiveness, then move on. Instead, he’s decided to make things even juicier for gossip mags 😛

    2. Things keep coming juicier and juicier for Ron’s case

    3. All he really had to do was say its a personal matter and he does wish to comment upon it. Then nothing can be held against him. But he tried to flat out lie about his cheating and continue to say he’s innocent only makes things worst for him.

      1. Ron should’ve just said he din’t want to comment on his personal matter. This way he won’t be caught in a lying mess. Remember Him Law called liar after he issued press statement that he didn’t know the old man but later was proven otherwise. But unlike Ron, Him Law is the token boy of his company and will always be saved

      2. I missed the “not” in my comment , sorry. I meant to say, “he should’ve said he does not want to comment on his personal life”.

  10. I hate celebrities like this. They think they can get anyone they want and toy with women’s heart. Screw all these people and their career. Ron isn’t that great at acting anyway.

  11. I honestly don’t see this affecting Ron. His fans never liked Viann anyway so I doubt they care if he cheated on her. Ron has been in the same place career wise for many years and I don’t see this so called scandal making his career go south.

    1. I totally agree with you that Ron’s image wouldn’t be affected in the eyes of his fans but to the general audiences like me I wouldn’t want to watch his series unless I like the costars. Being in the showbiz, I don’t think cheating is morally unaccepted, it’s the matter of how well they hide the problem. But still I think Ron is dumb to be trapped, is dumb to love Viann so that she could revenge as the way she did and still does, is dumb to face the reporters and is dumb not to improve his acting skills after such a long time of being highly promoted. Compared to others guys starting the same time like him, Ray, Ken, Bosco and Sam, they are by far better than him and play lead role in all series, he deserve it cause he is super dumb.

    2. Only Ron fans will like him. I DON’T SUPPORT CHEATERS and STUPID PEOPLE

    3. Also you wonder, does what a person do in their personal life affect their career life?? Some fans or people do not care which is why there are still people that like and support Edison after the sex scandal.

  12. alot of people think all ron has is his looks but what does his looks have to do to keep him going in the business

    1. Ron’s looks buys his fans. Possibly his women too LOL

  13. RON is so dumb.. i hate him!
    I like Bosco wong.. he’s good-looking than him

  14. Conclusion: he is a dog, dumber than wood and act like a stone, LOL

    Can’t even dance like a cat anymore either, hehe…

    1. Oh yes Ron Ng’s dancing has rut nowadays. His moves aren’t as good anymore.

  15. HK people put too much concern on actors images for their career. Ron, Bosco, Lam Fung will have time in their career now. I really salute them if they can still hold their career high as an actor after these horrible career damaging tabloid issues. If it’s in the west, it won’t be as career damaging unless you broke the law.

    1. However Ron’s acting and brain is less than Lam Fung and Bosco. Bosco has the most actor brilliance while Lam Fung has the singer strength.

      1. I support Bosco and Lam Fung to grow their respective careers despite how the public are cursing and spitting them. Some people are less perfect than others. Besides women troubles, they might be a nice person in other areas.

      2. anyway I finished Witness Insecurity. Bosco is damn cool and effective and Paul Chun is worthy of an old bone although the story is crappy at times. Linda Chung is a sweetie.

      3. Watched only because my friend recommended it and I spit fire like crazy over the plot progressions and most importantly the wtf? ending and cheap wirefu accident scene. TVB’s blood fakeness alert also never progressed from 20 years ago and don’t get me started on their fake storm scene. Black rain but sunlight is apparent. wtf?wtf?wtf?

    2. edit – Ron, Bosco, Lam Fung will have *rough* time in their career now

    3. Have to agree with you. In fact, it wouldn’t affect them at all in the West. I can think of multiple celebrities who were unaffected by such news. People need to separate an actor’s professional life from their personal life.

      1. The west does not really care about this stuff. I think as long as you do not anything really bad or break the law then you should be fine.

        I do not like that Ron cheated if he did, however, he can still have a successful career after this all passes. Others have done a lot worse and are ok now so why wouldn’t he be??

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