Viann Zhang on Infidelity: “Is It That Hard to Sleep With Only One Person?”

Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) image has been tarnished since being accused of cheating on ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予) . Shortly after Ron’s phone sex messages with “Miss X” surfaced, Malaysian actress Cathryn Lee (李元玲) claimed she had also dated Ron this year. This made Cathryn Lee the “fourth party” in Ron’s love rectangle! Strongly denying that he had dated Cathryn, Ron vowed to cut off all contact with her. Meanwhile, Viann said that she has given up hope on Ron.

To mend his relationship with Viann, it was reported that Ron flew to Beijing and purchased a brand name ring for her.  However, Viann disclosed that she has given up hope on Ron, while lamenting on infidelity in a relationship.

Cathryn Lashes Back 

Due to Ron’s denial that he had never dated her, Cathryn Lee expressed that his statement was absurd. Cathryn wrote on Facebook, “Someone cheated, yet he professes that he is innocent!”

Viann Comments on Infidelity

At an event for The Lion Roars 2 <河東獅吼2>, Viann was asked regarding “fourth party” Cathryn’s accusation that Ron had cheated but claimed innocence.  Viann said that she did not wish to dwell on the subject, “I have given up hope!”  When asked if she was still in contact with Ron, she stated, “Ron will contact me whenever there are further tabloids reports.  I changed my phone number; therefore, I don’t always see his messages.”

Although Viann said that she no longer has feelings for Ron, she wrote a Weibo post about infidelity, “Is it that difficult to love only one person in a lifetime, to only sleep with that same person?  The freshnessness will surely end. shortly after the event. After the momentary greed is over, will you come across your most beloved once again? I truly hope that everyone in the world will cherish the person before them.”

Ron Cuts Off Ties With Cathryn

Currently filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>, Ron was asked about his rumors with Cathryn.  He exclaimed, “She made it all up!  She can say whatever she wants.  I will not comment anymore.  I don’t want to continue to go back and forth.”  Ron admitted that he knew Cathryn.  As she claimed to have dated him and caused a media commotion, he did not wish to keep in contact with her.  Ron stressed, “I will not contact her.  What would I contact her for?”

Reporters pressed on and questioned if more women would come forth claiming to have relations with him?  Ron said no, stating that he did not have any women. He indicated that he had always been focused on work.  Asked if he would be careful when meeting the opposite sex in the future, Ron replied, “I have always been careful.”  Reporters jokingly said that even when he was careful, there were so much news.  Ron lamented, “Yes!!”

Source: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao

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  1. Oh gosh, I am so tired of hearing about Viann and Ron. They have broken up already so what more is there to say?? Or is Viann trying to milk the last drops of milk out of the dried up cow???

    1. Keep on milking the cow dry I want to eat dried beef, LOL

      1. Exiodus,
        Your comment cracked me up and I think you like beef jerky too?? I love beef jerky..

    2. HeTieShou,
      It sounds as if Ron is interested in patching up things with Viann. He’s the one that told the media that he is still in touch with her.

      Viann however said that she lost hope in him, while writing that infidelity message.

      I have a feeling their story will be continued…. They still follow each other on Weibo.

      1. Jayne,
        Which is why I think Ron is stupid. If he did really cheat and really did like her that much, then he should have thought about the consequences of his actions. Viann, on the other hand, is trying to milk this for all it is worth. If she has lost hope in him, then she should just go silent and not say anything. But when asked about him, she always has to respond…

      2. HTS Viann has always been straightforward. I know she won’t keep quiet when Ron’s dirty secrets leaked one after another complete with evidences. A woman betrayed by her loved one is a dangerous woman

      3. Even so, she already said what needs to be said. She does not need to keep on repeating herself and milking everything as free publicity for herself.

    3. Viann is one of the hottest topic in Jaynestars. Christine Kuo catching up LOL

    4. If you are so tired of reading her news, then don’t read!

  2. The answer to the question Viann, is “no.” Don’t lose hope. Ron wasn’t the “one.”

    1. TVBFanatic,
      Glad to hear that there are still men out there who believe that love should be cherished and not risked by a moment’s temptation.

  3. Here we go again, Ron say they are friends, Viann, as I see say they are not… hahaha…Those two makes my hear spinning around.

  4. Does Ron not have a PR manager or did s/he jump off the bridge? Someone tell that boy to keep his mouth shut! Admit to his mistakes and get over it, because what else is there to salvage?

    1. I agree and doesn’t he have a manager to speak for him??

      1. Oh yea, I forgot about 620. Ok so it is pretty much like he does not have one at all.

    2. Everytime Ron open his mouth he will say something wrong. Poor Ron has poor PR! Should just say no comment

      1. I think just going silent is the best way to go because saying no comment can mean a lot of things.

  5. LOL

    I think I like Viann…she’s exposing all those PR moves to salvage his reputation. love it when PR fails!

    1. What else to deny? The third and fourth parties come forward armed with sexual audio and half naked Ron pictures sent by himself!

    2. I dislike Viann and her taking advantage, but she’s still a women betrayed by an idiot lusty cheater Ron.

    3. I’m liking Viann too. She’s never afraid and says everything with confidence be it to Ron, to media or to Ron’s fans who bash her in her weibo. Viann is interesting and it’s interesting to watch her kicked Ron’s PR attempt to the ground.

    1. Miss X is the 3rd person in Viann/Ron relationship who exposed Ron’s audio recording with her and the topless pictures and SMS that Ron sent her to a HK magazine.

  6. Viann and Ron stories AGAIN? Seriously, I’m all for enjoying to see Ron’s face all over but I’m so sick of this Viann woman milking pity out of no where.

    1. Another one supporting idiot cheater Ron. Viann is attention seeker we know but Ron’s infidelity is the cause of this many news! Evidences are thrown in!

      1. I can’t speak for YQ here, but that’s not necessarily true; I’ve never been a fan of Ron’s, but it’s just plain embarrassing seeing his responses. Yes, Viann has every right to be angry – she IS the victim here – but that doesn’t erase the fact I still view her as an opportunist/attention seeker. The cynic in me thinks she’s probably laughing in glee right now. I could be wrong though…

      2. Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not supporting Ron or Viann.

        Just like skinnymocha said, it’s pretty embarrassing to see his responses. So he cheated on her. If she’s so keen on keeping a clean cut from him, why does she still need to come up with such remarks?

        You broke up, leave it to your past, move on and just forget it.

  7. Well, Viann got herself a better surgeon than Cathryn does…of course Ron tried hard to mend the relationship with her.

  8. Ron pick a wrong opponent to cheat on. Viann is better at media PR and weibo skills than Ron.

    1. lol true, looks like she lives to mess it up for Ron, cuz he don’t know how to answer:P

    2. Viann outlashes at Ron, Ron’s fans and the media in confidence. Ron leave openings to make the media make fun of him and Viann to strike him back.

    3. Ron can’t even win a battle of wits against your average 5 year old, so how can you expect him to win against the mighty Viann? LOL

    4. Viann can just write one line in her weibo and it can become strong arguments against Ron who will be stuttering to fight back lol.

    5. Poor Ron has poor PR! While Viann is Queen of doing PR for herself LOL

    6. Communication skills is important and this means, Viann has it? 😛

  9. Well Viann Zhang, forget three timer Ron. There must be lots of guys out there who can cherish your beauty although it’s unnatural.

    1. They need to cherish her artificial beauty while it lasts…

  10. Oh no give me a break, I’m too tired of the news about this once-to-be couple. Seriously, I think Ron is too stupid to respond to Media the way he did and still does, he shout shut his mouth up and just focus on work. And Viann, thanks to Ron, now everyone knows her and she gain a bit of sympathy from audience. Remember back the first time they did the promotion for the movie, she was ignored by media but Cecilia, now some might be interested in her response or want to put further feet into their story, it should end now. But poor Viann, if the story ends, who on earth will ever pay attention on her, just another doll with big …

    The funny thing I remember about Viaan is big… and bed-photos leaking.

    1. I’m sorry to say that Viann is more popular than you think

      1. Ron is also popular for wrongreasons. It saddened me that his female fans are blinded by his supposedly handsome look and is in denial that he’s a dumb douchebag philandering womanizer.

      2. Us girls should stand up for ourselves and don’t fell victim to these men like Ron. Viann has the right to bash Ron if he hurt and cheated her. I’ve seen weak women fell victim or allowing these kind of men win them over. I don’t have sympathy for these women like Joyce Tang.

      3. I wonder if you dislike Raymond and Bosco as much as Ron??

      4. It is not just men, women cheat on men too. It just feels like women are harder on men when they cheat than vice versa at times. It is bad either way…

      5. Ron has hard evidence. I don’t have any feelings anymore for Bosco and Raymond but I admit that the magazine reports made me dislike them. If evidence of Raymond and Bosco surfaced, I will curse them like Ron too, but at least Bosco and Raymond have good acting and singing respectively to back them up.

      6. I can let go of Bosco now because Myolie is happier now and he’s the one who showed sadness over the break up. If Myolie is sad I will hate him. I hope they won’t reconcile though. Bosco reminded me of my mommy boy ex. I’ve always feel Myolie is too independent and mature for him. I’ve been in this type of relationship independent woman-mommy boy and it doesn’t work out. Myolie can find many more mature and less flirty guys out there.

      7. “I’ve seen weak women fell victim or allowing these kind of men win them over. I don’t have sympathy for these women like Joyce Tang.”
        Not everyone is that strong. I feel sorry for them.

      8. Not everyone is that strong, but in Joyce’s case, she willingly let herself be the third party and even go all out to steal another woman’s man because she craves for love. That paints a cheap image on women.

      9. I think Joyce said that she and her current boyfriend were single before they started dating again. Whether it’s true or not, I do not know, but maybe that guy realised he was wrong? Who knows.

      10. Nobody wants to be called a third party altough they know they are. What does she need to say about her boyfriend kissing the woman behind her back while they’re dating? Joyce didn’t know at first and that means she’s innocent at first, but after she knew, why must she make the decision to keep going after the guy who got caught sitting on two boats instead of leaving him and find a better guy?

      11. If Joyce’s boyfriend can do that to his ex girlfriend, he can also find a new girl behind Joyce’s back.

      12. Viann most popular for her plastic face and big boobies 😀

      1. Love and war of Viann and Ron continues. Joined by 2 other women.

      2. lol, maybe TVB should take this and make a drama name it “love and war” 😛

    1. It’s Viann nature to express everything in her weibo and let people speculate what she’s talking about 😛

  11. “Is it that difficult to love only one person in a lifetime, to only sleep with that same person?”

    You would know better than anyone else Viann. Not even a calculator can count the number of men you have slept with.

    1. Viann was not the one caught cheating with numerous women. Ron was

      1. Well, Ron flirted, sent photos, sent messages, But was he ever in bed with any of them?? Did any bed photos of him in bed with other women ever leak?? I am not trying to support Ron, however, I just want to be fair. Also, all of those girls just accused him of 2 timing but whether ge truly dated them or not, who truly knows?? It is no doubt that he knew them and has met them before, but that does not equate to dating them or cheating on Viann or anyone for sure. However, if you just hate him then you of course would not give him the benefit of the doubt.

      2. Flirting with sexual remarks and sending half naked pictures also considered cheating and disloyal. I dislike Viann for her attitude, but there has been no evidence that she cheated on Ron.

      3. Come on son, these guys are dogs. They absolutely sleep around all the time in the entertainment circle.

        Unfortunately these girls think sex = date, boyfriend, and/or commitment from the guy. They don’t understand about 1 night stands. While Ron wanted quickies, these girls thought Ron had committed to them, which isn’t the case.

        There’s very few clean guys and girls out there now. They all sleep around in a circle of sex. Condom business will always do well.

      4. True that flirting and sending photos is a form of cheating, however, it is a lot more forgivable then actually being in bed with a guy/girl. Viann was actually in bed with her ex before. True that it was BEFORE she dated Ron, but that also shows she is not some pure and clean angel either. But here she is preaching about how hard it is to sleep with only one person. What a hypocrite who is full of BS!!

        I do agree with Aiya that no one in the circle is clean cut and most if not all of them have probably slept around at some point in is NOT only the guys but the girls too.I find it unfair that many are just aiming at the guys and calling them dogs. What about the girls? Many of them are not any better… If they are too innocent then they cannot be in the circle because how would they survive???

      5. @HTS: Only if Viann was Ron’s first gf on bed, he can require her to have him as first guy. Since Ron can’t save his virginity for Viann, why Viann have to save hers for him.

        I’m not against Ron but I’m against the requirement that the girl have to be a virgin to the guy when the guy doesn’t have to do such thing. He only has the right to require her to be a virgin if he is a virgin himself.

      6. @fox,
        I agree with you and I do not think that Viann has be a virgin or anything since Ron definately is not one himself. Therefore, he should not expect her to be one, however, she preaches about how hard it is sleep with just one person while she herself has slept with probably way too many to even count. That is why I consider her a hypocrite. But whatever and I pray that I do not hear about them again since it is getting redundant…

      7. Why is the blame being put on viann? Just because she slept with her ex doesn’t make her a ****. She never said she’s an angel or anything. She never denied she slept with her ex or tried to deny any of her past. Whereas on the other hand Ron has denied even knowing these girls. If it was just a simple picture of him naked and some flirting then why does he have to deny that he even knows these girls? It’s obvious he cheated, in bed or not. Cheating is cheating. Since when did a certain form of cheating is better than the other form? If the act is immoral, it’s immoral.

      8. She said about one person one time, mean no cheating. Not that she is saying she is a virgin :).

        Unless Viann is caught to sleep with more than 1 man at once, Ron can’t blame her to disappoint at how he slept with more than 1 woman at once.

      9. LOL in this case I think Viann meant sleeping with one person while in a relationship. What Viann did with her ex was in past relationship but what Ron did with the other girls during his time with Viann. ROFL sorry poor Ron, Viann is venomous like a Chucky but she got her points.

      10. You sound like a supportive fan of Ron HTS and still propping him although the evidences proved otherwise. Cheating is cheating no matter if just sending nude pictures or sleeping around.

        Viann slept with her ex boyfriend back then. Did she ever mentioned she was virgin? Nope. Do you have evidence of Viann cheating around? No right?

      11. Imagine this HTS. You had a boyfriend, you sleep with him, but later you break up with him. You have a new boyfriend, you sleep with new boyfriend, but at the same time your new boyfriend cheat on you and possibly sleeping behind your back with many other women.

      12. Imagine you’re Viann and your boyfriend caught sexually messaging and sending his topless sensual pictures to many other girls. Viann is not a virgin pure girl, but so far she’s not caught cheating unlike the cheating womanizer lustful Ron and Viann seems like she’s falling all over Ron, she must feel hurt too as a woman.

  12. Agree with fox and lol. Ron is low class womanizer and untalented dead eyes actor. Can’t believe some Ron fans here still defending Ron.

  13. I support Viann for revenge against Ron after Ron cheated her and caught red handed.

  14. Ron deserves the shame he’s getting now after playing many girls. Who knew what he’s doing with them in the bedroom when Viann is not around.

    1. It’s one of recommended weibo topic for tonight for all the hotness. Viann is quite popular in mainland.

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