Vincent Wong Encourages Yoyo Chen on Potential Dropped Project

Piggybacking on the excitement of the Tokyo Olympics, the cast of Murder Diary <刑偵日記> held a promotional event yesterday and played ping pong against each other.

Vincent Wong (王浩信) appeared to be skilled, and stated that he had indeed received training from his ping pong school team in primary school. It was only until middle school that he turned to playing basketball and badminton.

As part of their summer Olympics promotional program, TVB will be holding a water-themed event but Vincent stated that he will not be participating because he is not good at swimming. He took the chance to send his encouragement for all athletes representing Hong Kong at the Olympics. “I watched Angus Ng’s (伍家朗) badminton competition. I’ve had the honor of playing against him before, and I feel that his psychological mindset is really great. I’m confident that he can win a medal for Hong Kong.”

With Murder Diary <刑偵日記> scheduled to air its finale next week on Monday, August 2. Vincent is confident that the ratings, which has dropped to only 11 points last week, will bounce back up. “I hope that the ratings will be in the 20s. I feel that the ratings are not reflective of the drama’s quality, especially since it was aired early online and many of the audience have already watched it. I’m not disappointed in the ratings, because the feedback from China was positive and they were impressed with Hong Kong dramas.”

With Murder Diary’s low ratings, it is rumored that TVB has decided to put a hold on all upcoming drama productions to rewrite and strengthen the scripts. Vincent’s wife Yoyo Chen‘s (陳自瑤) 12 Nights of Pageantry <選美的12夜>, in which she landed her first leading role, was one of the affected dramas. Depending on the results of the script review, the filming production may even be cancelled. Vincent shared that he did encourage Yoyo, and said TVB can see her hard efforts. Unfortunately, artistes have little say in production decisions.


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  1. LOL. Right now Yoyo is probably like, thanks a lot Vincent /s.

    Can somebody tell me if I should finish Murder Diary? Speed through it? Skip the rest? I stopped around episode 15. The romance just doesn’t cut it and the plot moved nowhere. I just keep seeing Vincent swap between Matt Chu Gei and Geng Fung. I get that the show is intense but there are some real obvious plot holes which revert it back to the typical tvb hero drama….

    1. I don’t think you should finish it because even the ending didn’t solve anything and there’s a huge cliffhanger. If you don’t love the romance, it only gets more ridiculous as it progresses. If they do a sequel then maybe you should watch the last few episodes but I was extremely disappointed in the series. Maybe my expectations were too high but Kara/Vincent/Phillip in one series? I expected better.

      I think the focused too much on so many different storylines that everything felt rushed or had too many plot holes. I mean the last case didn’t even really get resolved so there you go. Vincent did good with the different personalities but too many. I don’t know much about the disorder but is it really that easy to switch between the three? It was so easy for him to switch later on. Phillip and Alice I think did really well, I was convinced by their acting and felt their emotions but too bad they weren’t around until the second half. Even then, not enough screen time for the both of them and I think they were some of the better actors in the show. Lokyi was so over the top and not believable. Ben… I already said it before, wrong casting for the character and he gets paid too much lol.

      Anyways, long way to say don’t watch it unless maybe there is a sequel which prob won’t happen by the sounds of this article.

      1. Thanks for the response. I feel the show has fallen victim yet again to the typical tvb script. Starts out promising and then the tone changes drastically + 1000 unrelated subplots + main leads’ near death experience.
        Because of the show I did read up on DID, and while different personalities can be recalled up (I’m assuming easily) the main person is actually really afraid they won’t be able to come out again (super sad disorder). It seems almost impossible to live a stable life imo, much less working full time as a police officer. Ben absolutely did The Defected dirty seeing it was a much better role than this. I actually liked Lokyi, but I think the way his character is written becomes a mess.
        Lastly, Ma Wing MVP

  2. murder diaries was such a bomb towards the end. it started off strong and about mid series, everything started falling apart. they kept adding elements just for the sake of adding them w/ no congruency to anything. they make multiple personality disorder into a god like trait being able to switch between them at will and solution to all problems.

  3. Lol maybe hope it won’t fall below 10 instead of rising to at least 20. I’m on the 24th episode right now and I was so shocked to learn that it’s ending on 25th. What a poor second half of the drama, it looked really promising when Kara was losing it thinking she killed her daughter’s bully. Drama really peaked there but fell apart from all sort of nonsense after that. Too many unnecessary love story that added nothing substantial to a psychological crime drama, unrealistic criminal MO except the bomber guy, ultra unrealistic crime solving capability by the police force. Hiring a murder convict as consultant? Having multiple police officers with mental health issues in the same team? LOL

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