ViuTV “King Maker 4” Announces Winners

From left to right: Gao, Marf, and Day

ViuTV’s King Maker 4 <全民造星IV> held its finals night on December 25, concluding its exciting run in scouting for talented artistes to join its new Cantopop group. Hot favorite, 19-year-old Marf (邱彥筒), took home the first-place award that night. Placing second was Gao (沈貞巧), and coming in third place was Day (許軼).

Excited and thrilled to be crowned the winner, Marf was surprised by the results. Although she headlined recent tabloids due to her controversial boyfriend, Marf responded, “These are personal questions that I won’t answer. I hope everyone trusts my decision – I’m someone with flesh and bones.”

After the competition, Kay Tse (謝安琪) exclaimed that all three girls were her top picks and she was not surprised by their wins. As one of judges, Kay praised each winner’s unique and talented performances and expressed that they each had their own personal styles. In terms of Day marginally winning against fourth place contestant, Win Win (楊安妮), Kay explained that Day’s performance had more charisma, while Day knew her best angles and was loved by the audience.

However, Kay lamented that it was regretful that CK (黃斯琪) was unable to make the Top Three. Despite this, Kay said CK is a well-rounded, talented performer and has what it takes to make a solo debut.


The Top Three winners will be guaranteed spots in the new Cantopop girl group, while remaining members will be unveiled on January 12. As the show’s participants Ivy S0 (蘇雅琳) and Alice (許寶恆)recently filmed a cosmetics ad with Marf, it is expected they will also be part of the new girl group.

From left to right: Alice, Marf, and Ivy So

Sources: East Week, HK01

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